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EMT Academy is a complete training guide for EMT-Basic level EMS personnel. Pass your initial certification exam with flying colors, or keep your skills sharp long after you become certified.

Written in the style of the NREMT-B certification exam using scenario-based questions based on latest 2013 EMS material. We update our quiz questions several times a year.

The ORIGINAL EMT tutor study guide -- don't be fooled by copy-cat apps. One purchase gets you both the iPhone/iPod version plus iPad version which uses full screen and supports rotation. There are no in-app purchases required to unlock additional features. You even get new quiz questions pushed to you periodically -- No other study guide does this!

This quiz provides the highest quality test questions you will find, including illustrated anatomy diagrams. We believe in quality over quantity, yet we still provide OVER 1000 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS, with explanations, divided into these chapters:

EMS Systems
Safety & Wellness
Legal & Ethical Issues
The Human Body
Lifting & Moving
Vitals & SAMPLE
Patient Assessment
General Pharmacology
Respiratory Emergencies
Cardiovascular Emergencies
Neurologic Emergencies
Acute Abdominal Pain
Diabetes & AMS
Allergic Reactions
Behavioral Emergencies
Trauma Overview
Bleeding & Shock
Soft Tissue Injuries
Face & Neck Injuries
Head & Spine Injuries
Chest Injuries
Abdominal Injuries
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Environmental Emergencies
Obstetrics & Neonatal
Transport Operations
Extrication & Rescue
Incident Management
Terrorism & Disasters
BLS Resuscitation
Advanced Airway

Track your scores and progress along the way. We also provide over 300 "electronic flashcards" for another method of learning.

THAT'S OVER 1300 EMT QUESTIONS! But that's not all. We also include the EMS Toolkit, which many people find just as valuable as the review questions. Here's what you get in the EMS Toolkit:

• EMS Scenarios - Practice in pairs or small groups with these step by step, ready made scenarios.

• CPR Reference - Updated for latest AHA guidelines, we provide a reference to the proper steps in CPR, test questions to prepare you for your annual recert, and even a audio metronome that tells you the proper cadence for compressions.

• NREMT Testing Tips - A summary of what you should know before taking the NREMT exam.

• Documentation Guide - Things to consider and document for most common emergencies. Also, a quick reference to those acronyms like OQPRST and DCAP/BTLS.

• NREMT-B Psychomotor Skills Exam - Practical exam checklists for common EMT-B skills so you can make sure you perform every step properly:

Assessment - Medical, Assessment - Trauma, Bleeding and Shock, BVM Apneic Patient.txt
Cardiac Arrest AED, Joint Immobilization, Long Bone Immobilization, Oxygen Admin NRB, Spinal Immobilization Seated, Spinal Immobilization Supine

• EMT-B Skills Guides - We've also added "how-to" guides on how to perform key EMT skills:

Taking Blood Pressure, EpiPen, Oral Glucose, Nasal Airway, Oral Airway, Suction.

• NREMT-B Recertification - This tells you what you need to do to recert (number of hours, categories, etc.)

• START Triage Quiz - Another bonus quiz covering the START system

• Hazmat Response Quiz - Another bonus quiz on how to deal with hazmat incidents (for EMS personnel)

NOTE: If you think you've found a typo or inaccurate question, please report this immediately and we will investigate. Quality is our number one concern! Since this app may be newer than your text book, you may find some discrepancies (for example, CPR guidelines have changed). Remember, this is a study guide, not a reference book. The purpose is to help you learn and remember, it is not a substitute for an instructor and a class.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by BKwoodsGRL

    What a great app I'm becoming an EMT and it follows along right with what we are doing in class! And the explications are a great tool to learn from awesome job guys

  • Great app

    by Most addictive game ever!!!!

    My friends and I have used this app during our study sessions.

  • EMT

    by Tomuchfor

    Life update yet looking forward to the work out!

  • Worked great for me!

    by Farnkims

    I bought a NREMT practice book but I felt like this app prepared me better than the book. It was more convenient and I studied whenever I got the chance.

  • Excellent App

    by Mdj76

    Great app, very useful. The quizzes are good and the tool kit has a lot of great extras. One thing that would make the app better is having a rotating question bank of questions for the quizzes.

  • Love this app!

    by Jenjpar

    I review every night before my next class quiz. The questions and answers stick with me. And the lists of things to ask for each medical or trauma are fantastic tools to get me thinking during scenarios!

  • Awesome App

    by dgayer

    This is an awesome app!!!

  • The best for national registry



  • EMTB student

    by Letgirlb

    I love this app. I highly recommend it. I used this to study for my exit exam, I didn't open my textbook or power points and I passed with 81. I'm going to continue using this for national registry exam. I really love this. I appreciate it so much.

  • Yo

    by Supr advntur club

    Great reference guide/ quizzes

  • FF/EMT

    by Flfireguy

    Great app very accurate and informative

  • Great App

    by Andocommando234

    Perfect app coincides greatly with my EMT-B class I am taking everything is in exact order and all. Recommend to all definitely worth the 4 dollars.

  • Great app

    by Cheko_Sk8r

    Very helpful. I use this app to make sure I am not forgetting the basics when certain calls are not as frequent.

  • Great App!

    by tick head

    Good app with several questions that mirrored the NREMT exam. Worth the money.

  • Awesome

    by Colton Dutton

    This app helped me study for tests and has great flash cards, I would recommend this app to anyone in the ems field, has lots of amazing info!

  • Great app

    by Grandpa 1 67

    I use Dailey along with a few other tools to help with EMT-B class. I will give another review once I've passed NREMT.

  • Great app

    by Brandonio711

    Great app but if you have 911 tool kit save your money. The ems quizzes are identical.

  • Just like my book!

    by ReLuhVaTe

    This app is almost identical to my EMT Book. (AAOS Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured) It makes it really easy to study and then do some quizzes on here. The only thing they need to improve on is iPhone 5 compatibility.

  • Best study tool I've found!

    by fuhuixing

    I am a RN in massachusetts going for my EMT-B and I really like this app. It's very user friendly. The quizzes are set up by topic- which is great for showing your areas of weakness. I would have given 5 stars, but my only dislike is that there are over 880 total questions and you cannot make a smaller over all review quiz. Would highly recommend!!!

  • Excellent tool

    by HerbieRacer53

    Excellent study tool, makes studying and preparing for exam a little more fun. Easy to target an area that you need extra help with and I like that it explains why an answer is the answer

  • Thanks

    by Emt-bct

    Thanks pretty much to this ap, I passed my Emt cognitive exam. I took the emt course over a year ago and never took the exam... Thought I had waited too long to even be eligible to take it. Then I found out I could take the cognitive up to two years after taking the course. I signed up. Downloaded this ap as a study guide, practiced everyday for a month and passed on the first try. Thank you to whoever created it!

  • Amazing app! Great tool

    by Tararrrr

    This app is great and I have tried others. This is the best! A must have for studying, brushing up, or a current emergency medical technician. A+!

  • Great tool

    by the-metal-emt

    I'm not an emt just yet but this has been a great help at learning the terms that I will need in the field and in general thanks for this great app!


    by J :(

    This is worth every penny! It's great for the working student, I'm able to study anywhere and not have to lug my heavy book. This is a must have tool for any EMT student or a current EMT wanting to stay sharp.

  • Awesome

    by Jane2422

    This app is amazing. My boyfriend was having trouble passing his emt national registry test. So we found this app and gave it a try. And after studying with this app for about 3 weeks, he took the test for the 5th time and finally passed. He said a lot of the questions on here are just like the ones on the test. It is deffinatly worth the money.

  • EMT

    by Efrainswagg

    This app is totally worth the money because it has a lot of information about terminology, quizzes, scenario based questions, acronyms, documentation formatting, and so much more. I recently got a job as an EMT so when I'm in the rig I'll check this app out for some tips or to refresh my memory on something's. Highly recommend.

  • Great studying app

    by Alex130856

    This app has been very helpful for my EMT course. However it should be updated. Some information is outdated. Sometimes it doesn't give you the reason why it is the right answer. I am currently using the "Prehospital Emergency Care" 9th edition by Brady. Again it has been a very helpful study material once I finish reading a chapter and test myself. It'll be nice if they add a couple more chapters for the quizzes and add more questions to the quizzed.

  • EMT Academy

    by JenniferSnell

    Awesome product!!

  • Great study tool

    by Khbfg

    My friends yell at me for not paying attention to them, but it's a great app and questions ate similar to what you see at job interviews and tests. I've been also emailing myself questions I missed so I could review them separately. It'd be great to have it as a feature on the app to review missed questions.

  • Awesome!!!:)

    by Zadee cespedes

    This is the world greats app this app really help me understand and prepare me for when I start emt for beginner this app will help you very much understanding what you need to know best money spent!!:)

  • Great study app!

    by EMT-basic_student

    This app is perfect for me. I looked through all of the other ones, but settled on this one and really like it. I take the quizzes whenever I have some down time or before I go to bed at night, and actually find it really fun to study with this app.

  • FF/EMT

    by CodyEMS

    Awesome just what I needed to help study for my recert.

  • Great App!

    by EMT-B student

    This is an amazing app and it will help a lot when it comes to your national registry. You won't regret downloading this app! Worth the money!

  • Refresh

    by Alex Coleman

    I've been an met for almost 5 years now and this app is great for refreshing my knowledge on topics I don't deal with very often like ped's. Great buy you won't regret it

  • Awesome

    by KAP67

    Took my NREMT and the test shut off after 70 questions. Yes, I aced it, thanks to this app, my EMT workbook and my EMT book. One reviewer said that the questions on this app where nothing like the NREMT test. That's funny because three of the questions on my NREMT test are on this app, WORD FOR WORD!! This is an awesome app!!

  • Unimpressed EMT-B

    by Kdr65)09

    It really not as exciting as people seem to find it. The app is more geared toward helping you quiz yourself on information you already know than on helping you learn the information. It requires no actual input on your behalf, so if you're looking for something with multiple choice questions like those found on the exam, this isn't it.


    by Kim Sellers

    I'm a emt student and this app has helped me so much. It's easy to understand and let's you know whats area you need help in. Absolute love it,

  • Great app!

    by Killallzombiez

    Just finished my EMT Basic course last month. All info on here is accurate and questions have all been correct. Best EMT app I've downloaded do far!

  • Awesome tool

    by T Liedl

    I teach EMT labs and this makes my job so much easier! Love it.

  • Awesome

    by Gage loves to skate

    Just awesome worth the money and truly amazing and great info.

  • Worth every penny

    by Jonland

    Great information with awesome features. Worth every penny!

  • EMT/FF

    by EMT-B EMR

    Since buying this app and using it as part of my study regiment I passed the National Registry with ease. It may have some problems with questions, but for the price and the quantity of good quality info it's hard to beat!

  • Now an emt :)

    by Bennyboi89

    Just passed my nremt this ap although the scopes of practice aren't the most accurate the flash cards were great!

  • EMT-B

    by EMS rules

    I have found several mistakes with questions. Answers haven't always been the best. I regret buying this app :(

  • Not the best for EMT-B

    by Clif On iTunes

    As an EMT instructor, there are MANY problems with the information contained in this app. Lots of information and questions on the quizzes about things that are far outside the Scope of the EMT-B. Also, as many others have discovered, the CPR information is still old and out of date. I have worked with the authors on the environmental section in order to make it better; however the rest of the app's information has a long way to go before it's correct and able to be effectively used for anybody who is studying to become an EMT-Basic.

  • CPR

    by The man 13

    Where is the CPR update (CAB sequence) AHA 2010 guidelines???? The need to stay on top of things!

  • Awesome

    by Bambu4642

    I was an EMT many years ago, and just downloaded this app. Omg. This app is amazing. I love it....I have been doing the scenarios and quizzes, and I still remember most of my training.......I left ems in 1999 !!!!!!!! Thanks for a great app!!!!!

  • Excellent App

    by NYCEMSGuy

    Very good application I have been in EMS 16 years and everyone needs to refresh! It is excellent for student EMT'S wish I had it back when I started, good price as well.

  • EMT

    by Noachck

    Many quiz questions have the wrong answers listed and the CPR guidelines are out of date. Wish I could get a refund.

  • Great study aide!

    by HCUE

    I'm training for my state soon. This is super helpful but looks dated. Whatever, it's still awesome. Oh and nevermind the typos's. You'll get it.

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