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Preparing for ARDMS® Abdomen exam or need help in abdomen class?
Here are all the topics you need in one condensed, portable resource.

Abdominal Sonography Registry Review FlashCards, are filled with valuable, easy-to-access information so that you can pass your exam the first time.

If you are studying for the ARDMS Abdomen exam or need help in class, the best way to make the grade is to use Study Guides, Texts Books and Abdominal Sonography Registry Review FlashCards.


▶ Ultrasound of the biliary system
▶ Ultrasound of the glands of the neck (i.e., thyroid, parathyroid, salivary)
▶ Ultrasound of the liver
▶ Ultrasound of the other superficial structures (e.g., subcutaneous)
▶ Ultrasound of the pancreas
▶ Ultrasound of the male reproductive intromittent organs
▶ Ultrasound of the peritoneal cavity
▶ Ultrasound of the prostate
▶ Ultrasound of the retroperitoneum (e.g., great vessels and branches)
▶ Ultrasound of the scrotal sac and contents (e.g., testes, epididymides)
▶ Ultrasound of the spleen
▶ Ultrasound of the urinary system (i.e., kidneys, ureters, bladder)


• Simple and Intuitive: Just download the app and begin studying within seconds.
• 1278 must study question and answer flashcards written in an easy to understand format!
• 190 images with descriptions!
• 100+ flashcards for lab values!
• Covers each subtopic in the ARDMS content outline.
• Trusted Authors: Dr.Revanoor Dhruva Kumar, MS(Anatomy); MBBS; RDMS, an active ARDMS Credentialed Sonographer and Michael Zaladonis BS RVT, an active ARDMS Credentialed Sonographer

ARDMS® is a registered trademark of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography and is not associated with this app.


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