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1.) After installing, remember to reboot your iPhone.
2.) You MUST use basic headphones to hear the amplified sound. Note the very nice headphones provided by Apple have a built-in microphone that over-rides the iPhone microphone, which will NOT work right with this app.
3.) You MUST use an iPhone with microphone.
4.) Because there is only ONE microphone, it will be mono (play only in one ear). We are researching adding bluetooth headset compatibility for a future release, but stereo bluetooth headsets are NOT supported at this time.
5.) WHEN the app is LOADED, you must THEN adjust the volume of the amplifier, by using the VOLUME buttons on the side of your iPhone. Note this volume control (with the app loaded) is DIFFERENT from the regular iPhone volume!

PLEASE send us an email if you cannot get it working before leaving a negative review; it really works! Thank you!


We’ve all seem those “As seen on TV” ads touting and spouting how wonderful their products are. Well, go no farther, we truly have an app that is wonderful for hearing impaired users.

iHear Hearing Aid is designed to help those who are not as fortunate in being able to hear as clearly as the rest of us. Run the app and point your iPhone in the direction where the conversation is occurring and listen to how the app amplifies the sound through the headphones connected to you ear.

But let us not limit ourselves to the hearing impaired. Anyone using this app can easily listen in on conversations they shouldn’t be hearing and no one will be the wiser. Let’s face it we’re living in the information age and what better way is there to get information then spying…just ask a CIA agent.

To start iHear Hearing Aid simply plug in a set of headphones to the iPhone. Then you point the devices microphone in the direction of the sounds you want to hear and you should be hearing things that you would never have heard before without the help of a hearing aid so use iHear Hearing Aid.

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