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How To Use the Identifier/Pill Finder Tool
To accurately identify the pill, drug or medication, you can do any of the following steps using our pill identifier application.

•Enter the imprint code displayed on the medication, (example the numbers and/or the letters on the side of the pill or tablet).
•Select the color of the pill in the pull-down menu.
•Select the shape of the pill in the pull-down menu.
Once you've found a drug id match, you'll be able to link to a detailed description, drug picture, and images in our comprehensive Drug Database. You can also use the drug pictures to help identify pills.

Why Use the Pill Identifier? Read our pharmacist's perspective on the importance of properly identifying your medication and how pill identification is done.


This Application Does not Provide Medical Advice. You must always check with a Physician or Pharmacist before using any medication.

Customer Reviews

  • Don't buy!! Not worth 99cents

    by HazelDenise

    I want a refund. A lot of the drugs says... No information. Uhm yes this is why I bought the app, to get information. Worst app ever

  • Should have read the reviews first

    by Soccermomsusan

    Waste of time and money. Want a refund. There's 15 mins searching and getting nothing I'll never get back! Get Pocket Rx.

  • Totally a deliberate blant ant lie of a discription DON'T BUY this liar lair pants on fire !

    by jerry lawrence

    Waste of a dollar and their description is a lie filled page it does NOTHING it says. Wish I ck the reviews first. DON'T BUY

  • Absolutely NOT what is advertised.

    by Jenntrain

    Save your .99 cents. You can't search by description. Automatic DELETE. Wish there was an option for NO STARS.

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