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Need an easy way to store and organize your Medical Credentials?

- State License
- Hospital Privileges
- Professional Organizations
- CME: Continuing Medical Education
- Immunization History
- Hospital Codes/Combinations
- plus other Miscellaneous information

Credentials offers an in-app-purchase of PDF Reports. Generate CME, Immunization and Medical Credential Reports from within the app. Use the Reports as a back-up or email them to your employer.

Customer Reviews

  • Love the concept, but more work needed

    by DocteurN

    As a traveling physician, this app seems like an ideal solution to keeping track of all those licenses and certifications. However, on the license section, there is no place for an expiration! The app assumes one year from the day you enter it into the program which is not helpful in the slightest. Some of the other sections such as DEA and Miscellaneous will allow you to put expiration, but I don't want to enter my licenses there. This should be elementary. Fix this, and I am more than willing to give more stars!

  • Great idea! Love it

    by cwinckler71

    I love a place to keep everything. I am a travel nurse so I need to have all my stuff together and handy. I am giving it three stars because there is no way to delete a credential and you cannot set your own expiration dates. Some of the classes and certs I have do not expire or expire in four or six years. Also update the immunization. Settings for hep b series reminders as well as tetanus or others.

  • missing something......

    by NICURN808

    This app is due for an update. Like everyone has been saying, you can't put in the expiration date for your licenses. I noticed that the app automatically notes the expiration as a year after the day I uploaded my licenses. Other then that I like that I can have a reminder for all my certifications.

  • Good but needs something

    by rcems543

    Credentials is a good app for organizing your information. I have many state licenses, ACLS, PALS, etc...I like the ability to take a pic of my cards. The only downfall that i see is the lack of choosing an expiration date. Most licenses were only 2 years. But many states have gone to more years as in 3 and four. So when i put the obtained date, it may place a 2 year expiration. Their is a expiration alert to choose to notify you of your up coming expiration date. But if the date it set incorrectly, then you will be notified a year or two early depending on the expiration date. I think an update with ability to choose the expiration date, or at least the years from the obtained date so this feature would be used correctly. So far that is the only down fall that i have realized. I will update if i find anything else.

  • Almost there... needs some cleanup

    by f.bomb

    Appearance is very polished. The app fills a huge void, especially for medical professionals that are travelers, per diem, etc, who need to submit such information to their overlords often. Small bug: my copy crashed twice when I attempted to delete your example records. To the authors: please add an expiration field to the "License" category. Right now, I can only fill in the "Obtained" field, but after the record is created, the expiration is auto-populated and defaults to today's date. Seems like a bug. Hoping for a quick fix. My state license is one of the most important and most frequently expiring merit badges, so this is huge. Similarly, for "Misc." records, please give the option to turn the "Expiration" field on/off. Better yet, make all the fields customizable so people can create records here that may not fit the schema of a standard license or certification exam. For example, I can see myself wanting to create records in this category for my residency and internship diplomas that don't have any expiration at all. It would be cleaner just to take away that field entirely instead of plugging in some imaginary date there. Finally, just for a small speed improvement, it would be nice to remove the auto-capitalizing function in the "website" field. Nobody capitalizes the first W in www. Keep up the good work and get v1.1 out there quickly! Thanks.

  • Peripheral Brain

    by Pediatric MD

    I especially like the immunizations section. Now I can keep up to date with TB, flu and everything else the hospital requires me to do.

  • Great App for getting Organized!!

    by NICUnurse

    Wow, great app for getting my nursing license renewals and CME requirements organized!!!

  • Nice app, very buggy.

    by stevenc317

    Overall I would say the app is very nicely made, but slightly buggy. While taking photos of photos of my AHA CPR card it took numerous attempts to get the both the front and back photos to be in the same orientation on the application. This is something you would think would be simple, hold the camera in the same place, take a pic, done. . . well not exactly. Even holding the iPhone in the same orientation, same location, etc. sometimes the app would invert the image so that it was portrait instead of landscape. After a few attempts it finally did work. Also I think it is a little annoying to see Apple iAds in an application that I have paid for. Then to add insult to injury there is an additional $1 charge to export your certifications as PDF. Seriously? This should be included in the purchase of the application. --update-- After paying for the $1 upgrade, now the app continuously crashes. I have restarted my iPhone, force quitted the app, still crashes on every load. I would not recommend this app until they release an update.

  • Needs Work

    by cjh0170

    The app looks nice but it crashes ALL THE TIME. Trying to update my ACLS cert I was kicked out 4 or 5 times. Fix that and we'll be good. Also, I'm having difficulty finding the delete button for the demo certs. It may be right in front of my face but I'm not seeing it. It'd be nice to have a delete button at the bottom of the edit page with a follow up of "are you sure you want to delete this cert" or something along those lines. Once they fix this I'll improve my rating. Until then it's not worth more than 1 star.

  • Physician

    by Drboz5750

    Cannot enter expiration dates, making the program very limited in usefulness. I emailed them but did not receive a response. I had to purchase another program.

  • Looks great but needs more work

    by MrsCastle

    Problem as nowhere to enter when credentials expire. Program assumes one year from entry date. That make most of the program unusable. Fixing that would make a five star app

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