Decipher - Family Medicine Medical App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English, German

Seller: Jason Mitchell



As US healthcare transitions to ICD-10-CM in 2014, family physicians and other primary care providers will need a set of tools to assist in training to use the updated code set in the ambulatory setting. While electronic health record systems (EHRs) must provide efficient workflows for physicians to assign appropriate clinical and administrative codes to patient issues and encounters, sometimes you just need to look something up while you're not ten screens deep in your EHR.

This application contains 600+ of the most commonly used ICD-9-CM codes in Family Medicine and maps those codes to counterparts in ICD-10-CM and SNOMED-CT. Resources from WHO, CMS, NLM, IHTSDO, Wonca, and AAFP Family Practice Management were used to create this code correlation system. mPOWER Medical Informatics, LLC provides no warranty for its accuracy or fitness for purpose. For educational use only.


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