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ECHO Views - Transesophageal Echocardiography Atlas
A Detailed Atlas of 20 ECHO Views and Associated Structures

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Brought to you by iAnesthesia LLC, the leading developer of mobile healthcare solutions for anesthesia and critical care providers. ECHO Views is a quick reference tool developed for the beginning to intermediate echocardiographer.

This iPhone, iPod and iPad Transesophageal Echocardiography Atlas highlights the 20 most common TEE views used in a basic TEE exam. With labels of all significant anatomic structures as well as a brief explanation of the highlights of each view; ECHO Views is the perfect quick reference for the occasional gaps in your TEE knowledge.

By organizing the views by significant cardiac structures, ECHO Views allows users to quickly find alternate views for particular structures of interest.

*** Features***
- No internet connection required
- Excellent tool for teaching residents and fellows.
- The ability to hide and show labels allows users to quiz themselves on their echocardiographic anatomic knowledge.
- Does not cover doppler and echo hemodynamics at this time

Over 30 Anatomic Structures Highlighted including:
- A1, A2, A3 & P1, P2, P3 Scallops of Mitral Valve
- Ascending Aorta
- Aortic Valve
- Coronary Sinus
- Descending Aorta
- Inferior Vena Cava
- Intra-atrial Septum
- Left Atrium
- Left Coronary Cusp
- Left Pulmonary Artery
- Left Ventricle
- Left Ventricular outflow tract
- Left Atrial appendage
- Left Ventricle wall segments
- Main Pulmonary Artery
- Mitral Valve
- Non-coronary cusp aortic valve
- Papillary muscle
- Pulmonic Valve
- Right Atrium
- Right coronary cusp aortic valve
- Right pulmonary artery
- Right ventricle
- Right ventricular outflow tract
- Superior vena cava
- Tricuspid Valve


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