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Reduce your time to conceive by half! The Attain Fertility Planner is the only fertility tracking application that is FDA approved. For most fertile couples, it takes about 6 cycles to get pregnant. Use the planner to coincide with your cycle and ovulation - and your average time is reduced to half. Use the iPhone app for when you’re on the go and the web-based version at for even more features.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by kbecks12

    This app has been such a blessing to me and I hope it helps you out the way it did for me.

  • Only works after visiting online site

    by JoJo23JoJo23

    I had originally posted that this app does not work. After reading another review, I went online to the attain fertility website and updated my initial setup information. I reinstalled the app and signed in with my user name and password from the website. Now the app is working beautifully! Only gave it four stars because I feel the app should work just from my phone without having to go online!

  • Would be great with update

    by M-Okie87

    Needs a option to edit period days like a start day and end day, needs better navigation. Needs a support feature to ask questions about the app. Needs big and crash fixes. It only gives November 30, 2012 as your only period start day option upon creating an account... Right concept but needs work and then it'd be the BEST period/fertility/FP app available

  • Love it but def needs some adjustments

    by Horsegal411:

    I'm glad I tried this in spite of the reviews. I've used the TCOYF website to chart for 2 years and I love having access to my charts thru an app. LMP wouldn't reset (as others have said) so I just went into the chart and entered it there and it works great (it just shows that I'm on cycle 4 instead of biggie). The only other problem I've noticed is that the time is set at 7 and won't change but again, not a big deal as long as I temp at a consistent time and just leave it set at 7. 4 stars because aside from those two kinks I love it!

  • Work around? Hopeful!

    by Vgkdsrtr

    I was having the same issue as others, but did some digging on the TCOYF boards, and apparently if you go to the Attain website you can change your dates and it will save it. I just did that and it seems to have worked. I hope so, because I much prefer this over Fertility Friend! 5 stars if it works, none if it doesn't!

  • Very nice

    by cb6433

    I've been using TCOYF's Ovusoft fertility software on my laptop for over a decade. This app allows for an almost seamless transition to my iPhone/iPad, using familiar terminology and calculations. Unlike the other reviewers, I have not had any issues with the app crashing, thank goodness.

  • Best fertility charter out there

    by Hill 34 T

    Correlates well with "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" software. Automated calculations are in synch with what my manual ones would be. Graphics and data entry areas top-notch. Easy to use and interpret. Good app.

  • Ugh

    by Fub55555555

    Always crashing! Constantly. Also, very clunky & hard to navigate. Great info, but impossible to use.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Quinn's mom

    I am so tired of this app crashing. every time! please fix it. Otherwise a great tool for family planning.

  • Nice When it Works...

    by Kelseyelsewhere

    This would be a prefect app for tracking cycles according to TCOYF, but like everyone else says, it crashes virtually every time you use it. You'll be lucky if you get your info for the day saved. Still using it because I haven't found another one I like, but the search is on.

  • Please Improve

    by Disappointed*wouldbe*Customer

    Daily crashes, password recovery doesn't work, very disappointing. Wish someone would work to improve it

  • Alright, I guess...

    by CoralGoddess

    Crashes all the time. No ability to override. Useful when away from a computer, tho. I wish they'd update this to be more stable.

  • Val

    by Amy Snyder

    Won't let you change the date of cycle. Won't let you change wake up time. Seems promising but they def need to fix these glitches.

  • Keeps shutting down

    by McGreulez

    The app would be great if it actually worked. It keeps shutting down and now I get a message when i try to log in that says the site can't be trusted!

  • It works... Sometimes

    by SharperRae

    This app is really great, when it's not buggin' out. It twitches, closes and gives me error messages every other day. Today it won't open at all. I like the features of it better than my days app, but my days app doesn't bug out or close on me for no reason. Are there no fixes for this???

  • Doesn't work

    by Ham1482

    Like other reviewers have said, it doesn't save your information. It just reverts back.

  • Disappointed

    by Another home run!

    I was really looking forward to using this app, after seeing it on the "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" website, however it won't allow me to set the correct last period date and is remaining stuck on January 28 for some reason. I won't use it again unless/until bugs are resolved.

  • Won't let me change Lmp date

    by kaydove

    It won't let me change the last menstrual period start from Jan 24 to the correct date.

  • Not worth the effort

    by Can't temp

    I tried to put in my temps 3 times and it kept defaulting them back to a general number and then kept switching them from Celsius to Fahrenheit even thou I had the settings set to Celsius. Even tried putting them in on the website and still no luck, might be a nice program if I was able to use it.

  • Cant Set Dates

    by DaniCB19

    The app is defaulting the start date to Jan. 18 and won't let me change it. Very frustrated and will be deleting this app if updates aren't completed.

  • Frustrated but hopeful

    by MarilynAmp

    The app will not let me delete the cycle data it generated. Very frustrating. I really wanted an app for FAM. --I was finally able to make corrections by using the website.

  • Won't let me enter correct dates

    by Bad crash

    So far this app is useless because it won't let me enter the correct period dates. It freezes and puts in its own date of December 27th. There is no way to clear out the information either and start again. I wasted half and hour trying to find information on how to fix this and their website is not helpful either. Not impressed.

  • Error messages and limited navigation

    by Ism23

    I receive a error message each time I attempt to save an event. The navigation could also use some work. It could be better organized, so you don't have to click to expand in the calendar, or click one event/medication option at a time. Furthermore, the main calendar page could use a nice summary via list or corresponding icon., so things are visible at a glance.

  • Unstable, but I love the concept

    by Bellalace

    The idea of this app is fantastic but it acts unstable & needs a lot of help on the technical side. I am having issues when I open the app today. I keep getting an error telling me user cannot be authenticated & I can't access anything. I can't update my information. App is useless if you can't even open it. Please fix!!!

  • Isn't worth downloading

    by Sadawa29

    Please fix the initial set up error. It doesn't not any changes to selecting your LMP. Only lets you choose Sept 28 and is stuck on this date. Why have an App and advertise it on the TCOYF website if it doesn't work?!? Time to fix this or no one will ever use it. Completely useless and very disappointing.

  • Cannot use

    by Ciavyn

    As others said, I cannot adjust my last date of menstruation. Useless until fixed.

  • So disappointed!

    by Ithinkshesaid

    I was really excited to use this app, but like the others said, you can't get very far without being able to select your LMP. Wasted some time trying to figure out how to change it later on (you can't), and even created a new account in case it was a fluke. It's not, the app just doesn't work. Please fix it for us! I'd still love to use it.

  • Needs improvement

    by JaKaEs93

    Like others, unable to put in LMP. Would not save time I wake up either. Would be willing to get this app again if improvements made.

  • Worthless!

    by KittenG224

    Doesn't let you select your LMP date. What good is a fertility app if you can't input your LMP date?! This really gets "0" stars. Only chose a star because I had to.

  • Lame

    by Cccg5

    Won't let me change start date of period.

  • Disappointed

    by Kcoccia811

    Awful awful awful! So disappointing!

  • Nothing works

    by Mmhm1

    Nothing works still...can't adjust dates or times. Disappointing.

  • Nothing works

    by Spaceladydmc

    It simply doesn't work. When it first launches it asks for date of your last period but won't let you select an actual date. I went ahead and let it select today's date (which is all it would allow) thinking I could adjust it later. Nope, you can't. None of the increase/decrease buttons for adjusting the length of your cycle work either.

  • crashed..again..and again..

    by xcharmedx1

    downloaded this today (8/24/12) and had it maybe 10 minutes and it crashed twice while i was trying to set it up and it wouldnt save hardly any info i put into it

  • Always "loading" and crashing constantly

    by Best Skier on the Mtn

    I was really hopping this app would be everything they said it would be, but it doesn't even work. The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because in the few minutes I've seen it work it seems like they have something good going. I would love to see this run properly as I'm sure a lot of people are struggling with fertility and need the support. Until then, it's back to tracking symptoms in iPeriod.

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