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If the app crashes after the update, no worries just delete it and redownload a fresh copy. Any previous purchases made will be free using the Restore button.

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Dietitian Exam System - This App is for anyone who wants to pass the RD Exam (Registered Dietitian). Great for dietitian students and for dietitians that just want to refine their skills. This Quiz system is extremely user friendly, feature rich, and makes studying a piece of cake!


*Over 1000 Exam Cards and counting!
*Customizable Quiz Styles
*iPhone, iPod, and iPad Compatible
*iOS5 Ready

-Foodservice Systems
-Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services
-Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups
-Principles of Dietetics

If you have problems loading the app make sure and update your device to the latest iOS5 Version.

Also if you find any questions that appear to have the wrong answers(or just appear questionable) please document the question number and category and send us an message to our support email. We will try our best to get it resolved as soon as robotically possible.

Remember- this app is designed to help you pass the Exam. So most questions and answers are in line with what you would find on the test...not in real life.

If the app crashes after the update, no worries just delete it and redownload a fresh copy. Any previous purchases made will be free using the Restore button.

One more thing...
We love hearing from you! Please tell us your ideas, and give us some feedback. We are here for you!

Have fun and good luck!

Customer Reviews

  • excellent but needs to remember last ?

    by MO student

    This app has some ?s that appeared on my RD practice exam in class. I wish the app remembered the last ? u were when the app closes.

  • Helped Me Pass

    by USconsumer

    Although I used a formal study course for the RD exam, this app helped as well. It was nice to have 1000 more practice questions in my pocket to study anywhere. It took me a while to realize I had to bookmark the last question before I closed the app so I could continue where I left off. I would like to see explanations for at least a few questions, but I understand this would be a ton of work. Overall, this app was well worth what I paid.

  • RD Exam

    by Abarevibes

    This app has some wrong answers and has a little bug where it goes back to previous questions instead of moving on to the next. However, it's great practice!!! And most importantly I passed my test, it's worth getting the full version!!!

  • Add explanations

    by Matthew Campbell

    Every other review out there provides rationale for missed questions. If I knew this review left out that important piece I never would have purchased it.

  • Okay

    by Nutnutrition

    Questions are repetitive which helps to understand a concept a little better. One thing that really gets me is the amount of misspelled words/letters missing/random capitalized letters etc; it's not very professional. Please update with explanations.

  • Great app!

    by Sloupee

    I downloaded this app on recommendation from a friend who took the exam last year. She said it was her best study tool. I'm loving it so far!

  • Worth every penny!

    by Alzie32

    This app is awesome, over 1000 practice questions for the RD exam. Mine has never crashed. I use it on my phone and iPad.

  • Great app!

    by Roninwaigwe

    Ive been too lazy to study for my RD exam but this app has inspired me to study! I love it, I do wish the explanation button actually worked but other than that it is awesome.

  • Excellent

    by LittleG56

    Great app for some quick studying for the RD exam. However, it would be helpful if their was explanations for the questions. Overall amazing for the price when you compare with other tools.

  • Great app for those studying for RD exam!!

    by Lilblackbelle

    Great app however, would like some newer content and explanations to be added.

  • Grateful, but concerned with accuracy

    by Fortworthcookie

    I am so glad this app is available to help me study, and was happy to pay for it, but I am finding a lot of content mistakes. A lot. Many are minor, but there are definitely a couple wrong answers. Please correct and update content. This type of issue is surprising for a paid app. It will really be a great app when you are able to add in explanations for the questions. Hope you can get to it soon!

  • Great way to study and review

    by DxieD

    Worked fine for me. Thanks!

  • Update is perfect

    by glbay

    For those who have said it crashes after updating it, the fix is simple: delete the app and download it again using your same account. When it restores, it works beautifully.

  • Good app needs explanations though

    by TyreeW

    Please continue to add new content

  • CPhT

    by Sicy7d

    Great prep tool for the RD exam!! I would love to see explanations too!

  • Worthless app

    by Clinicalnutrition678

    App does not even open. Tried deleting it and re-downloading 3 times. Waste of time...

  • Crashes

    by JAG10261

    After the new update, it keeps crashing. Can't use it if it doesn't work. Please resolve this issue.

  • Lousy Support

    by RunnerDebW

    The app worked great for a couple of days. Now the app crashes every time I try to bring it up. When I select support from the iPhone App Store it just takes me to the app makers web page. So submitting a bad review appears to be my best recourse. My other grippe is that there is no Explanation for any of the questions. It appears as if this app is not ready for prime time.

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