Med Mnemonics Medical App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Evan Schoenberg, M.D.

* Medical Mnemonics now requires iOS 5 or later *

• Added 57 new mnemonics!
• Bold/Italics/Underline are now supported when adding and editing mnemonics (iOS 6.0+)
• iPhone 5 display support
• Now only mnemonics you create or edit are backed up to iCloud, saving valuable cloud storage space

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mnemonic, noun: a short rhyme, phrase, or other mental technique for making information easier to memorize [from Greek mnēmonikos, "relating to memory"]. Med Mnemonics is a unique learning tool with over 1700 of them.

Mnemonics got me through medical school and the USLME steps. Wherever you are within the allied health professions - medical school, nursing school, NP school, PA school, residency, and beyond - you can improve your knowledge base in the short and long term with these key associative memory aids.

Medical Mnemonics puts 1796 clever acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks on your iPhone or iPod Touch, covering topics ranging from Anatomy and Biochemistry to Pharmacology and Surgery.

The database is fully searchable and can be quickly filtered by discipline and by system. Create a Favorites list, and search and filter it similarly.

The best mnemonics can be those you make yourself. Add your own mnemonics to the database, where they'll appear seamlessly alongside those which come with the program. Submit them instantaneously to the Medical Mnemonics server for review by an MD (that's me!) and inclusion in the next version.

You can email any mnemonic to a colleague from within Medical Mnemonics. He or she can view it within the email or add it to their own copy of Medical Mnemonics with a single click.

Updates will be free for life and will include new mnemonics submitted by users (that's you!) and added as we all continue learning together.

Every mnemonic is MD reviewed, but we're only human. If you find a mistake, email us; we will pay a $5 bounty per substantive mistake found to the first reporter of that mistake!

Customer Reviews

  • Thank

    by PathMax


  • Great for study sessions

    by Candymomma

    I often jot down the mnemonic on my scratch paper at test time. And I teach my study groups these helpful hints. I totally love this app!

  • It is good bit not excellent

    by Dr Dardeir

    I would say that if they have more explanation and more mnemonics this app will be amazing! Hopefully next version will have more stuff for medical students not only nurses. Good idea though.

  • Mnemonic

    by tsump

    Great app for the medical student.

  • 4.5 Stars

    by scthunt

    This is the best one location scource for medical mnemonics that Ive found to date at the apple site. There is a favorites tagging, and you can edit a mnemonic if its not exactly to your liking, a big plus for personalizing entries and if you know of a mnemonic not in the app you can enter your own. The negatives, cant save your modified or personal entries. And this app has the irritating habit of occasionally opening up with nothing but a blank WHITE screen easily fixed by closing the app, going to the desk top and opening it from there. Minor in my mind and Im quite glad to have the app and not have to enter ever single app I find on the internet.

  • It's got mnemonics!

    by Jaymz I

    And you can add your own too

  • LVN

    by LisaLVN09

    Gifting this to my son as its great for students

  • Excellent resource!

    by Fye142918

    Best resource for medical information memory tricks. A mainstay tool. Thank you!

  • Med Mnomics

    by L. Clarece Trevors

    Excellent app!

  • Get It!

    by Splusp

    A complete life saver. Especially the filter that divides what you are working on learning at the moment.

  • Great app

    by Irish John

    Many relevant mnemonics to help nursing students grasp the material when trying to decipher variables of similar illnesses'

  • Nemotecnics

    by Charlie Crespo

    Excellent app, one of the best for medical students.....

  • Love It, Use It All The Time

    by BeeHivey33

    My only complaint is that if I add my own mnemonic, it isn't applied across devices and so I have to enter my personal mnemonics twice and sometimes on different days in different locations depending if I have my iPad with me or not. I have trouble formatting my mnemonics, though, I don't know if that is just me.

  • MD

    by abc35

    It's always good to have it!!! The best of luck to all.

  • Lpn

    by Saintange

    Great tool study with I definitely recommend .

  • Awesome app

    by Nishaal Antony

    Simple interface but lots of great info! Definitely recommend.

  • Evan rocks!

    by Dr Eye1

    Evan rocks!

  • Excellent for usmle step1 study

    by Cylack

    Great app!

  • Rn student

    by Bezaneza

    Love this-

  • Husband of an MT

    by Southern_Wolf

    My wife is a Medical Lab Tech. She has looked this app over and says its an informative app. I'm learning to talk to her about her line of work. I also have a few more apps about med lab training & info.

  • Mnemonics

    by Favorites

    It's OK app, wish it had more content

  • iPhone 5 optimization please!!

    by HyperGoku

    Wonderful program for studying! But please make use of the 4" iPhone 5 screen!

  • Wonderful Idea and very well executed!

    by Cadmir

    As a medical student, I seem to be faced with so much information that needs to be compartmentalized. Hopefully this will become a huge database, because I will be using this for a long time. Highly recommend!

  • Great

    by Ken O'Hearn

    Love it

  • Love it!

    by JojoBe

    Very helpful

  • Mnemonics

    by Michael deC

    Very useful.

  • Love it

    by Tiger Lily 9

    It's a great app :)

  • Great App

    by Constant Crash

    Use it all the time at work

  • Good app

    by ps3tarf

    Good app for memory recall

  • Nice app

    by MNG4

    Lots of info - wish I had found it sooner!

  • Worthwhile app

    by Lucky67890

    Worth the price, very happy.

  • Great app

    by Rttstudent

    Great app, wish I had this 1-2 semesters prior.

  • Great idea

    by Kaaa6

    Worth the price!

  • Neat!

    by Eeaamm

    It is worth the buy for a lot of info

  • Good mnemonics

    by Sandeepkumar Gupta

    Helped me for step 2ck Thanks for such a nice application

  • Love it

    by Spinmagik

    Love this program!

  • Great.,, only one small suggestion

    by Kara, PA-S

    This app is wonderful! If I could suggest one thing is being able to create folders for favorites. This app would be perfect if I could organize mnemonics according to my exams, etc. This addition would give it 5 stars!!

  • Great app!

    by Brock man

    It's helping me summarize my studies and important points!

  • Very useful

    by francophile03

    Very useful

  • CPhT

    by Dannnnnnnn94

    Works great

  • Vague

    by Murse-inator

    Better than nothing but not very detailed.

  • Very helpful

    by unomanzanas

    The title sums it all up!

  • Useful

    by angstratton

    A nice app that help corral a lot of "nice to know" things from multiple specialties

  • MB

    by MLB71

    Great app. Good for review and update your knowledge base.

  • Great!

    by Zachary Reiff

    Best out there!!!! Only wish there was a way for bulk exportation of favorites list.

  • Love it

    by LaVieEnRose26

    Great app!

  • Darlene

    by Xpacnogimics

    Great content

  • PA-C

    by Noocleus

    Great app very helpful

  • Thank you

    by dcha86

    thank you for making this app. It helped me a lot and saved my trouble a lot of times

  • Great app!

    by Pacers33

    This app offers so much medical content all in one place! Fun way to remember lots of information. Am still looking for more psychiatry mnemonics!

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