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Ever wondered how many units there are in a drink? This App can can be used to just calculate the number of units in a drink but it can also be used to keep track of units consumed. Just press the 'Add Units' button. Until you ask yourself the question how many units am I consuming day by day, week by week and through the months you will have no idea. Many people wildly underestimate the amount they drink. This App can tell you and it can be very enlightening. Unlike other Apps this one makes no judgement on how much you drink it is a means for you to understand the amounts and to act as you see fit. If you choose to cut down then that is your choice. Maybe this App will confirm that apart from the odd day or two you are generally within guidelines.

This App is not restricted in the amounts that can be entered unlike other similar Apps. The values are entered using a decimal number pad so you are not restricted by the values specified on picker wheels. You can enter ANY amounts using US fl Ozs, millilitres, centilitres, litres, UK pints.

You can also enter units for other days. So if you forget to add units for a day then just use the month view to go to that day and add units to it.

Drink Driving Limits: A 3.6% abv pint of beer has 2 units in it. In the UK to remain within the drink drive limit you can have no more than 1 pint of weak (3.6%) beer - any more and you risk being over the drink drive limit. Note, that the last sentence used the word 'weak', not one pint of beer but one pint of weak beer. So what difference does that make? Well a 5% beer has 2.84 units in it. So, you're probably pushing the upper limit, if not already over, the limit with one pint of 5% beer.

Add Units Page shows:

Set the percentage alcohol, the volume and the number of drinks. The volume for the drink can be expressed in US fl Ozs, millilitres, centilitres, litres, UK pints using the switches above the drink amount.

Touch a field and type in the value required. Touch the next to add the value for it. The field being editing is shown in yellow. To dismiss the keyboard, at any time, either select the OK button to the right or touch the current field.

Once the values have been entered you can add the units for the selected day. If it states the units cannot be calculated then one of the fields is not filled in correctly. If the calculated units are very large or very small then check that the fields and the switch for the volume type are set correctly.

Next to the total units for the day is the delete units for day button (the red octagonal button) and if you confirm the deletion then the units for the day are removed.

Graph View Page shows:

A green line that is the daily units limit set in the Preferences.
The red bars show the number of units consumed for each day.
The yellow line shows a rolling average of the number of units consumed over the last 10 days for each day.

Swipe the Graph View left or right to show the Graph for other months.

The Month View page shows:

All the days for the selected month. You can move backwards and forwards using the Prev and Next buttons to show other months.

To add units to a day other than Today's date select the date in the month view table and then select the Edit button. This will show the Add Units page where the units can be added to the selected day.

Preferences View page shows:

Select how many units you want to allow yourself per day.

Select whether the Alcohol percentage is to be expressed as either ABV (Alcohol by Volume) or as ABW (Alcohol by Weight).

Most alcohol percentages are ABV but, especially in the US, ABW is used. There is a significant difference in the resulting units so it is important to get this selection correct.

Legal Disclaimer: Do not use this App as a guide to whether you can drive a car or not. This App is just for calculating and collating the number of units consumed.

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks, and add 0 drinks?

    by ChicagoJB2

    Thanks for the app, it's just what I was looking for. When I try to add zero drinks it displays an error message. Is there a way to add zero drinks for a day?

  • Simple and useful

    by lost in Granada

    Simple layout, not particularly aesthetic but functional. Easy to use and effective. My one complaint is that if you input daily drinks as you go along, it aggregates them together into a total without showing what the drinks were. if you think you made a mistake, your only option is to wipe the whole day and start again. You might have realised you input the last drink wrong, but forgot what you had before it, so that's not ideal. It would be better if it kept a log of what you input, with the ability to wipe one single input rather than just the whole day.

  • Great App - simple & effective!

    by Milverton

    Alcohol Units Calculator is a great little application. It has a very clean, user friendly user interface and does exactly what it is supposed to without lots of complicated steps. The ability to enter drinks in a variety of volume types is especially helpful. Some applications require you to enter everything in fluid ounces or milliliters, etc. ACU allows you to enter millilitres, centilitres, litres, pints or fuild ounces... in other words whatever measure the beverage you are trying to calculate is served in, you just enter that and the application handles the conversions. Other applications I have tried require you to breakout a calculator to figure out how many ounces were in that pint you were just served or that 750ml bottle of wine. The only suggestion I might have for future enhancements would be to allow a summary of units consumed by week and/or by month. However, the existing table provides a great way to track and view at a glance the conusmption for each day and to view a graph of monthly consumption. Highly recommended and well worth the purchase price. Thank you!

  • Note "units" are for UK only.

    by kutastha

    In the US, one unit of alcohol is equivalent to 14 grams of alcohol. Thus, a UK pint of 3.6% ABV beer is 19.2 oz x 0.036 x (1gram/0.035oz) = 19.8 grams or 1.4 US units. Perhaps the programmer could factor in the conversion of units from UK units to appeal to those in the USA. Thus one star for me until then, or I move to the UK.

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