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  • Updated: May, 03 2011
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Ready to eat more healthy foods in the New Year? If so, look no further.

Healthy living starts with healthy eating. This great app contains info on healthy foods that you can incorporate into your daily meals, such as: Avocados, Blueberries, Flax Seeds, Garlic, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, Red Wine, etc...

These foods have high nutritional values, so it's important to know about them so that you can have a more healthy diet.

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Customer Reviews

  • Nutrition advice using whole foods

    by Natural Health Addict

    Excellent info ~ refer to often & share with family and friends!

  • Get fit

    by Sqjxj128$.

    Love this app very informative quick and easy to use! Great when trying to lose weight and basically eat healthy

  • Dahitu

    by Yusufari

    Thank you a lot.

  • Deb

    by Imissusam

    Very helpful. Shared with older friends with diet issues.

  • Awesome app!

    by SanDiego' user

    Very helpful. Thks

  • Very good, helpful

    by Livipics13

    5 stars

  • Great

    by Dozer1:)

    A great app. Very informative, simply awesome

  • Great information

    by Okolohi

    This is very good information and very helpful. Thank you!

  • Like

    by Velizi

    Nice app!!

  • Mr

    by Biggroverboy

    This app is good for me cause I can look up foods to help me be healthy this winter I always do good in the summer and crash in the winter I've made a goal for this winter thank you.

  • Excellent

    by Mitch1898

    Very interesting and informational

  • Great app

    by Dreamwithhope;)

    The app was very helpful

  • I love this app

    by Monkeybutt4848

    Love it

  • Super!!!

    by EdiLena


  • Eating Healthy

    by MoMack1123

    This app is wonderful!

  • Great app!

    by Ws767

    Just wanted to give this useful app a 5star.

  • Mr Alexander Rebello

    by Alexrebello1

    It amazing concept to protect n guide your self from day to day activity n balance if body in fit condition

  • Very educational

    by 'brielle

    Like it

  • Love it!

    by Dreamcatcher62

    I love this app it is very exciting, there is so much information about things you never "dream" of asking about!

  • Things to know

    by King Carl 24

    This awesome site gives you true insight about things you should know.

  • Its ok

    by Km 13

    Its ok but its sorta confusing on how to use it- i thought it would be different!!!

  • Healthy

    by Tjohnson34

    Needs more things to help me stay healthy

  • Great!!!

    by Shini242499

    Awesome. Has lots of good info.

  • RTS

    by Kakuru

    This is a very nice app!!

  • Mr

    by Jahmanras

    Lovely app, nice and easy to use.

  • Great App

    by FebrezeFresh

    This is a Great App

  • Review

    by Jose Martinez Melena

    Very informative application. Easy to understand and simple to follow.

  • Limiting

    by OmaMarijke

    Am I missing something? I like being able to find out which foods do what for me but do I have to scroll thru all the letters of the alphabet to get to zucchini?

  • Very informative

    by Corey Branch

    Great facts.

  • App

    by Sammyvbv

    I LOVE This App..It is very helpful !! Highly recommend

  • Good and helpful

    by Lucky Bobcat

    Very informative and useful!

  • very nice and exelent

    by senoor

    so funny

  • Official

    by Blazeelvin

    This app tell what the food good for.

  • Love it

    by Bebatb

    Good information .. So useful .. Love it

  • Eh

    by Jordan Boyett

    Very informational and useful. However it's other applications are confusing and not needed.

  • Becky

    by BeckyE10

    It seems to be a good idea, so far. I just got the app and looked at a few pages. Every one likes to know what they can do about their diet and/or beauty tips. There is some good ones.

  • Great

    by Butterfly 18

    O Love tus app

  • This app will be informative, I like it as it will let me know what vitamins in the food and what th

    by Drucilla63

    The health benefits are in them , good app I'd rate it a 3. I just started this App today and was in the middle of using it for the first time so now is not a good time to rate it, I'll rate it after I've used it a while.

  • It's wonderful thinks to learn all about good staff I love it and thanks for the good work ..

    by Jagkl

    And thanks to GOD ( ALLHA) for all the blessing he gave to us as a human family .. Praise the LORD ALLHA All THE TIME .

  • Thank you.


    I rely give you 5 stars because you help me to understand to eat the right kind of food so that I can take better of my health. You explain every about the vitamins & what it does you body. Thank you so much. !!!!!!

  • Staying Healthy

    by Pillow to Post

    Very good information provided.

  • Great app

    by Thoolobabu 42

    Liked it very much

  • Dr. K.

    by Kidscorp

    Simple and Quick to the heart of the matter.

  • Cool

    by Tommy777aq

    Good concept, great job guys.

  • Great App

    by Tita Jean

    Very helpful...thanks for this genius app

  • Nice

    by JAcosta113

    Good facts and nice reminders!

  • Consumer

    by Healthy eating starts here

    Great app very helpful and informational

  • Nice

    by Robin Ortiz


  • Great

    by Kendrakiel

    This is a great app. I've some healthy food choices thanks to this app and I feel Great!!!!!!!

  • Good info

    by Air open

    Very good for forming healthy diet

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