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  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: honggang li
  • Updated: May, 10 2011
  • Version: 7.0
  • Size: 2.77 MB

Languages: English

Seller: honggang li

Bugs in IOS 6 fixed;

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Fitness Tips is referenced from the trusted and highly regarded U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,, and the Food and Nutrition Information Center, some of the most prominent leaders in fitness, food and human nutrition information!

On this application, you can find a wealth of useful and practical fitness and nutritional tips to help guide you towards a healthy life style.

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Customer Reviews

  • Neat

    by Dee dream 13

    Useful and motivating

  • TLy

    by CuzImChillLikeThat

    Very helpful and useful and fun to read.

  • Hi

    by Ali sfvn


  • pretty good!

    by *{melz}*

    fun and helpful tips, but lacks pictures or cited evidence. also different categories would help. (teen category, child, adult, etc)

  • Healthy

    by Queen❤Bee

    Good info

  • Great Info Source

    by Markd359

    Very well done

  • Editor in chief of things

    by Isaac hale

    Very good app, good intentions, helpful and truthful tips geared towards multiple demographics of exercise-ers.

  • Man

    by Sly me one

    Very education thank you I recommend

  • Good

    by Cave:)

    Helped it was useful

  • Kmj

    by Kmjkjj

    Good, informative reading each morning.

  • Fitness+

    by DeWaltJack


  • Ok

    by Jg2411niner

    Chat option could be better but facts and such aren't bad

  • All good

    by Neraho

    Good app

  • Good app.

    by $nore loud no more


  • Good app

    by Insu53

    Good app

  • Nice

    by Wiriwonka

    Good app

  • Good

    by Hochberg08

    I am enjoying the seemingly limitless random facts this app gives. It is definitely a great way to increase your knowledge about your health and how to improve it drastically.

  • Not too shabby

    by Rez Rat

    Good quick info. Easier and quicker than making Internet searches. Interesting info when your waiting around passing a few minutes.

  • Amazing app!

    by Michael OBrien

    Learned so much and I just downloaded. On my way to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Pretty kEwl

    by Stella ^_^

    Gr8 tips tho :}

  • App

    by Belieber68664

    Its a good app

  • Idk

    by OM double G

    This is sooo stupid!!!! It doesn't help you in any way and it just makes you download a bunch if stuff

  • Time

    by Like a bau5!

    Waste of time

  • Ok

    by Airborne325

    The number of updates won't clear, but overall a pretty good app.

  • Sweet

    by primordial42

    Had a surprisingly endless topics o tips

  • Review

    by Alwayinforned

    Great app, good info

  • Like it

    by Kristrw

    Awesome App

  • Tono

    by Mack daddy in da heezy

    Common sense ish

  • N/a

    by All a lone

    Thanks for this app I am still learning just all of what it holds can't wait to read more

  • Nice informative

    by NessaV83

    So far i just got it n looked thru it learned some new things

  • Nice

    by Dollbb


  • Nice

    by EzeKieL78

    Good tips

  • The facts

    by Matty capp's

    It's a good app, but I get repeating facts in a short time frame :/

  • Nice

    by Obypatrick

    I like it

  • Workouts

    by Barb..76

    Great app!

  • Love it

    by Kristinwal

    Very good app

  • Fitness

    by K+H=LOVE

    I have my abes in 2 weeks

  • Awesome!!

    by TheMainMan13

    This is a great App!

  • Great

    by Ttyme1112778432


  • Cool

    by Dark-angel73

    Good app

  • Great app for trainers

    by bsigel

    I am a fitness instructor and I love this app for ideas

  • Fitness

    by MsWright67

    Great app!

  • Easy

    by Seba-el-gangster

    Easy to use

  • Great!

    by ElksMom

    Luv it!

  • Gym

    by Lolasimon

    Interesting app

  • Satisfied

    by Hules1278

    Good app

  • Review

    by Nanceleon3035

    Quotes are fun

  • Strange find

    by ZuriH.

    Sexually explicit games brought me

  • Cool

    by Texaspirate

    Cool app

  • I want 10 minutes of my life back!

    by UtahMisfit

    This is the first review I've written. I feel compelled to in this case, because this app is hands down the worst waste of my time I've ever encountered. Save yourself some time - SKIP THIS APP! Wish there was a no star rating

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