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Seller: iAnesthesia LLC

- Compatible with iOS 4.0
- Fixed Decimal Point to display on iOS 4.0

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The Best Drug Infusion Calculator for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad

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From the developers of "Instant ECG" the electrocardiogram interpretation guide and "Case Logs" an anesthesia logbook, "Drug Infusion" is an intravenous medication drip rate calculator.

Drug Infusion was designed specifically for the ICU nurse or anesthesia provider as a quick reference to ensure accurate calculations for dose, concentration or IV rate.

Drug Infusion offers both weight based and non-weight based calculations with unit conversion flexibility.

Designed by anesthesiologists, this IV Med Drip Rate Calculator is quick and easy to use in point-of-care environments.

Users who appreciate apps such as Epocrates, Skyscape, Taber's Medical Dictionary, Diagnosaurus DDx, Speed Bones MD, Netter's Anatomy, Instant ECG, Infuse, and Medical Calculator will love Drug Infusion!

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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by PmedRN-OK

    Has been used many times each week. Co-workers have downloaded.

  • Sweet!

    by DCole57

    By far the best infusion app I've ever used.

  • You are wrong EMS medic

    by KenzieSRNA

    That is the correct calculation. This should only be a quick verification reference. People die when you depend on technology to do the work for you. If you work for EMS, you shouldnt have time for this. If so, somethings definitely wrong with this picture.

  • Quick to confirm rates!!

    by TC dancer

    A young co-worker recommended this app for me...working nights, fatigued & over-worked...I don't always have the time to find the info needed quickly at hand....Now I do! Easy to read at night in dim lighting...I highly recommend this app for the busy critical care nurse.

  • RN, EMT-P

    by Amedicrn

    Great app for drip calcs. I use it often to double check other staff and to do my own meds. It rocks for ED, ICU or on the transport team.

  • My Go To App

    by LittleJune

    Out of all the calculators for the iPhone, this is the best app for checking medication related math. Clean interface makes it extremely easy to use.

  • Solid App

    by KCOM2006

    Quick and to the point, Drug Infusion is the fastest way to accurately double check math before giving a medication to a patient.


    by btrask3

    I just downloaded this gem, and just in time! A friend of mine volunteers with Medical Teams International, and to make a long story short. His small team to Haiti ran into a HUGE demand for services, in particular some OR procedures where drip-rates for many different body sizes and types were needed. It was stressful! I can't wait to show him my new GEM... not only a time saver but a life saver! I can't count how many times I have caught errors from my hand calculations... the accuracy and speed is it's best feature. Good looking, data entry is intuitive, and very easy to use. Thanks iAnesthesia! You guy's are producing some great products!

  • Drug Infusion

    by marknewman6420

    Drug Infusion is straightforward and easy to use. It will be my go to app for all my in OR and ICU drug infusion calculations!

  • Great user interface

    by docDTD

    Simple and to the point. It has the flexibility I need to calculate non-standard drips.

  • Great list and dosages are correct but NEEDS A GTTS

    by Bat56man

    would be a great tool if it gave you a GTTS for both 60gtts and 10gtts its great to know how much were giving but how many drops is the most important part!

  • Just needs a few fixes!

    by ILVTX

    Found this app to be pretty useful as I work in various areas and do not get to deal as much with drips on a daily basis, so this helps when I work in ICU. Just a few things, though, the calcs for Dopamine really needs to be addressed. Also, on norepinephrine, Levophed is misspelled. I would also love to see the dose ranges (bolus & drips) for each med for adults. Not too much to ask for in a $2 app, is it? Fix those, and I'll give 5 stars!

  • Drug Infusion Calculator

    by Pediatric MD

    When I want double check my mental math before starting an infusion, Drug Infusions is my reference. Recommended!

  • Small things

    by ParamedicStudent09

    Needs to have the ability to find the drip rate! Other then that it's a great program.

  • Needs gtt choice

    by Fb medic

    This lacks the ability to adjust gtt. Dopamine is normally a 60gtt admin. The program only calculates at 10gtt. This forces the user to go and multiply x 60. By necessitating this extra step, you've slowed the process. Since I have to to calculator app I may have just as well have plugged all the numbers in without this program. Fix this and you'll have made a great improvement.

  • Nice

    by Mldh

    This app is awesome.

  • 1st class application

    by car nice

    Another beauty from the developer. You cant go wrong with such a smooth and sophisticated infusion calculator. Take the hard work out of professional practice and use this exciting tool. Great for nursing and medical students too. Very, very happy with my purchase and can't recommend it enough. Dr. Bill

  • Never updted

    by soul TJ

    Still no working for iPhone 5, no retin display resolution, no new drugs added...

  • CRNA

    by gaspasr92

    Be-aware, this app is not compatable with an iPod touch. It requires an iPhone 3.0.

  • Inaccurate. Don't buy it

    by Airgirl24

    Will give you the wrong answers

  • Do not buy

    by emsmedic1

    Wrong calculation results. Beware, it can kill your patient!! For those that don't believe me: try to input a dopamine drip calculation--> concentration = 400mg in 250ml, 150lb patient at 5mcg/kg/min. The results comes out 0.213 ml/min. You better off with Medcal (it's Free) atleast, it gives you the correct calculation.

  • RN

    by TAARN

    HORRIBLE! Not user friendly and inaccurate

  • Not a worthwhile app.

    by MrTwister101

    Useless. Don't waste the dollar.

  • Save Your $$$

    by L382_FE

    app is missing numerous drugs

  • Not so useful

    by Moosemyboy

    No I would not recommend this app. The concentrations can not be adjusted. Standard doses only. Not even worth the dollar.

  • unsafe

    by ER RN into saving you

    I wish that I could rate this a zero. Not user friendly in an emergency. FIX THE INCORRECT DOSAGES NOW

  • It is a miss

    by 5bikes

    This application has potential, but I currently would not recommend it. You do not have the ability to modify concentration of drugs. You cannot add drugs. There is an information button where you can find additional information about the drug, but NOT THE DOSAGE RANGE!! So much potential, but such a weak product.

  • Drug infusion

    by Fly Girl PRS

    Difficult to use! Lots of Drugs all used in the ICU/ED- But place the Mg of the Drug used in the ml of fluid mixed. I am very displeased with format.. Drug list is great! Also- Include what drugs should be mixed in D5W or NS

  • Dosages?

    by Neuro RN

    What about dosage ranges? Initiation and maintanence? What's the point if you still have to go to another source to look up dosage?

  • IV calculations

    by ranbroRN

    I am afraid that EMS is right--the dopamine calculations are NOT correct.. Please be careful !! The designer (s) should fix this immediately.

  • Not Impressed

    by CoreNet

    I have downloaded every infusion calculator available in the AppStore and this one disappoints. Meds cannot be added manually and I have found a couple incorrect dosages. While I do not agree with the previous post about killing patients as I believe every clinician should be verifying any automated calculation (or at least have an idea what the normal range should be), it is nonetheless concerning. For me, I will be sticking with "Infuse" as it allows me to add/edit/delete drugs, add routes of administration, categories and more. Well worth the small price increase for the added flexibility.

  • Lacks Custom Drips

    by Phill_albuq

    Good Program, but it lacks the most important thing: you cant create your own solutions. So you always have to know the concentration of every solution you want to use. Another thing is the description of each drug = you should be able to add some information like dosage range.

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