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**Drug Pronunciations: Over 2500+ drug pronunciations at your fingertips!!**


“Medical Drug Pronunciations” is a simple application that will play back audio of the correct pronunciations of over 2500 drugs used in medicine today (which includes the top 200 drugs)

First impressions are everything, and nothing screams out inexperience and incompetence like butchering the pronunciation of drugs! Be confident when pronouncing drugs by knowing how to pronounce them properly beforehand.

Physicians, pharmacists, medical students, nursing students, physician assistants, medical techs, pre-med students, foreign health professionals… Virtually anyone in, or interested in the health professional field will benefit from our application!



-Accurate audio pronunciations of 2500+ drugs including both generic and trade names (verified by physicians and pharmacists).
-Simple, easy to use, intuitive interface.
-Internet access is NOT necessary to listen to the pronunciations!
-Continuous FREE updates for new drugs and user suggested drugs.
-Integrated web browser with direct links to wikipedia and google for additional drug information



1. Browse the selection or enter the drug of interest in the search field to narrow your list.
2. Select your drug and press PLAY. It’s that simple!
3. To listen again press “Back” and select your drug again.
4. For additional drug information, select the “Google” or “Wikipedia” buttons to open an integrated browser.
5. If your drug is not listed, submit the word through the provided submission page and we promise to include it in future updates!



We always strive to deliver the highest quality products and although we are very confident in the accuracy of our pronunciations, everyone makes mistakes! If you find a drug pronunciation that you disagree with, please let us know via email (contactus@medicalpronunciations.com) and we’ll be happy to look into it. Thank you!



Check out our website for medical pronunciation access from your home computer!


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Customer Reviews

  • Very Useful

    by Rob Kaye

    Nothing was more embarassing to me than to be corrected on a drug pronouciation by a peer in front of an attending that I respected...if I had this back then I wouldn't have been so embarrassed. Luckily, now I do. Despite not having poor language comprehension...something about those darn drug names always gives me pause.

  • Excellent & Informative Application !

    by Bob Warren

    Extremely useful application. Hyperlinks contain everything that you need to know about medications. Includes not only pronunciation of complicated names to warnings, testing results, interactions, comparrisons of similar drugs, etc. Mountains of information is at your fingertips with this application. Money well spent!

  • Very Useful, Quality App

    by Patty2Cakes

    Does exactly what it says. Looking forward to more helpful med apps from these guys.

  • works well!

    by ripdogger

    would be unbelievable if combo with epocrates.

  • Absolutely love it...

    by SmackDabb

    I have most of Hipposoft apps and my only complaint about this app is that it needs to be updated more. I obviously wouldn't be complaining if this was a book because good pharm books update about once a year and this app is right on par. However, this is not a book and the amount of work invoked to update this app compared to a print is like comparing the speed of light to the speed achieved walking backwards. What!? I know!...just wanted to make a point. I still love it though

  • Great app!

    by Leonid112

    Great app!! It has so many useful pronunciations. I'm not a pharmacist, but the pronunciations seem accurate. The other reviews say there are ads, but I don't see any, so they must have been removed in an update. I also see they added a feature to store favorites for easy reference as well as a list of recently searched drugs. I also really like the feature that lets you suggest drugs that ate not there. Overall, great app!

  • Totally worth my money 

    by TinY8

    Everything I need and more! I already tried the lite version, so I knew exactly what I was getting. Great job! 

  • Almost perfect!

    by Firegoldpooshka

    Please, consider the following improvements to get five stars: - alphabet column on the left side of the list (à la iPhone contacts) - audio can not be replayed; fix that, please - automatic audio playback right upon touching a drug name (what do you think?) - auto correction does not seem to work (?) Missing drugs: - Finacea - Armour Thyroid (both have been submitted via app) Misspelt drugs: - Metoprolol (Metroprolol in app) - Hyoscyamine Sulfate (Hysocyamine Sulfate in app) PS: thank you for sharing codes!

  • Great

    by iRufumleitung App

    As a foreign medical student this program helps my teachers understand me. Very nice

  • Well done!

    by lymfnod

    Great app. Very well done and very useful. Clear and accurate pronunciations. Links to google and wikipedia are very informative.

  • Great app!

    by Ed263

    I've been hoping I would find an app like this! Thanks! Works wonderfully! Would like a "favorites" so that I can put those antibiotics we use in Microbiology and would also like to be able to press the "play" button to hear the word again without having to go back. Thanks again for a great app!


    by ADUB1984

    Wondeful app, helps a lot!

  • Needs a little work

    by Lucky#Slevin

    I like the app, helps knowing how to sound out the drug but after the recording is finished you should be able to play it again without having to leave the screen, that gets annoying if you want to hear is spoken for a 2nd time. Other than that it's great.

  • Clear and simple

    by doc someday

    Just came across this and I was impressed with the clarity of the interface and how straight-forward it is. Type in the drug, and hear how it's pronounced... simple as that. Delatestryl is on my drug list for this rotation... lol definitely didn't know that one so glad I didn't say it in front of a patient (or worse, my attending), though probably just would have improvised and said, "recommending this IM testasterone replacement" and let whoever draws it up say it.

  • awesome app!

    by minawusc

    quick and easy to use, good for on the spot reference

  • very useful

    by Tomson L.K

    I'm a foreign exchange student and I love all of their pronouncing apps 

  • on sale!

    by Jade Jacket+

    so glad this app is finally on sale...most useful of their apps for me 

  • Great App

    by Hakerz

    There are so many medications that are hard to pronounce and this app does it for you. Personally, I don't mind the ads as long as I can hear the correct way to pronounce these Meds.

  • RN

    by Murse42

    I like the app it does what is says, but feel that pro should be without ads.

  • Get rid of the ads

    by Ladylynnbo

    I use this app all the time at work and it's the only app I need. I would give it 5 star rating if I didn't have to deal with the ads. I paid for this app so I shouldn't have to see the ads. Please get rid of the ads.

  • HORRIBLE!!!!

    by Legendarynurse

    After it installed and I tried to use it, it had no sound at all. Such a waste!!!

  • No sound???

    by Alan Hawk

    Worked great for a short time. Now there's no sound???

  • No sound

    by Kimahely

    What happened it use to work ! Please fix.

  • Total waste

    by Ebola4467

    Worked the first time I opened it and has never had any sound since. Waste of my time, effort and money. Don't waste any of yours. Certainly doesn't deserve the one star I'm forced to give it to submit this review.

  • Okay app

    by Scootietang

    Has helped with some tongue twisters and is relatively cheap. It is missing quite a few drugs though.

  • Not worth it

    by Jgfcvj

    The app doesn't even play the sound. It must be broken temporarily. It needs an update.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Hunnbun

    Since I pay for this apps, I shouldn't have to deal with ads. It's annoying that everything I open the apps you have to X out of an ads. I wouldn't waste 3 dollars if I knew this ahead.

  • Advertisements when pull up app.

    by davidcard

    Advertisements when pull up app.

  • Do not buy this app

    by Hamtorypark

    It has ads in it I paid three dollars to see ads Every time i run this app, i see ads pop up ( recommended apps from hipposoft) I dont want to see the ads

  • Very Helpful

    by qcomments

    Awesome update! Great new features. Best one is favorites

  • 5 star app

    by Yahkouh

    Does exactly what it claims and does it well. New functionality of Favorites section and Recently played work great. Tons of accurate pronunciations. 5 stars

  • Good App....thus far

    by L'Bug

    I am a nurse and use this quite a bit at work, and so far, I have not had any problems. Although, I understand having an app that works for some and for whatever reason doesn't work for others.

  • Need a to add one more function

    by lyvu4md

    Need to allow user to track the drugs that were entered previously. It allow learning & saving of time.

  • Not reliable

    by Simple User 2010

    Many drugs aren't not included. I sent them many drug names to add them in the update, but they just don't do updates! It seems they don't care what customers have to say after they have already paid the 2.99!!! come on an update to add new drugs names shouldn't take them more than a day! Just record and update , no new software needed nothing !!

  • Audio Doesn't Work

    by Dubliner1

    As others have stated, this app doesn't work. While one review said only a few audio files didn't work, absolutely NONE of mine work. Do not buy this app until they fix it.

  • good but needs work

    by MikeMedRes

    For some reason the audio won't play back for some drugs.... needs to be fixed so it's more reliable for the 2.99 it costs .....

  • Recently played bank

    by 2nd year PharmD

    Addind a recently played bank would be very beneficial to us. It will elimate time to search for the drugs again! Please work on this option.

  • It's not able to replay

    by Sierra Wu

    It's abundant but is not able to replay. Please update the replay function!

  • 2nd yr Med student

    by Pdiejdjcirjdjdjsj

    Awesome. worth the 3 dollars. The links to wiki are very convenient. Seems to be faster than using wikipanion app. I agree with post below about not being able to re hit the play button. Would like to see some study/self quiz mode where you can save custom lists of drugs and a button to push that goes down reading each drug one by one.

  • Mostly solid

    by dudeofapp

    Good app, does what the title say. Long list of drugs. Problems: - no option to re-hear the pronunciations so you have to go back to the search screen and re-click on the drug. - after one day, it started to lag when you type the drug name

  • Bad link for wiki and google

    by GB from Hershey

    The one thing very wrong with this is that all the links I have tried for the wiki and google were bad. It always lead to bad gateway 502. I don't know what that means but I know that is not what I want to see. Anyways please fix this!!!

  • Well worth the $2.99

    by PharmD Student


  • not free

    by arrrrrrrrrrrr012

    I bought this free now they charged me 2.99. I'm still fighting to get my money back.

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