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How good are your visual skills? Do you know your eye can learn? Here are eye exercises for better visual health.

With the correct eye care program that includes eye exercises, and proper diet and supplementation, you can significantly effect and even improve your vision.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App

    by SmileItsR5

    This app is awesome and useful. But if you happen to click the back button, then it goes to a lined white page and you can't do anything. So if that happens, just delete the app and then reinstall it again. You won't waste your money too.

  • dr of optometr

    by lmarran

    curious what this app did since I am an eye doc doesn't work so i will never know but it looks really bogus tried to go thru support but only get advertisement for more apps for this company

  • Like a buggy e book

    by Kain Yun

    App is buggy and is just a collection of freely available info. Complete waste of 99 cents. This app has further wasted my time by being so bad that it warranted writing this review.

  • Rip offfffff!!!!!!!!

    by jwilburn75

    Rip offffff!!!!!!!!!

  • Ripoff

    by Nancy park

    This app is a Toyal ripoff. It only gives you things you can do.Do not buy this app no stars

  • Please Save Your Dollar

    by Jazztrell

    The app opens, but once you try to get details on a method it turns white and never works again. A waist of money, save your money. No stars.

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