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  • Updated: Apr, 26 2011
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1. By the frequency of heart beat, place your phone close to the chest, it will measure out your heart rate.
2. Each measurement, please place your phone close to the chest about 10 seconds.
3.Measurements are for reference only, if you have any questions, please consult the experts.

Customer Reviews

  • It's a fine little app.

    by jesfine

    I use it at least once a day.

  • good

    by Madell20

    enjoy this app

  • Awesome

    by LilyHam

    Use this everyday!

  • Happy in Maryland

    by Happy in Maryland

    This seems every bit as accurate with the finger as putting the app up to my chest.

  • Excellent quick measurement.

    by Janet's first iPad

    Worth it b

  • Great app

    by Rachel bogle

    Great App

  • I have a stent. I 'll use this.

    by Zippoper


  • I love it!

    by Mokitsu

    Great app worth the small fee! I have sent it to all my relatives and friends

  • Best ever

    by Anthony Latona

    What did I do B4 easy to use very good

  • Great app

    by GateMaster

    Very useful

  • Heart rate

    by Lumina2011

    Easy to use and Only $1!

  • Miss

    by Paigieolo

    Super cool.

  • Heart rate

    by Mumsie102

    Really works!

  • Great Product

    by Olm

    This really helps keep your training on track.

  • Heart Rate

    by Oflair

    Does what it says. I know what my heart rate should be and this app comes very close to what it usually is.

  • It really works! Thanks

    by FLDHB

    Check it out.

  • Heart rates

    by psutton17

    This app does what it says it will do. Works great.

  • space-Outstanding App.

    by Little Gator

    Smashing ;outstanding.

  • I like the app

    by Halfpint1968

    It helps

  • Check your heart rate!

    by Harleygirl422

    Love this free app! May prove very valuable sometime on the future when I need this info ASAP!

  • Get heart rate

    by Ldj38

    No! Not reliable support in Chinese.

  • Bad app

    by TLknecht

    This won't work on my ipad

  • Not real accurate

    by Rxmz

    Not real accurate

  • Not accurate

    by Larryelectric

    I suffer from Afib and thought this would be a handy device to have available. However, it never varied more that 71 beats even when my professional grade meter showed 99 beats per minute.

  • Also lead astray by Kim Komondor

    by GT7156

    This is worthless. Completely inaccurate. The app writer is laughing all the way to the bank. Don't waste your money.

  • Worthless

    by Kaypee2

    I am using this app on my I Pad. I compared the rate from this app to 3 different pulse measuring devices. The app was off by 9 to 12 every time. I then covered the I pad with a 3/4" piece of plywood and put it face down on the bar. It measured a heart rate of 68. I don't know if the bar or the plywood had a heart rate.

  • Probably not the 1 Komando recommends because if you...

    by ThunderbuttNLeadfoot

    Read her article carefully, it says "Press your finger to the camera lens and you"ll have your heart rate in just a moment" which indicates that this is not the app mentioned.

  • Led a stray by Kim Komando

    by ETEEDLE

    I purchased this app as a result of Kim Komando's recommendation of it in an article for USA Today on Jan 4, 2013... Poor judgement on my part and hers as well. This is a waste of money. It does not provide an actual heart rate but rather a random number. Don't waste your cash. Kim, "you need to be more careful to recommend apps that work".

  • Waste of money

    by chosenhunter7

    Not accurate. Just givens random numbers

  • Not even close

    by DCEWRSONec59

    I have a pacemaker which is set to maintain a heart rate of 80. I have never gotten a reading even close to 80. A always in the high 60's or low 70's. Can't rely on this device

  • Rip off

    by 10tweets

    It never gives me right number Test it against my blood pressure cuff read which has heart rate reading Wrong always

  • Heart rate

    by Carolema

    Does not work. Left iPad on table and got a 74 for a heart rate!

  • What a scam!

    by Pyrococcus

    This app is a complete scam- it simply returns a random number between 60-75...I thought apple apps underwent a review process! There should be a way to get your money back!

  • Huh?

    by Asdwer987654

    Well, so far this is a bit disappointing. it is now clear that this is a ripoff. the review will not be accepted, it seems, unless it is good, since no nickname I enter is accepted with slow rating. Shame on Apple.

  • Ripoff

    by John Collins

    Apper-man is right from what I experienced. It is just generating a number in the 60-79 range. How can it have all these high ratings? It is useless as far as I can tell - a ripoff. The people rating this 5 stars are not telling the truth. This is an outright scam.

  • This is fraudulent

    by apper-man

    Do not buy this app. This app returns a random number in the mid-60s to mid-70s as a bogus "heartrate" without measuring anything. Put it in the next room and run away and it will still records a heartbeat. I used it on an stationary bicycle while my heart rate was 131 or so and it still returned rates in the mid-60s to mid -70s.

  • Instant heart rate

    by Anzajo

    I don't know! It won't work until I write a review!

  • Heart rate

    by Liveq

    Luv this app.

  • Scam

    by efesar

    Sorry but this is a scam.

  • Heart rate

    by Drucilla63

    Hi, I believe it's a great app! Having this in case of an emergency will give me a heads up when needed! THANKS:) Doree FIVE STARS

  • Is it real?

    by Alacrancita

    I like it, but does it really work or is just a pretend app. Like many...??? ;-&

  • None

    by Trail ride diver

    Great app Good way. To monitor heart rate

  • Heart rate app

    by Who's at me

    Awesome tool!! Especially for patients who aren't always able to get to their physician.

  • Nice

    by Nloga1977


  • Just for fun


    Just for fun

  • Dr who

    by Spmiller2000

    Way to fun!!!!! One less thing to carry

  • Fake

    by TexasBob5

    This a fake. It says my rug has a pulse of 79!


    by IslandFrozenGator

    Not accurate at all. Placed the phone on the floor and it gave me a 76.

  • LinnyinHollis

    by CapeCodLin

    This is a great tool to monitor you're heart rate especially if you tend to be a bit bradycardic or tachycardic !!

  • Instant heart rate

    by Eanraig

    Not close to accurate

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