Body Tricks and Hacks (Lite) Medical App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Chinese

Seller: Michael Chua

-- Redesigned for iPhone 5
-- Fixed bugs

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Ever in a situation where you want to control those tears from flowing or force the sneeze? Look nowhere else now, but here's an app that provides ALL the answers to better control your body.

These body tricks and hacks are essential techniques and arts that everybody should know to understand their body better and impress others.

App features include:
- Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to see an alternative trick
- Save images as wallpaper
- No internet connection required! All images are loaded in the app for fast browsing
- High quality images
- Brief explanation of each trick
- Share photos with friends using facebook or email
- FREE updates for a lifetime!!!

P.S. Always remember to practice caution when performing these tricks.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by PizzaRMe

    Personally I am very sensitive and this app helped me :D

  • Nice

    by I luv waffles


  • Good

    by Nicholas Blanchette

    Very good

  • Not good

    by No nicknames available!!

    There is only a couple of facts and only like 2 are actually good.


    by GamGam301

    This app has bugs..... Crashes often not enough "tricks" like 5 and neither of them work don't deserve a star

  • Atleast put some tips if you want people to buy it.

    by F@W@D

    Atleast put some tips if you want people to buy it.

  • Don't download

    by Felipedoroteo

    It things every single person knows already

  • Soooooooo stupid

    by Kassiejdksn

    So stupid don't buy or even download, it is a total waste of time doesnt even deserve one star

  • Nor even complete

    by Samiamnan

    Total waste if time. Has maybe 5 tips some of which don't have any information.

  • My advice don't get it

    by Mistake 92

    After 10 advises u hav to buy the app to get more their kinda useful but after those 10 their isn't much to do with the app so my advice do not get it waste of time :(

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