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Nursing Essentials™ for iPhone & iPod Touch gives you immediate access to the critical information nurses need, in an easy to use app with rich content, detailed illustrations, and pioneering features.

* Quick navigation to critical information
* Custom bookmarks let you quickly return to your favorite pages
* Expanded search capability
* Add notes to a page
* Additional Calculators
* Emergency Number Dialer
* Patient Notes section

Best of all, you know you can depend on Nursing Essentials™ for iPhone, because it was created by Informed Publishing®—the trusted leader in emergency reference information since 1986. Informed's print and digital guides are carried in the pockets, on mobile devices, and in the emergency vehicles of over one million first responders nationwide.

Whether you are a beginning or experienced nurse, this guide will be an essential tool throughout your career. Nursing Essentials™ is the one resource that both recent graduates and lifelong nurses depend on to keep all the information they need at their fingertips.

"I was glad when I stumbled upon the iPhone versions of the Emergency and Critical Care Guide™ and Nursing Essentials™...The iPhone versions are perfect, in my opinion...Needless to say, this is exponentially easier now that they are all on my iPhone, and just as easy to use."

-Nita K. Love, RN

The second edition Nursing Essentials™ includes vital assessment information, with updated and expanded sections devoted to cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, pediatric, OB, GI/GU, and mental health topics. The new mental health section covers common disorders (anxiety, personality, bipolar, chemical dependency, eating disorders, schizophrenia, somatoform) and mental health assessment.

It provides updated reference information on drugs, infusions, and laboratory values, with information on medications, blood products, calculations, and PO, SQ, IM, IO administration procedures, with a new expanded section on IV administration guidelines. Also featured are fluids, electrolytes, and acid-base imbalances, as well as a new pain assessment chart and Spanish translations.

* Acid-Base Imbalances
* Complete Neurological Assessment
* Pediatric Drug Dosages
* Pain Assessment
* Geriatric & Cultural Considerations
* Organ Donation Considerations
* Burn and Dermatome Charts
* Abbreviations
* Metric Conversions
* Immunizations
* Spanish translations
* Restraint and Back Safety
* Tips For Workload / Report Organization
* Insertion / Management of Catheters, Gastric, and Chest Tubes

Featuring interactive calculators for Glasgow, burns, and metric conversions.


Informed Publishing® offers a full product line of references for the medical and first response markets, as well as a consumer line for home and family emergency preparedness. Informed references are available in a variety of formats, including pocket-sized print guides, PDF editions, and now apps for the iPhone & iPod Touch. Learn more at


For questions, comments, or suggestions concerning this guide, contact Informed® Publishing at

Customer Reviews

  • Best app for review!

    by DavisGreene

    Love it! So helpful. Best app ever. It is comprehensive yet short and to the point!

  • Medical Reference

    by MedPilot

    Agree lack of OB and pre/post partum treatment modalities Would like to see more intuitive slides as how to calculate the time remaining in a tank of oxygen or how to set up a treatment plan using LTV 1200 ventilator Just a suggestion

  • NJRN

    by Sesewilli

    Good for a quick refresher!

  • nice little app

    by fourbluesixpink

    nice to have these reminders in one place!

  • App rating

    by SamanthaJeanRN

    Great app for a quick refreshment on the basics. You get what you pay for.

  • Over all good

    by sdsammons2

    Could be more interactive or have more user friendly menus

  • Great app

    by Dianamtz4

    This is a great app. I've found it useful and great as a refresher - I'm happy with it.

  • Review

    by Shetland44

    Great app to look up things quickly

  • Nursing Essential

    by Nurseshery

    Very detailed information that is easy to comprehend.

  • Very good

    by Tinty tim

    Very useful

  • Nursing essentials

    by Danfig38

    Great app, very easy to follow. 3D animation might take the app to a new level.

  • Like it

    by Ann044

    Very helpful app. Informative

  • Student

    by Ajallah

    Over all, it is excellent.

  • Convenient to use , good App.

    by ifeanyi onyekwere

    Like it period.

  • RN

    by ACLS ER RN

    Very helpful

  • Cool app

    by Godzwmn

    Very helpful

  • RN

    by Biscuit0930

    Very helpful quick reference while I'm preparing for interviews.

  • RN

    by medicnurse2007

    I think this app is great and very convent to have when trying to look up medication,or just simply reference. II recommend this to nursing students and paramedics as well .

  • Student

    by Fishman2953

    Its ok. I use it about 10% compared to my other apps.

  • RN/medic

    by Tech rescue medic

    App is good for general review of all subjects but if you want more than basics it's better to go with a unit specific app ex. Critical care for icu/er/medics/flight or ob/peds for such... But overall I am happy with the general stuff I can look up that I generally don't use

  • Disappointing app

    by Marcos9990

    I was hoping to get a RN app similar to the printed pocket version but this wasn't it. This app is very poor and lacking detail. Very disappointed. With an iPhone app you would hope to get a better deal than print but it is not the case with this one.

  • Great!

    by OTL727

    I tutor nursing students; therefore, I use this on a daily basis. I love it! Fast and reliable information. I used to work in a hospital and I was thinking this App. would have been useful to have on those crazy days where you're rushing around doing a million things at once yet you have to teach your patient something and understand why you're performing a certain task, so one could quickly pull out this App. and refresh their knowledge.

  • Rn app

    by Jan-ice 923

    Very useful

  • Rn

    by K 88401

    Great info!

  • Student

    by angelita white

    Great app

  • Great app

    by Aardvark44

    Loved the hard copy version. This is much more portable and very consistent with the hard copy but much more searchable. love it worth the$

  • Rn

    by Wren 45

    This app is terrible you can buy nursing manual for I think three dollars less WhicH contains much more significant information this was a total waste of money I wish I could get my money back I thought because this costed more it would be better. I could not have been more wrong

  • Great

    by Ricardo Ferrrer

    Great app

  • Student

    by Lonestar RN


  • Pocket

    by mulan711

    Got app so I no longer carry thick hardcopy in my pocket

  • Love it!!!!

    by Lynnilou

    Love love love it!!!

  • A+++

    by Graciee2

    Great resource!! I'm in nursing school and plan on using this reference often.

  • Love it

    by Wlyates

    Love it

  • It's okay.

    by Jlhutch84

    Useful, but more info than just basic assessment stuff. Med info would be nice

  • Good app

    by Lodikukay

    Nice to have.

  • Love it

    by NawtylilChicana

    Worth the $

  • Great!

    by Ashleyn0524

    Great app!!

  • Excellent tool for nursing students

    by Neggrita

    I love it i got everything there and its well explained I've seen something like this before in a book and is worth $35

  • Waste of money

    by Anashenwrath

    I specifically chose this app because I'm in OB/peds right now. Heads up: there is no (or very limited) OB/peds nursing care info. The content is beyond basic and the layout is not intuitive. I regret this purchase.

  • NHL

    by Audiolover on the move


  • MarieC

    by MarieC38

    Good for general use, and to refresh subjects.

  • Love this App!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!

    by "*[Ruppie]*"

    This App is very helpful for me!!!! Whenever I need to study... I have right in my phone!!!!

  • X

    by RN12345(cxx)

    Waste of money!

  • Great app

    by Dr Miss

    This app has all the basics being on the floor. It is a nice app for RNs

  • Very helpful

    by Corey's Queen

    This is a very helpful tool!!!!

  • Great!!!

    by Anastacia Berger

    This app has great information and is easy to navigate!!!

  • Student

    by Patrick Kanu

    It's good to bring us good stuff we need, and this is really one of them. Thanks. Any more improvement possible any time, bring it on. Also we are waiting for the Ipad version.

  • Decent app

    by New med surge nurse

    This app has some good information. Nice when you're on the bus or have time to kill. Not really for when you're on the floor. No time for that!

  • RN

    by Mullyhully

    Kind of difficult to navigate app appears more useful than actually is.

  • RN

    by Pedi Onc nurse

    I found it helpful.

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