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-Updated for OS7
-Added new titles for in app purchase

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Explore 40 diseases and disorders from A to Z in this comprehensive collection of colorful and informative flip charts. View information on preventable, curable, and incurable diseases. Learn of conditions that affect a single area of the body and ones that affect the entire system. Also discover how conditions affect the life and emotions of the sufferer. Vital information is provided on each condition, such as causes, risk factors, symptoms, diagnoses, complications, and treatment options.

Flipping through these beautifully conceived apps can help in understanding and dealing with diseases. These Flip Throughs are colorfully illustrated and feature highly informative charts on various conditions designed to give the reader easy access to vital information on the inherent causes and risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, complications and treatment options including disease management and self-care. Once installed each app includes features such as realistic animation that explains what each disease is, and notes with images for the user.

The apps on disease topics provide a quick, handy, easy to understand illustrated reference on each condition. With a quick flip through of each condition, you'll understand the basics about the disease, symptoms, risk factors, complications, and treatment options.

Free application includes one free Flip Through on Diabetes. Other titles are available for in app purchase of $1.99 USD. The Flip Throughs are best viewed on an iPad, but are available for purchase and reference on the iPhone.

App Includes:
- Video animation (average length: 1 minute)
- Written explanation of the condition
- Facts on:


Available Platforms:
iOS (iPad and iPhone)

App Features:
-Note-taking features
-Large, Illustrated visual format - perfect for teaching and presentations

40 Topics Included:
Acute Coronary Syndrome
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Bipolar Disorder
Chronic Asthma
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Deep Vein Thrombosis
Diabetic Nephropathy
Diabetic Retinopathy
Erectile Dysfunction
Fatty Liver Disease
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Heart Attack
Heart Failure
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Metabolic Syndrome
Neuropathic Pain
Parkinson's Disease
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Respiratory Tract Infections
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Urinary Incontinence

Customer Reviews

  • Doesn't work! -- ISSUE RESOLVED

    by jeflab

    v1.3 resolved iPhone crash issue! When trying to use the "Flip-Through" option, the app crashes. Happens with both the Diabetes book that was preloaded and the one I wasted $2 on.

  • Ripoff

    by Jhe001

    They charge you $1.99 for information on diseases and the information is about 8 little pages long. Learned nothing. You earn from me and don't waste your money!

  • Total Crap! App Doesn't Work

    by JaiJai4433

    i bought this, along with multiple other download features and none of it works. Videos don't play and after syncing don't even show up. I reported these concerns to the publisher but they have yet to get back to me. Give your money to a homeless person or charity, these jokers are just stealing your cash!

  • Bad

    by Oliviahot

    It says free go and find what I have they want $1.99 for each one. No thank you. Get I triage it is free and has a lot more.

  • This app is lame

    by SharonG1975

    I wanted a free app! Went to look up Coronary Artery Disease and have to pay to see.... If its not free don't say it is! How do I delete this app?!?!!

  • Rubbish App

    by Valentino Victors

    This app is rubbish, and a total waist of time. It just doesn't work.

  • Bait

    by Arcoms

    They just show one ailment Diabetes, then you have to buy the rest one disease at a time for $2.99. You can get the same thing just by searching the ailment on the Internet. The information from the Internet is better and is up to date.

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