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Seller: Gabriel Vicente

Added more poses to the Pro collection.

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3D Yoga Anatomy is a tool for students and teachers that ventures beyond the basic shapes of the poses, illustrating the effective forces that bring these poses to life.


• 40 essential poses with variations (limited access in the free version)

• 360º view of all poses!

• Instructions for entering and deepening the poses

• Illustrates muscle actions

NOTE: free version has limited content. You may access all the content by purchasing the full version.

Some of the concepts discussed include: “Foundation”, “How long to stay in Asanas?”, “Flexibility vs. Range of Motion”, “Synergy”, as well as “Safety” and much more. A dedicated section of the app deals with deep muscles such as the Iliopsoas and the Rhomboids.

learn more at: yogaanatomyapp.com

Customer Reviews

  • Yogo

    by Tomuchfor

    Exercise to work out and keep on working out

  • Excellent application

    by Rafael Perez

    Excellent application for the yoga novice and enthusiastic by showing the right poses and muscles being worked on the body.

  • Great app

    by Coastal yogi

    Excellent 3-d overview of poses included, helpful pose assists, indications of muscles used and their names.

  • Great app

    by Sheldon9

    Really beautiful and full of great info.

  • Gimmick--beware

    by Yoga-Teach

    This app is only a gimmick to direct u to the Pro app. For 3.99 Ex: they have 5 standing poses but u can only get info on ONE. Others are only accessible by buying other app

  • Stolen

    by Xrage07

    THE UPDATE REMOVES ALL POSES EXCEPT FOR 3. I enjoyed this app for months, it had ALL of the poses & a beautiful, simplistic design. The update promised even more and that it was "built from the ground up." Little did I know that the makers would TAKE AWAY NEARLY EVERYTHING AND THEN CHARGE YOU 2 BUCKS TO GET IT BACK! My original 5 stars is now just 1. Shame on creator Gabriel Vicente for this deceptive tactic.

  • It's a tease!

    by Feathertree13

    They give you three posed just to tease you and get you to spend $1.99 to get the up grade. I'm going to delete because I don't like to be manipulated like that.

  • Waste of time

    by Yogini-me

    Disappointed! Only 3 poses to look at and the rest you have to upgrade for $1.99 Graphics are cool but that is about it!

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