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Join us on a visual exploration of the muscular and skeletal system with our bestselling, animated series, Jr. Animated Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology. True-to-life animation journeys through the muscular and skeletal system with captivating audio commentary. Enjoy this exhaustive examination of the human skeleton, bones and joints, and discover how they contribute to physical movement.

Animation provides the simplest explanation of the muscular & skeletal system
Content and definitions are verified by expert physicians
Audio/video technology provides optimal presentation of facts
Content is certified 100% scientifically accurate
Digital production is of the highest quality

Typical User:
Junior Animated Atlas is enjoyed by both children and adults and is used in schools to teach children of any age. It is also ideal for healthcare professionals, students, and for explaining health conditions to patients.

Run Time:
12 minutes

"What you offer allows those with lower literacy and numeracy to fairly easily understand concepts they can't comprehend when they read traditional textbooks. Aged care is a huge growth area in countries such as the U.S and Australia. We are desperate for any resources to enable us to educate assistant nurses. They are often people who speak English as a second language or who have little education. Traditional textbooks and nursing videos really aren't suitable. I spend a lot of time searching for anything that will bring the curriculum to life…Focus Apps, …are perfect for my students." – Teacher Review

"This is a great learning tool - I truly love this way of learning." --User Review

"Excellent application to understand [the muscular and skeletal] mechanism in the human body in an easier and interesting manner, worth for medical practitioners and students." --User Review

"Amazingly informative and easy to understand video! Love it!" --User Review

"Great app, shows content in a clear and understandable way that highly aids understanding. Most recommendable." --User Review

"Great concept! A boon for education." --User Review

App Includes:
Transcripts, Resource Links, Highlights, & Note taking features

App Features:
iPhone /iPad
•Screenshot capabilities
•Written transcripts w/medical terms linked to additional resources
•Notes section for every major subject covered in videos

Additional Features for iPad:
•Draw on videos to highlight areas for discussion

This content is intended to be informative only and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice.

Customer Reviews

  • Therapist

    by Byrone43

    Complete waste of money. Do not buy this app

  • Over priced for a video clip

    by New parent video

    Although the video has a good explanation of the skeletal and muscular system, this app lacks any user interaction to reinforce learning. The animation is very basic but does the job for what is being taught. So this app lost one star for being way over priced,l and it lost two for lack of and interactive learning component after the video. If this company grouped all the systems together I could see paying $4.99 but instead they have split all the body systems apart. I probably will not buy additional apps from this company.

  • Anatomy download

    by Bowhunter AZ

    This is terrible what it shows when looking to buy it is different that what the download actually does one of the worst I have worked with DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

  • Horrible

    by TawnaRea

    I wish there was a negative star to give this app! NO help at all. Shame on you for charging for it!!!

  • PT


    This app does not work as is I will, certainly pursue getting my money back if deleting it does not automatically provide the means of reimbursement

  • Muscle and sketal

    by randall williby

    A joke offers nothing

  • Mr

    by Mabale1950

    Terrible I felt robbed

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