Dream Birth: PreNatal Relaxation Hypnosis-Benjamin P Bonetti Medical App Review (iOS, $5.99)


Languages: English

Seller: i-mobilize.com Inc.

New version fixes bugs while running under iOS 5.



Hypnosis for conception, pregnancy, and childbirth has been clinically proven to be an effective form of therapy and has been recognised by the British Medical Association since 1955.
Stress during pregnancy is almost inevitable, and if the mum is stressed, this can be transferred to baby. Hypnotherapy for, during, and after pregnancy addresses all the expectant mum's issues, including fear because they are a first timer - or even a second timer. It helps them to gain confidence. It can allay most of their fears.
This birthing yypnosis programme offers a complete relaxation experience, allowing unwanted negative beliefs, fears, and stresses to be released, allowing a more controlled and enjoyable experience.
Use this Dream Birth hypnosis audio for a more relaxed pregnancy from six weeks onwards.
Benjamin Bonetti's self help tools have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world, offering simple solutions for lasting change. Over the years, the Benjamin Bonetti range has been described by its users as ‘Dynamic, Positive, Intelligent, Functional, Fun, Energetic and Interactive’.

The app contains audio, birthing planners, home and hospital checklist.

Customer Reviews

  • Awful!

    by Nicole Fusco

    Don't waste your money...couldn't even open the app...had to report it.

  • Horrible!

    by Rabidnanna

    This is the worst app ever! I don't even think I'd want it if it was free. It's just a bunch of forms that you could probably get online for free. Not useful at all


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