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1.2 billion pounds of potato chips are consumed each year in the United States.
A baked potato (with skin) is a good source of dietary fiber (4 grams).
A Big Mac contains 560 calories.
A horn worm can eat an entire tomato plant by itself in one day.
A portion of the water you drink has already been drunk by someone else, maybe several times over.
A typical American eats 28 pigs in his/her lifetime.
A well-done steak, especially if it has "charred" portions, contains much higher levels of carcinogens than a medium-done or rare steak.
About 240 million laying hens produce about 5.5 billion dozen eggs per year in the United States.
About 25% of all iceberg lettuce is made into fresh cut salads.
About 70 million people suffer from food poisoning every year, with about 7 million of these cases being fatal.
About 8% of children and 2% of adults have some kind of food allergy.
Actually a fruit, it took a ruling by the Supreme Court in 1893 to make the tomato a vegetable.
Americans eat 20.7 pounds of candy per person annually. The Dutch eat three times as much.
Americans eat about 30 pounds of lettuce every year. That's about five times more than what we ate in the early 1900s.
Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day, or 350 slices per second.
Americans spend approximately $25 billion each year on beer.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Admiral pam

    This app reminds me of a little calendar with food facts I used when lecturing to high school students! Have looked for years for another one, this is the closest I have come love it!

  • Awesome

    by 17g17

    Very informative and for a person who cooks for a living you learn new things everyday. Thank you.

  • Very interesting

    by rainbow rope

    Very fun and interesting facts to read especially when you are bored.

  • Very good app

    by Rjeanne

    I am learning so much from this app

  • Food facts

    by Foodnut123

    I really like this app, it has fun, quirky facts that I can save and add to my favorites!

  • Sierra

    by Sierra 111

    Fun app, good info

  • Love it

    by 1santa

    I love this. It's fun to go over it with my kids.

  • Enjoyable

    by Rockyamythist

    Friends enjoyed me reading to them

  • Fun app

    by Sudhir shet

    Nice app, good fun facts

  • Fun food facts

    by bebeebug

    This is fun to read, plus very informative I enjoyed it.

  • Cool!

    by Super Anonima

    I love it!

  • Gus app

    by Ashish Yadlapalli

    It has many gr8 apps...... Very interesting facts to read....

  • Good

    by MandiSFitness

    Great info! Thanks!

  • Fur

    by Guywhorapeskids


  • FACS

    by Persenaluty

    It gives me interesting fact that I don't know.

  • Very interesting!

    by Moré sounds

    Enjoyed reading the facts.

  • Way cool

    by Dlight69

    Love it! Very fun to play with family!

  • Fun

    by Suejab

    The app is fun and has lots of interesting facts about food and geography.

  • Fun Facts

    by bajajuliek

    Great App full of lots of information.

  • Bear

    by Bear 57

    Great app I didn't know there was so much information on food keep up the good work

  • Love the food facts

    by Lhoising

    I have enjoyed reading the facts for several months. I have shared some of my new found knowledge with friends. THIS app is enjoyable!

  • Great App!

    by MusBJac

    Full of great info

  • Good app

    by Lyndell51

    I work in a school kitchen so I use this app to write a new fact for the kids on my white board love it

  • Cool

    by Ms. Penny

    Have problems - cant post to fb from my iPhone, but love the food facts!

  • Pat

    by Liljg10

    Lov this app!!

  • Ok, but...

    by Reno Star

    The facts are great. I love reading them. - I don't like that it starts from the very beginning again once you close the app. Start from where it left off! - Chat room? Really?! What does a chat room have to do with food facts? It (and the creepy people in them) needs to go.

  • very innaproperate

    by loveeee<333333

    the chat room is just where you talk to random strangers about sex its disgusting! ruined the whole app alll i can say is digusting like eww i do not want my child looking at this take this app away or i will sue!

  • Pyramid

    by HayleeW

    Nice food facts

  • Awesome!

    by superduperawesomekidlet

    It's a cool app! It's got lots of cool facts and great things to know! Awesome!

  • Great

    by Boomer VI

    I love the food facts. I've learned a lot about different foods. There's some amazing things and some funny stuff. It's all entertaining. Thanks

  • My review

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    Very interesting facts

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    Great info, limited amount of facts.

  • Really?

    by Coolqwer

    Okay i love the food facts. Theres nothing wrong with them. Its the chat room. All i can say is did you really even think this through? If you go on to the chat in this app then you will be talking with anyone that is using one of the developers apps. If you look to the left youll see that the developer has a sex secrets or what ever app. Youll be chatting with the creeps that use that app.

  • Marta

    by Marta Cardoze

    Very Good!

  • Love this app

    by I'm a foodie

    Spent 30 seconds on the site/app and had to share it with a friend,it's great!

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