Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking - Complete Medical Reference Textbook Medical App Review (iOS, $119.99)


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Seller: Inkling Systems, Inc.

► iOS 7 support
► Performance and stability fixes

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Master the techniques of physical examination with the 11th edition of Bates' Guide, now rebuilt for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, PC & Mac on Inkling. As a universal app, you pay one price to get this book on all of these devices.

Optimized for each device, Bates' on Inkling includes multimedia like instructional videos and audio clips that bring concepts to life, while figures and concepts are linked for easy reference. Test your knowledge everywhere in the text with end of chapter quizzes, interactive diagrams and margin pop tips that show and hide examples of abnormalities.

Details about Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking on Inkling:

► Watch and Learn: Instructional videos throughout the book mean you can see a procedure or technique in action before trying it yourself.

► Exam Time: Test what you know as thoroughly as you'd treat a patient, with interactive study tools like Test Yourself diagrams.

► Margin Tips: Exclusive to Inkling is an interactive sidebar of abnormalities. Examples are now pop quiz opportunities with cross-links to relevant content.

► Better Book Learning: Bring the clinic into your textbook. Multimedia like heart and lung sounds make the written concepts come to life.

► Get Connected: When you create an Inkling account in the app on your iPad or iPhone, you can then access all of Bates' Guide on the web as well, through Plus, all of your notes and annotations will sync between all devices, including your computer.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice but could be better

    by Jonathan Cunningham

    I enjoy having my text book on my iPad. This app would be better if I was able to use the speak option.


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