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Languages: English

Seller: Evan Schoenberg, M.D.

• Updated to reflect 2014
• Fixed a visual glitch when launching on iOS 7

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ICD9 Consult puts the complete, latest 2014 ICD9-CM on your iPhone or iPod Touch for about 1/3 the price of most printed ICD9-CM manuals which are far less convenient.

With ICD9 Consult, you’ll never have to flip through a 30 pound book or go hunting for a coding reference page again.

The 2014 codes were effective October 1, 2013, and they are what you should now be using to ensure maximal and accurate billing.

The 2014 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes are both searchable and browsable by their traditional categories. Search simultaneously by code, diagnosis, included diagnoses, and description, through the whole ICD9-CM or through just a category or selected nonspecific code. Images within the list indicate whether a code is specific or nonspecific. Tap to view the diagnosis and the full text of its standard ICD-9 long description and to add it to your Favorites list for immediate access later.

Features at a glance:
• Complete 2014 ICD9-CM diagnosis codes and 2008 ICD9-CM procedure codes, with all subcodes and all long descriptions: over 21,000 individual codes, instantly accessible
• Search within any list of codes, by code number, by diagnosis, and by full text of long descriptions
•Diagnoses' descriptions have an "includes" section, which is also indexed and searched, which links alternate names and diagnoses to ICD-9 codes. A search for "B2 deficiency" will find 266.0 Ariboflavinosis!
• Search automatically expands abbreviations and terms for the best results; e.g. "MI" → "Myocardial Infarction."
• Browse diagnoses and ICD9-CM procedures by category and subcategory; easily limit searches to particular categories
• Distinguish specific from non-specific codes at a glance; tap a non-specific code to view its specific children. Navigate to its parent to quickly compare one specific diagnosis to another, ensuring you code for maximum reimbursement every time.
• Keep a Favorites list of diagnoses and procedures, which may include specific and nonspecific codes.

Don't be fooled by imitations! ICD9 Consult is the *only* ICD9 reference which provides:
• True search capabilities
• 100% of the ICD9-CM
• Real names for diagnoses and procedures rather than abbreviated, hard to guess names
• The complete text of the ICD9-CM descriptions.
• Extensive 'includes' diagnoses
• Free updates to future versions of the ICD9-CM

Note regarding procedure codes: ICD9 Consult provides the ICD9-CM Procedure Codes. These are not the same as the CPT Procedure Codes (which are © the AMA). Please be sure to use the codes required by your practice and billing policies.

Please visit www.icd9consult.com for additional screenshots and to learn more.

Please leave reviews if you like what you see... but please email me if you have questions or concerns, as it is impossible to respond to customer reviews! I promise 100% satisfaction and provide a 100% refund if ICD9 Consult is not exactly what you wanted it to be. evan@regularrateandrhythm.com

Customer Reviews

  • ICD 10 Update????

    by deannataylor48

    I love love love this app!! I'm a nurse at a family practice clinic and I use this app several times a day along with Davis's Drug Guide. My only question is : Will this app get updated with ICD 10 codes???

  • Great Dx app!

    by Tflsweetangel

    I love this very helpful app! It's a must have!

  • ICD9

    by mjmway

    There is no better, easier, faster way to find the correct ICD9 code.

  • ICD-9

    by RJervis

    Fast, concise, excellent addition to my eClinical Works..

  • Rtouri

    by Beruot

    Use it all the time as a HH RN. Love the procedure section too! Very helpful!

  • ICD9-2013

    by RS,MD

    Creates a substantial mix of diagnoses. Very helpful.

  • Icd9


    Love it I see everything I wanted!

  • ICD9 review

    by Mayagüezano

    I agree it may be lacking in some aspects compared to the Big Book, but, as intended, it fulfills its goal as a quick,on-the-spot reference on the go. It meets my needs completely and satisfactorily. Well done. I am sure (hope) it will be improved in future updates.

  • Useful layout

    by Dr Shadlen

    Highly recommended!

  • Worth every cent

    by Talk2pd

    Great app to do my MD coding on the fly!

  • Great app

    by agamolmol

    My wife found this very useful

  • Great App!

    by Lecture Video

    I am a DNP student. I use it frequently.

  • ICD-9

    by Jcalvo15

    Excellent app. Very useful in my job.

  • Best available

    by 5 Fountains

    Tried a few code lookup apps and this one does an excellent job. Recognizes common clinical terms -- not limited to words found in the code name (e.g., enter CF and matches cystic fibrosis).

  • Absolutely great

    by Cancer Fighter 01

    Long time user. Love it.

  • What a little helper!

    by acnp15

    For many moving to EMR is stressful. This handy tool helps keep info at hand to expedite searches that are more straightforward than some EMR's offer.

  • ICD9 Concult 2012

    by CoderHopeful

    Handy, but not quite as complete as the book - I was hoping I wouldn't need to haul the book with me on a trip -- no such luck! This program definitely leaves some stuff out, like procedure codes, and words that aren't in the tabular list, but are in the alphabetical list in the book that help you to find the codes you need. A handy reference for the easy stuff, but not complete enough I dare leave that monstrous book home while I am traveling but still trying to complete my studies for my online course on time. Grrr.

  • Tina RN

    by Tina Smith

    I'm a home care nurse and I have to code for OASIS. I bought several before i found this app. This is the best of them all.

  • Loving it

    by Twinkles2

    Makes coding so fast and easy no more to say than that

  • MD

    by PTN87

    I love this app. Very useful.

  • ICD 9 at your fingertips

    by mireya71

    It's great to have this reference ready to open during RN discharge planning. It's organized like the actual book. Using this tool took a little getting used to because it is easier than the book version.

  • Love it!

    by JennyRN

    Really helpful when trying to help patient get the tests they need AND have insurance pay for them. Easy to use.

  • Excellent app.

    by Burnieboy

    Excellent app. Very useful and easily searched. Strongly recommend.

  • Md

    by Isabelle741


  • Great App

    by Peristotle Bonassis

    This App just keeps getting better. I hope it is as useful for ICD-10.

  • Great!

    by Andreadoria 007

    Full time RN coder. I use this every day!

  • Great app

    by circuitboy572

    Use it daily.

  • Good app

    by Buick42

    Fantastic app. Use it frequently Works well

  • Love This!

    by Shrooms75

    I use this app every clinical. It cross references better than any EMR I have worked with. If needing to find the right diagnosis terminology and the ICD-9 to go with it, this is the most user friendly option I have found.

  • Smart phone meet Stupid PC

    by HSMMD

    In a world where we as physicians have been reduced to replaceable cogs who have been coerced to use EMRs designed by creatures that have never even seen a human being, it's nice to see an inexpensive app that'll cut through the EMRs "guess how I listed the dx that you thought was an achrocordon?" and give you a straight answer!

  • General Sx

    by Jeffrey Berndtson

    Use multiple times a day.

  • Excellent

    by SC AKA Gods Country

    Great app! Use nearly daily for those obscure code. Easily searchable, complete listings of what fall under each code, search by code or diagnosis. Highly recommend!

  • PCP says: Super Useful!

    by drstadtmauer

    I am a PCP and use this app on a daily basis for very fast, accurate coding. I can usually find exactly what I want with just a few keystrokes. For instance if I type "goi" I can see all the codes associated with goiter and pick the most appropriate one without having to get more specific in my search. It has become an indispensable part of my day. Love it!

  • Pediatrics

    by Fl. Peds

    Very helpful for my documentation. Accuracy helps reimbursement.

  • ICD 9 consult

    by Carlos Boileve

    The best. Easy access. To the point

  • Good app

    by runningsquirrel

    Easy. Comprehensive. Fast. Only issue is clunky interface from/ to favorites.

  • Awesome

    by Browniecheng007

    Simply the best ICD9 code finder in the app store, search function is extremely smart

  • MD

    by carinoso2

    Very infomative and clear.Easy navigatio with precise cpt codes

  • Intake coordinator

    by Aimee Rn

    I use this tool everyday for coding new referrals for a home health agency. This program is better than the one installed to my workflow database! A must have app

  • ICD9 Consult

    by wayne+rock= S**T

    I love this program. I use it every day to save time finding the diagnosis codes I use most frequently and finding diagnosis codes that I only use once in a while. The index of this program seems more extensive than other programs I have tried (about 4 other ICD-9 tools) - finding the right diagnosis code is just easier with this program.

  • Icd

    by Marjery Lopez

    This is such a useful tool!!! Love it!

  • Poor program

    by Doctor Dallas

    Looks like positive reviews are from friends I have three programs and this is worst

  • Icd9 app.

    by Smoothjjumper

    Very useful app. Glad I got it on board!

  • Review

    by olivekitt

    This is a very helpful code book. It's organized in a very intuitive way so you don't have to spend too much time to find the diagnosis that you want.

  • Excellent!

    by oceola

    This is an excellent app and I've found it quite easy to use.

  • ICD 9

    by Drkcalk

    Excellent app for those wanting to become or studying for CCS certification.

  • ICD9

    by WillCare

    This the best! This app can find your code quickly and usually exactly what you need. I use it often and would recommend it highly for a quick reference.

  • Student

    by Chocmama

    I love this it helps me so much!

  • Nice

    by Art fern

    Could use some better search capabil based on common phrases

  • Best code reference

    by Yvette6160

    I have found this to be so helpful in my job. Also the doctors I work for have now downloaded and are glad how quickly I can help them as well as them helping themselves. Great app..... Recommend to everyone. Yvette

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