Amplify'd Medical App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Jooniti
  • Updated: Dec, 04 2009
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 4.34 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Jooniti, LLC

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Amplify'd - Turn up life!

Amplify'd transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a powerful volume control to amplify your life. Now you can hear everything better at home, work, class, sporting events, theaters, concerts and when watching television -- all through your sleek iPhone earbuds! Boost the volume on what you want to hear without those clunky hearing devices or embarrassing ear mounted hardware. Give family and friends a break from loud movies and music or help to better hear your teachers and professors in large classrooms.

Download it now!

* Discreet - eliminate the need for other devices and amplify life, listen to music, and take calls with the same device. Now you can hear everything through your sleek iPhone earbuds so no one will know you are listening!
* Simple - easy to use interface allows you to tweak the frequencies amplified and volume boost or simply launch the app with ready-to-go settings and start hearing with greater ease right away!
* Power savings - using the same technology as the iPod, you will enjoy uninterrupted amplification all day long when using our power savings modes!
* Zero latency - hear everything in realtime with no delay!
* Bluetooth compatible - use your Bluetooth headset or stereo Bluetooth headphones for a completely wireless experience! (iPhone OS 3.1 only)
* Customizable - adjust everything from frequencies and power savings settings to various audio visualization themes!

NOTE: To use this app with iPod Touch devices that do not contain a built-in microphone, you must use a headset that contains an external microphone.

IMPORTANT!: Please be sure to read through the entire contents of the "Help" tab located in the bottom-right corner inside the app to understand how to operate the filter settings for optimal performance. The range of which the mic can pick up is dependent upon the "Volume Boost" setting under the "Settings" tab which is NOT the same as the volume control located on the "Home" view. The volume control located on the "Home" view is used to indicate and control the Master Volume of the device. In most scenarios, the Master Volume of the device, which can also be adjusted using the actual Volume buttons on the side of the device, should be set to maximum volume BEFORE adjusting any of the filters such as "Volume Boost".

* Additional new and exciting customizable audio visualizations
* Customizable presets for different scenarios such as Noisy Room, Watching TV, Quiet Conversation, etc.
* More filters for an even clearer and more customizable amplification experience!

Customer Reviews

  • support site not responding

    by ejonesss

    @Jooniti your site is not responding please check it

  • Arggggg

    by I'd rather remain anonymous

    I was hoping to use it while listening to music. No luck. Background running support would make this app awesome. As it is, it's ok. Please make it awesome in future (soon?) update!!!

  • Needs more

    by The Voice of the Players

    Needs to be able to amplifi music from my iPod

  • Simply amazing!

    by Yousuckatnova

    It's perfect for people with hearing dissibilities like me. I recommend you purchase this app!

  • Hello

    by Alexwait

    We fight over the iPhone to use this app great.

  • Ok in limited circumstances

    by alfarera

    This is a great idea, but to no real fault of the developer, it seems to be limited by the iPhone mike. I found it to be completely useless when used with the standard iPhone ear buds/mike. The only amplified sounds were my own speech and breathing. However, the results were somewhat better using some noise cancelling headphones, forcing the app to use the built in mike. But I imagine the built in mike is still built to pick up sound nearby. It was kind of fun to play with the controls to isolate sounds. To really shine, I would think you would need a better mike. I haven't tried it with a Bluetooth mike, but as with the earbuds, you would probably still have problems with a standard earbud/mike set. Perhaps there's a quality bluetooth mike available. It would also be nice to have the option to record what it picks up. That would have some value for recording meetings or classes.

  • Excellent App

    by joshd18

    Excellent navigation app. I have the 3gs and this app is amazing. Gps is very accurate and always finds a signal quickly. There are some things I would like to see in an update though. I would really like to see Live Traffic available. I don't like that everytime I open the ipod controlls i have to create a playlist or add one that's already been created to be able to play music. I would like to be able to just push play and it start playing. It would be nice to have the skip forward and backwards buttons on the map screen so you don't have to open the music controls everytime to skip to the next song. One other thing that would be great that I have seen on other navigation is the ability to choose to avoid gravel roads. There are many gravel roads in my area and I would like to be able to take the shortest route without all the gravel roads. Overall this is an excellent gps app. Like I said the gps is spot on. It is also one of the most visually appealing navigation apps that I have seen.

  • Insanely Great!!

    by justindarc

    This app is fantastic! It works exactly as advertised and adds amazing new functionality to the iPhone. It takes a little while to figure out how to best tweak the settings, but once you've got them figured out you can hear things better in almost any situation. A must-buy for all app lovers!!

  • Really works!!!!!

    by KKelly4

    Don't listen to any idiots that don't know how to use this app it's awesome intertwining and usefully.

  • not bad, not great, NOT what I was hoping for...

    by gone camping

    It works, it's okay, but it does NOT do the one thing I was hoping most for. I wanted my 82-year old father to be able to take/hear phone calls from friends & family, but sadly it doesn't affect phone volume at all... Hopefully this can be addressed in a future update at which time I would be happy to give a higher rating...

  • Useful, fun, and well made

    by hal0thane

    Amplify'd does everything it claims―I was skeptical at first, but I had the perfect opportunity to use it when some kids were laughing and talking about me behind my back at a fast food place. By tweaking the settings (which is very important, to those who say it doesn't work), I was able to remove the music blaring from the speaker just above me as well as most (but not all) of the background chatter between the kids and me. They were about 20 feet away, but I was able to hear them, and now I know NOT to wear those hair clips public, anyway. :P

  • Master rater

    by Jerry z

    This is toooo cool. I love it in noisy places cause I hear my friends and no need to wear out my vocal chords ( no screaming). Love this app! Keep improving it.

  • Amazed

    by Hear he

    Better than my hearing aid that I paid $4000.

  • Ok I guess

    by Izubashi

    I see one problem with this kind of apps. When used with default iPhone earphones, the app pics audio from the mic on the earphones and not from the phone mic. Would be nice to have an option in settings to choose between these two mics. Just an idea for devs!

  • Original

    by Try not to hassle the hoff

    Extremely original and inovative... makes you feel like bond

  • A Must Have!

    by grandano

    Wow! Best $1.99 I've ever & practical. I've got a Bose Quiet headset so it makes everything even better. Something hear for everyone. I give it my full endorsement. Dan M Arizona

  • Nice app!

    by Rwdst6

    Works best with a Bluetooth headset.

  • Spy games

    by joeba817

    Great app, love it as spy gear! Good work!

  • Great App!

    by NicksLime06

    I was skeptical at first, but this really works good. The bluetooth capability is sweet and opens up the possibility of creative uses.

  • Money well spent

    by Riz107

    This may be the best two bucks I ever spent. It works great with my Bluetooth stereo headset. I just put the mic next to what I want to hear and the app does the rest. It is like being plugged in everywhere. If you have a Bluetooth headset, you will love this!

  • Not a good noise cancellation app

    by ruralcoder_in_sunnyvale

    I just purchase 3 applications that claim sound amplification with some noise cancellation built in. I found that although this app has lots of fine tuning controls, it was almost impossible to tune out the air-conditioning fan noise which drives me nuts. Truth be told, none of the apps succeeded in doing this, but iHearClearly removed the noise successfully from the produced amplification output. Amplify's just did not do the job.

  • Only good to hear yourself breathe.

    by Jtixtlan

    Doesn't work. Only the sounds VERY close to mike are picked up. For any thing else, such as a conversation across the room, you can hear better without this.

  • Waste of a buck

    by Rebel1234

    Should have believed the Reviews.

  • Junk

    by JackMR

    Does not work at all on my iPhone 4. All you hear is continuous loud clicking, no sound from the microphone.

  • Junk

    by Robbo75

    Good reviews are obviuosly from the developer. All I heard was rustling. I could hear peoples voices better without earphones.

  • It's only .99 so I figured....

    by jcmbruce

    Yeah, well, it was hard to tell how this app was gonna be with all the contradicting reviews, so, for a dollar I figured I give it a shot. Results? Complete crap. I having great hearing, I jus wanted to use it when my wifes asleep and I wanna watch tv or somethin. Nope, all the tweaking in the settings could do a dam thing. Oh well, another $1 lesson:)

  • Not good - not great. Doesn

    by Pauleridoo

    This is my first review, ever. I feel impelled to balance the string of endorsements ("5-star Reviews") dated Dec 4-6 (and perhaps others) which claim this app is good. If these reviewers honestly believe they are being truthful, they must have a different standard than I have for "amazing...great...awesome...worth the money" they use in their reviews. I feel that it was a waste of money. This app, Amplify'd, did not provide any useful service to me -- except, to help me realize that not all reviews/reviewers were created equal. Over a month ago, I emailed the developer explaining my problems with their app. I gave them an opportunity to help me correct what I might be doing wrong, and to make me love this app. I NEVER received an answer, or even an acknowledgement that the developer cares about their product, or that they even exist. I suffer from hearing loss in both of my ears. I really thought this app could be helpful to me. The description looked like Amplify'd would be useful. I also work at a school for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people. I had hopes that this app might also be helpful for some of these wonderful folks. I will not embarrass myself by recommending this to anyone in that community. I tried to use it to hear the television better. I spend a good bit of time trying to adjust the settings. I used the iPhone stock ear buds with the in-line microphone. Anything brushing against the microphone while using Amplify'd, such as clothing, breathing, etc., caused deafening, crackling NOISE in the earbuds. And the slight sound of the TV that I heard in the earbuds, was drowned out by the actual sound from the TV speakers. So, I removed the earbuds and heard the TV better without Amplify'd.

  • I wanted it to work!

    by webbreaker

    The application actually works but only if your fairly close to the sound source. I tried to amplify a TV from about eight feet away and could not really tell much difference. Be careful that the volume is not set to a high level as simple movement of the iPod mic can cause a very loud click or "SNAP". It sounds like a highly amplified static spark although I don't think it is. I can see a use for this program if you are trying to zero in on a very faint sound that you can get close to. I thought of locating a cricket in a bush by moving the mic around the vegetation? Final review, not recommended and maybe even a bit dangerous as far as possible hearing loss goes.

  • uhhhh

    by stupid! helpp

    i dont understand it at all its rele dumb! does anyone kno how to work it?!?!

  • Don't buy this app

    by bkohls

    This doesn't work unless the noise is right next to your phone. The person who uses this over their earing aide to watch tv is a lier and so is the person who heard kids 20 feet away. This app is a scam and if you use it you will probably damage your ears. I want my money back and dont buy anything from jooiniti the makers of this piece of crap.

  • I can't get it to work

    by kula_jon

    After trying numerous times; I can't seem to get it to work properly. I can't, in good conscious, recommed this to anyone.

  • Back to the drawing board

    by Ipad4Rick

    Can only use dis ting if u have ur head phone w/mic other than dat it's garbage..WASTE OF MONEY

  • Amplified

    by Ibtc mom

    Only amplifies what comes thru your mike!!!! DO NOT waste your money!

  • JUNK!!!

    by LifeWay

    Please do not waste your hard earned money on this app! I wish that I hadn't!

  • Don't buy

    by Leonilo

    This app is only allowing you to hear what is coming through your mic... This nothing that your own ears can't do. I want my money back.

  • Basura!!!

    by lanellys


  • Crap!!!

    by Connorh8481

    What a waste of money. The sound has to be very close to the mic for it to work. Worthless.

  • It does not work well with the Ipod Touch!!!

    by Ipod Touch User/Owner

    The sellers should not advertise that this app works well with the Ipod Touch because you need a mic which can be distanced from the earphones to avoid feedback and to enhance performance. That is a fact!!! Don't buy this to use with your Ipod Touch!!!

  • Amplify'd

    by Sparky 01A

    Junk. Nothing but noise and controls won't slide well at all with, without glossy or glare free screen protector. $2.00 waisted I'd prefer returned to my account.

  • Incredible

    by Bomber3

    Innovative, incredible, a must-have app!

  • Awesomeness

    by The814

    Awesomeness is an understatement i never expected anything like this it's way too cool

  • works so well

    by worth the buy

    just as good as my hearing aid

  • great amplifer

    by tkyner

    !!! good

  • great app

    by jkbxoxo


  • Great App!

    by season 4???!!

    a must buy

  • amazing.


    this app works just as well as my $4000 hearing aid!!

  • Awesome app

    by Anthony Venzon

    Amazing app.......excellent quality and well made.....well worth the buy .... Cant wait to put it to use in ems could be a very good asset for hard of hearing patients in the medical field

  • Great app for the money

    by Jamdalu

    This app gets it right and is better than other higher priced apps. This app performaance is on par with my sonic ear that keeps draining batteries. I pay more for one battery pack than this app costs and I dont have to lug another device. Amplification is great and happens in real-time with no delay. The interface flips around when the phone/mic are facing away, making it really easy to adjust the filters and play with the settings. After playing witht the app a bit, I found out how to use the filters to remove unwanted noise. The neat graphical "skins" animate to the sound coming through the device. There are lots of other useful features like bluetooth support. Now I can set my iPhone close to the speaker and watch tv in bed without waking my partner! I can also walk around and not miss anything. Great app for the money.


    by cl22

    Aplify'd is the best quality in its field! works great with bluetooth as well!


    by cmlle

    a must buy

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