LabGear - #1 Medical Lab Values & tests reference Medical App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Med Gears
  • Updated: Aug, 02 2010
  • Version: 3.0.3
  • Size: 2.46 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mohammed Raheel Sayeed

+ Minor UI Enhancements
- BugFixes: Thanks to Mr Richard Huang

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New App: LabGear 3, greatest medical reference app yet.

+ New design: the high-praised intuitive-ness with newer better interface for iOS7.

+ New Labs: C-Peptide serum, Insulin to C-peptide molar ratio, Anti-Insulin antibody, Pulse Pressure, Anti-transglutaminase antibody, anti-mitochondrial antibody, Anti-GBM Antibody, Osmolal Gap Serum, A-a Oxygen Gradient, Cystatin-C serum, Procalcitonin.

+ Many tests are referenced with inbuilt links to PubMed,, Wikipedia with more coming soon for the rest.

+ Portrait and Landscape Orientation support for iPad

+ Related Tags are more intelligent and will show better related results for quick launch

+ External reference links are more clearer easier to see and open, thanks to the new detail layout

+ Many new MedCalc links added to labs as well as categories.

+ Content reviewed & updated

+ Better reliable iCloud support.

Important Notes:
• iCloud sync between iOS7 and iOS6 is limited. For full benefits, please update to iOS 7 for all your devices.

• Subtle Interface changes like:
- Search icon for iPhone is at the Top-Right (previously was in bottom toolbar).
- US or SI button (iPhone) now indicates the current prefered setting.

• We've super-struggled to keep LabGear compatible with iOS6 for some of us, and it was really hard. However, upgrading to iOS7 is highly recommended.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
6 Ratings
All Versions:
94 Ratings



LabGear is the most advanced pocket tool for Medical Laboratory tests with peer reviewed content for all health care professionals - students, physicians, nurses and is now with iCloud sync.

• Comprehensive library of medical lab tests with differential diagnosis, related symptoms
• Fishbones schematics for Preset testing panels
• Systems: Hematology (Blood Tests), Hormones, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Nephrology, Tumor Markers, Pregnancy, Immunology
• Chemistry Panels: Basic Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete blood Picture, Arterial Blood Gases, Liver Panel, Lipid Profile, Coagulation Profile, Diabetic Profile, Urinalysis

• Based On Testing source/specimen
- Urine Sample
- Cerebrospinal Fluid
- Amniotic Fluid
- Other Body fluids

• Based on Lab Type:
- Electrolytes & Metabolites
- Enzymes
- Lipids
- All Proteins
- Red Blood Cells
- White Blood Cells
- Cardiac Markers

- References citations with links to PubMed
- Customisable reference ranges, Notes.
- iCloud support
- Intuitive User Interface:
- Quick Jumps via Tag buttons showing you Lab abbreviation
- Quick Switch between Conventional (US) Units or SI Units.
- Tapping Reference Range in Lab detail reveals both US/SI value
- Bookmark a Lab test for easy quick reference.

- Lab Values editing
- NOTES: Add your own Notes to specific lab tests
- MedCalc Linkage (LabGear is linked with MedCalc app). Jump from Serum Sodium to Sodium Infusion rate calculation in MedCalc app
- RANDOM Lab refreshes for Leisure Learning

-Lab Reports Have
- Brief Laboratory Test Description
- Conditions with High referrence range (if applicable)
- Conditions with Low range (if applicable)
- Reference Range with US / SI Units
- Presentation / Symptoms / Signs
- Wiki Links (For more information) *
- External search webresults *

- Intelligent Universal Search
Search either tags like 'Glu', 'AST', 'Ca', 'Na', 'K+' are fully searchable and bring up all related lab results.
Scroll while you search.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this application is strictly for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please use this application only if you accept the disclaimer within the application. Consult with a recognized medical professional before making decisions based on information included in this application

*NOTE: Active Internet Connection is required either in the form of Wifi or cellular data plan (3G/EDGE/Etc.) to access Wiki/External pages.

please send your suggestions to support [ a t ] smartddx [dot] com

stay tuned to

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Bjles

    The app itself is awesome but I have some questions, like where is the medical calculator. There is suppose to be a link to it. I cannot find a web site.

  • Nice job

    by TooTooE

    The explanation part is just wonderful!

  • yess!

    by JerseyMD

    I highly recommend this to any one carrying a lab notes book with them all the time.

  • almost perfect!

    by Dr Joshuap

    Very very useful and very professionally made. That's unlike many other "pro" apps! feature request; ability to add my selected lab tests to a panel. (a custom list if I may..)

  • Great! But room for improvement

    by Jarod04

    Support dynamic text plz! Cardiovascular parameters such as from the Vigileo® cardiac monitor from Edwards Lifesciences, things like Stroke Volume Variation, etc... Thanks!

  • Registered nurse

    by Dgosa, RN

    I had wanted and needed an APP to help me better understand the use,clinical presentation and relationship to organ system for laboratory testing. I had tried two other APPS , both of which increased my confusion. I have always struggled with DX testing, I was unable to put this APP down ! Super easy to use, I can't wait to go to work !

  • Pointers

    by Killer$bean

    The app is good but, it doesn't really cover the biggest section of the medical lab witch is Microbiology. There is no section about the anticoagulant which can even be a very nice way to categorize the lab analysis.

  • Good app

    by Bjles

    The app itself is awesome but I have some questions, like where is the medical calculator. There is suppose to be a link to it. I cannot find a web site.

  • Very good.

    by Avatar_raq

    I just hope it relies on a more reputable source (textbook) than a website, e.g. Davidson's principles and practice of medicine.

  • Awesome

    by Hostili-T

    Its an awesome app. Definitely my go-to.

  • by Abdullah shuwayman

    It's a great App for me , keep up Dr

  • Incredible

    by samiwvs

    This app is godsend. Everything is organized neatly. Very useful, well-designed, user-friendly and super fast. It runs smoothly with no lag. Worth every penny. Highly recommended. :)

  • Excellent resource

    by Radatz


  • Love this app

    by Alejandro Gonzalez

    One of the top three must have medical applications for doctors.

  • Just OK

    by PennCCRN

    First off, this app is great for the beginner and moderate level, however those of us at the expert level would like this app more detailed and more inclusive of other lab tests aside from the hematology, clinical chemistry and coagulation basics.

  • Great App

    by MNEMONIC6611

    In med school I use this app almost daily. Great for case reports.

  • Easy to use

    by Futurernmo

    I'm a nursing student and I recently came across this App while searching for healthcare tools. I really appreciate LabGear when I have a lot of lab work to interpret and not a lot of time to do so. I'd say that if you need simple lab value information, it's worth purchasing this App. If you need information that's more in depth, you might need to crack the textbook open. Overall, I'm pleased!

  • Nice App

    by renalmd

    Well done app. Needs better customer support. Also could benefit from addition of the nomogram for erythropoietin levels based on hct. A listed range of normal values is useless for that test.

  • Great lab app

    by Pravdax

    Very fast to navigate and great UI. If you are in a medical field, this one is a must have app to keep on you at all times.

  • Helps me a lot

    by Godlikelove

    Aww, they said they were truly sorry

  • Crashes

    by LHunt98

    Haven't been able to use for months. App crashes as soon as it opens. Please fix- thanks!

  • Closes

    by icantfindastupidnickname

    Mine keeps closing spontaneously. As soon as i open the app it shuts down

  • They Keep Fixing It

    by Alopecia Prime

    First of all, this app in useful in that it gives physiological concentrations of all kinds of things in both wt/vol AND molarity. This is helpful to me as a bioengineer because I hate doing pointless 'stoich, whatever. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Iterations between releasing a broken update and a fixed one is just a few hours. Somebody somewhere cares about releasing a functional app for the dozens of us who use it. Thank you, mystery person(s?)

  • Nice for out witting the old timers

    by D0nn1e D4rk0

    I use this app in my lab all the time. My boss and the other MLT's are always looking for values and I am able to whip them out quickly. Makes me look good!

  • Awesome

    by Luckyrid3r

    So helpful!

  • Must have app!

    by bohnjucur

    As a new grad RN, this app is a must have for a quick reference for unfamiliar lab tests!!!

  • Thank you

    by 48ccuxyc8992

    Best "all in one place" information app I have. Have recommended it to everyone.

  • Amazing!

    by StarWhispers

    This helps when you can not carry around a huge lab value book! ^_^

  • Great lab value reference

    by Love Never Fails

    I use this app all the time for my studies. It is very helpful, has an intuitive, clean and attractive user interphase and has not crashed on me. Thank you very much.

  • im wait

    by ahmed kalil

    plz support the screen of iphone 5

  • My opinion

    by Redtearo

    I'm a medical laboratory specialist , and this app is helping me to remember the main and important values .. Thanks .. Five stars fore sure ..

  • Something went wrong

    by Jcnelli

    I agree with all the reviews prior to mine. Very useful app. I have been using it for almost a year now. But something happened lately. The app would unexpectedly quit every time access it. Can this be fixed!!! There is no help support where I can report this problem. So I am adding it here.

  • Amazing

    by Fofo1275

    Great reference tool for lab professionals and physicians.

  • The best

    by MedStudent34

    Amazing. By far the best of the lab apps, hands down. works just the way it should. Would like to see an update for the iPhone 5 screen.

  • Great Reference App

    by Bastian11235

    Best part about this app is not only does it have spot on information, but you can get to it so quickly! Makes me look like a pro during rotations for med school.

  • Awesome!

    by JohnnyStox

    I use this for nursing study and clinical. Comprehensive and easy to navigate.

  • Recomendada

    by 3HE-2012

    Excelente interfaz. Gran cantidad de datos. Muy buena.

  • Great app for medical students!

    by clark807

    Very useful for practice questions, PBL, or clinical rotations.

  • Must have for all med people!.

    by M-ALM

    iCloud integration is a great addition. the notes that i made while at work jus appear on my iPad too. Its refreshing. The user interface is super elegant and intuitive. Anyone who seriously refers and uses apps while @ work, this is a must have!.

  • fair

    by Camvic

    I really enjoyed this app until it disappeared off my iPod. I can get it back on the iPOD. I am having difficulty in finding any support to correct the problem. There is not email support site.


    by JakemanZ

    this is my most used application throughout the day,.. Apart from the regular use of lab test information, this specially saved my life & embarrassing moments when answering my professor! keep up the good work!, love the iCloud integration & medcalc. I highly recommend this to all med people! Awesome update. Totally loved the custom notes feature. Its just great, notes appear on the lab detail page. Pretty cool work and yet again, amazing interface! Really well done. MedCalc links really gotta be the highlight here. I can easily see myself using that combination in clinical rounds! Perfect, this is my initial review!

  • Very good!

    by CelineJay

    Very good, links with medcalc app is very nice!! Both these work great between in ICU breaks

  • Great app

    by Dr Samuel-app

    Exceptional medical app, haven't seen such a great interface in any other medical applications, most of em are the same. Works beautifully on the iPad! highly recommended!

  • perfect!

    by iStephenTunes

    Great reference, a guy from hospital intro-ed me to this, having used a lot of other lab apps, I was reluctant at first, But now, I'm finally settled on this. Gives good brief information about most of the labs ON THE GO! and has links to labtestsonline and wiki. Keep up the work, i recommend this to all healthcare fellows that have anything to do with medical laboratory!

  • Pathologist

    by RRBaier

    Probably useful for public or first year med student. Information too rudimentary for knowledgeable physicians or laboratorians.

  • pretty good, but needs more

    by marggie

    great concept and love the organization of the labs. very easy to use interface. however, it would be even better if the labs were more thorough. most labs have only a few sentances in the description. it would be nice if there was a "patient teaching" tab, nursing interventions or planning tab.

  • Review

    by Chalam_Josh

    Great app it has the basic labs and gives you the possiblity to add your own text to the labs, easy to use!

  • No need to look further!

    by 4x4Adventures

    Update: fixed all my concerns with this new update. Great product. From the description and screenshots this app totally appealed to me from the start. Wasn't sure I needed another lab app but after seeing this one I was hooked. I was also hesitant to the idea of wasting more money to assess another app only to be disappointed and then deleted, but intrigue won over. I'm glad to say so far this is a wonderful program. Easy to look at and use with entirely useful, informative content. VERY pleased and relieved with my purchase.

  • Helpful app

    by Way Upstate NY

    I would like to see some stool labs and I think your SAO2 is backwards. You give results for high rather than low.

  • Good but needs refining.

    by K45acp

    -1 star (generously) for rampant spelling and grammar errors, -1 for some of the monographs being overly general and a little unfocused. You have a potentially great product here; please hire a copy editor.

  • best app for clinical lab and physio info

    by ionmrav

    very helpful to cls and healthcare students especially because it summarizes the highs and lows as well as function of mostly all hormones, markers, ect. easy to search by various categorizes ie search by organ sys or by lab markers. great app!!!

  • Perfect!

    by gadget solo

    This is a perfect lab reference app. Very well designed.

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