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  • Updated: May, 03 2011
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Bugs in IOS 6 fixed;

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Beauty Tips contains the top 100 interesting and useful beauty tips -- concisely written for quick and easy review.

These beauty tips are carefully referenced from the top beauty experts around -- from makeup artists to nutritionists, from medical doctors to registered dieticians. Learn from their wisdom. And enjoy!

Beauty Tips will cover the following beauty topics:

- Skin Care Tips
- Hair Care Tips
- Nail Care Tips
- Lip Tips
- Eye Care Tips
- Eye Makeup Tips
- Eyebrows Tips
- Beauty Foods Tips

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app

    by Puppies1526

    First boyfriend on this app jk love this pp

  • by Hopeful D

    This app is ver informative. I would recommend it.

  • Beauty Tips!

    by SherryGoad

    This is a GREAT app! It helps me so much!

  • *.*

    by Andy23.3

    Awesome app

  • Love it

    by Dotz18

    This app gives a lot of tips that I never knew about. Thank for who evade this.

  • Awesome

    by louhasaverynicebum

    It's awesome!!!

  • It's ok

    by Ana S. S.

    This app is nice if you don't want to read much. There isn't enough description or explanation for me. Also ' African American' cannot be molded into one group of skin tones. Overall it nice, but could be (much) better.

  • Great App

    by Smile LOL girl ;D

    A lot of tips, I have learned so much from this :)

  • Awesome

    by Hannah229

    Great tips they help!:)

  • by Ariash9303

    I love this app because i'm a young teenager and these beauty tips help for the future and show my beauty inside & out. I love it

  • Love it!

    by Jen Proctor

    I love these tips but maybe you should add some more tips about growing your hair and maybe add what products are best to use to benefit your tips.

  • Love it!

    by Jen Proctor

    I love these tips but maybe you should add some more tips about growing your hair and maybe add what products are best to use to benefit your tips.

  • Love it!

    by Jen Proctor

    I love these tips but maybe you should add some more tips about growing your hair and maybe add what products are best to use to benefit your tips.

  • Good App

    by Olubolo

    I'm writing this review and rating this app only because it was the only app that asked for review and a rating in a very nice way

  • JJSR

    by Jennifer Bracamontes

    This app has some amazing tips i just loved them :33

  • Great App

    by Cynthia Nadine

    Love this App!!

  • Good app

    by SanDiego' user

    Very helpful. Thks

  • Awesome!

    by Ilovefamily&friends

    Awesome tips

  • This app is pretty helpful

    by Jaythn

    I like this app but it's just wrong about the eyeshadow coloring when you have blue eyes because can't you use pink.I'm only 3 feet tall and I'm 9 so I want people to look at me and not my shortness and kinda like me more because I'm 9 and I haven't even gotten 1 boyfriend!!!So I want to be the cute girl in school :) ): I'm too short :(!!! Please donait me $10.00.

  • Love

    by I_love_people_lol

    I wish there were more tips but still awesome!!

  • Chat room

    by Malala4123

    I some how got connected to a way way way different chat room

  • Do not use chat!!!


    Girls!! Younger than 16!! Please do not use the chat! The chat can be used by men that download an other app and somehow be brought up to the beauty tips chat! Please don't use the chat ! I love the tips but please check out what's going on with the chat!!

  • Not happy with this. (Sorry this review will be long)

    by Bramble2000

    I went through some of these tips and some are not true. For Ex.: the one saying that "people with small eyes shouldn't wear more then two shades of eyeshadow at once" but it really just depends on how you apply it. I asked my friend who is a total makeup guru about these and she said some are not true. Okay so off of that and onto another thing I found bad content in the section that says "more" because I thought it would take me to more info or maybe tutorials but that was not the case and I found some pretty inappropriate things in that section and I do not advise people under 16 to look in the "more" section. (Sorry this was really long)

  • Cool

    by Chiki97


  • Great advice!

    by ACEooACE

    Thank you for these tips.

  • Beauty Tips App

    by Fabulous Francesca

    This app sounds pretty helpful to me. The only thing I would have to say about this app is that about the eye shadow color for your eyes is incorrect. From magazines I have read it says if you have blue eyes you should use different shades of brown for eye shadow not blue and all of those other colors. Otherwise, 4 STARS

  • Great ideas

    by Dianaqn12

    Thanks for the advices and great facts for our health!

  • !!!!!

    by Winterlove153

    I love this app. On all the other ones you need the latest IOS and this one does not. I just love this app!!!!

  • Great app!

    by AlpinePrincess

    Love these tips!

  • Great little beauty pocket buddy!

    by Mommy3777

    Super easy to figure out and use. Perfect for someone constantly on the go to use those 2-5 minute breaks to scroll and pick up on new things they didn't know about and start applying them to his/her life.

  • Me

    by Kitty_76

    Thank you for valuable and easy to understand and apply beauty tips!

  • WoW

    by Syless Rainbow

    Lots of interesting facts I didn't know

  • Good

    by Abbi Abnormal

    Great tips!

  • Medical secretary

    by Wise sister

    Great ideas and tips. More than I expected.

  • Great

    by Furlytip

    It would be even better if it had more facts.

  • Love it!

    by Funga239

    Love this app so much! Gave me so many great tips that I have used and they are really working!

  • Great!

    by *Caseybear25*

    I like this app a lot! Useful information that is really helpful :) This app stays on my phone most definitely

  • Hi

    by Phreak78

    I HATE THIS APP!!!!!!

  • Great to share!

    by Moresales

    Fond of being able to text or email tip. What about sharing to Facebook? Did I miss something??

  • Beauty Tips

    by WandaGrandmaof9

    I would love to give this app a 5 star rating but I haven't figured out how to use it yet. I can't seem to find the home and how to get to where you want to go. I will rewrite this review after I figure it out! Love to all and God Bless, Granma Wanda, Cookie & Abby.

  • App

    by Mikayla is awsome

    This app is great

  • Great

    by BikiPodgorica

    Great app!

  • Beauty tips!

    by Awesomesk8r12

    You guys repeat a lot of the same things. And you guys should like, find more stuff like formulas for hair growth and homemade formulas for masks and stuff

  • Love it

    by Lexiann123

    I love the app!!!

  • Great..

    by sammiwammy

    Really awesome app!

  • Beauty tips review

    by .b.t.r.

    It is very helpful

  • Beaty tips help by ciara

    by Stasie

    I love this game because it can help me with my black eye and my eye puffiness because yesterday when I got my black eye a huge metal tin on a top shelf fell and landed on my eye and that's how I got my black eye and the Beaty tips help alot

  • Cool App

    by Gbast88

    Pretty cool tips

  • Daisy club;;;;

    by Delia oct 15 2011

    It's an amazing apps it enhances our knowledge about beauty and health tips for woman that needs improve their beauty ha....ha

  • Good

    by Negar2373


  • Love this app!!!!

    by Peace tea lover123

    Omg so many of these things worked I literally almost tried them all.

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