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The Attain Fertility Predictor has been updated to include your chances of having a baby through IUI. We’ve also added the BMI, Finance Calculator and Find a Center tools to the front screen so you can easily access them.

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The Attain Fertility® Predictor is designed for women to see the likelihood of having a baby through IUI or IVF treatment for 1, 2 and 3 cycles. Since age plays a big role in your chance of becoming a parent, the app helps you determine if you should see a fertility specialist and then locates the Attain Fertility clinic nearest you so you can request an appointment. You also get other free tools, including a BMI calculator and fertility loan calculator.

Customer Reviews

  • This app is wonderful

    by kbecks12

    This app is so great to have on the go and bedside. It's a must have for all!

  • Not an ovulation tracker.

    by Cheeziegal

    I appreciate the good things Attain does to help provide information to infertile couples but this app is a bust. It gives estimates on conceiving naturally based upon your age but doesn't take into account things like your partners poor sperm quality or your exposure to DES. Bottom line, if you want to get pregnant , speak to your Dr. If if hasn't happened in a year and you are under age 30, get a referral to a reproductive endocrinologist. If you are over age 30, go after six months.

  • Great Info to have handy.

    by KipFinch

    Thought the app was great for figuring out when my wife and I should see a fertility doc and where a clinic is based on my location. Also great to know what our chances are in having a baby with multiple IVF cycles - not just one. I've not been able to find that information anywhere else. BMI is cool too.

  • their % is a total guess.

    by Vanessa927

    don't download

  • Waste of time

    by Xanonx7777

    Does not give or take into consideration many relative factors of fertility. Completely worthless and a waste of time.

  • Don't bother

    by Pointless to get

    Barely gives any information and what it does give is too general. There are way more factors than age and months trying

  • Eh

    by Nik612

    Tell me what I don't already know.

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