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  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Epocrates
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2008
  • Version: 14.1
  • Size: 76.04 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Epocrates

- Bug fixes
- Maintenance

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Access Epocrates’ trusted clinical resources faster and more conveniently than ever from your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod touch.

More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, rely on Epocrates to enable better patient care by delivering the right information, right when it’s needed.

Healthcare professionals worldwide use Epocrates routinely to:

-NEW: Find providers for consults and referrals in the Provider Directory
-Review drug prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic, and OTC drugs

-Check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time
-Select national and regional healthcare insurance formularies for drug coverage information
-Identify pills by imprint code and physical characteristics

-Perform dozens of calculations, such as BMI and GFR
-Access timely medical news and research information

Disease information, alternative medications, lab guides and more clinical tools and content are available by upgrading to an Epocrates Essentials subscription. The cost will be billed to your iTunes account when your purchase is confirmed.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period unless you change your subscription preferences in your account settings. You can manage your subscriptions through your account settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period. Epocrates Terms of Services are available here: https://www.epocrates.com/termsOfUse.do and the Epocrates Privacy Policy can be viewed here: http://www.epocrates.com/privacy

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic

    by Yuseurseg

    Great app it's like so helpful that every time I use it when I'm checking interactions or when I can't identify a pill a patient is taking.

  • Add ISOFORM to medical dictionary

    by PathMax

    Visit DrSocial rate your doctor and one dollar will be donated to medical research.

  • Great App.... BUT

    by Jperly330

    I love this app- I would have given it 5 stars. But, it frustrates me to no end that I cannot organize my "favorites" list alphabetically... Call me OCD.

  • Inaccurate prices

    by thisappisannoying

    Great app. Rely on it heavily since medical school. However, since they have started using goodrx.com cannot get accurate pricing. I do not like that. Please partner with someone else like Walgreens.

  • Great app, indispensable

    by love iphone5, app not so much

    Please fix the new app cannot reinstall for update in ios7

  • Great app for medical field!

    by Ktmount

    Great app!

  • Great but could be better

    by Cadiovention1

    A great app which could be improved if it auto updated. The long delay to update just as you need to look up a drug is a drag. Could it not recognize plugged in and on wireless like the cloud ?

  • Phenomenally useful, increasingly powerful

    by Palm2Droid2iPhone

    Always(!) best tool, since the Palm days. Now w/microbiol, detailed drug data, selected calculators, favorites' internally flagged, formulary options. Not sure why news & micro -CME isn't the most appealing. MedPage has better customization.

  • useful

    by Pitru Borgg

    quite useful

  • Amazing tool FULL of information

    by Booozeoh

    Great app, seems like unlimited resources with the ability to do so many things. Very handy for the healthcare professional who needs to search for a quick resource or to just stay up to date on health related events.

  • So useful to identify medications

    by Jim in SDCA

    You enter the shape, color and markings of any pill and it can tell you everything you need to know about it. You can also enter all the meds you take and it will tell you if any of them counter act against each other.

  • Can't live without it!

    by Russianfemme

    Have been using it since Palm PDA days. It's just gotten better and better.

  • Love this app!

    by Deeeee :))

    A great easily accessible app for when you need to look something up quick

  • Dr.

    by Jennings C

    I am a retired Dentist and Epocrates has been in my armamentarium as my go-to drug reference for many years. Still use it weekly at least.

  • Great App

    by Edwin Flexer

    I have had Epocrates in my phone for at least 10 years. I have referred to it often and recommended it to many people including nursing students who didn't know about it.

  • Could not practice

    by med/ped

    This point of care software is GREAT for physicians, it is NOT for the layperson!!!

  • Extremely useful

    by Asqwerdftyghuijnbvcxozlpzxc

    I have been using this app for 8 years; very useful during my daily clinic. I use formularies, pricing and even pill pictures when a patient is not sure of the name of a medication. Haven't found an error so far.

  • Great Reference

    by JustDeena

    This app has proven to be a valuable reference tool and more. I am finishing up nursing school, and use this app almost daily now. Based on what I have seen as I use it as a study tool I am positive I will continue to find it very useful as I progress in my career.

  • Excellent

    by chiefbuzzb

    I have used Epocrates for over 15+ years now and have found to be the best out their one you can depend on every time!

  • LOVE this app; keeps getting BETTER TOO!

    by i.b.debbie

    Even at personal health appointments, I've had many great comments and inquiries from physicians and nurses about this app! SUPER helpful at HOME & WORK! : )

  • Beyond Awful!

    by Mbthmpsn

    Nothing works. When searching for any medication it says content is unavailable & prompts you to update now... Of course, no update available. Useless App!

  • Terrible

    by Kota7307

    Whenever I try the Pill Identifier the app tells me it has "-1 results found" for whatever I type in; then it forces the app to close! Not to mention the layout is a bit dated. Fix the bugs, then I'll change my review.

  • Useless, Useless, Useless

    by wedinc

    After iOS updates, tried logging back in and was locked out of app. Tried changing my password, no help from company because they won't send an email reply. App is useless and company is useless, I do not recommend this app. I wish I could give this rating negative stars.

  • I pay for the subscription; I should get more!!!

    by Kenwaite

    The content is outstanding but an update is needed to fit the iOS 7 look. Medscape has already released an update; I expect more from Epocrates since I pay for their premium content!!! You have had six months to make an iOS 7 optimized app! Pathetic! I am very close to not renewing my subscription!

  • Something went wrong

    by Lecarde

    After the last update, the app disappeared from my phone. The App Store still thinks it's there, so I can't reinstall it. It won't show up if I sync to my computer either so I can't delete it and start over.

  • Buggy

    by Art fern

    I used to love EPOCRATES as my favourite online and handheld MEDICAL application . It has become very buggy and no longer works . I'm hoping they fix this soon.

  • Network Error

    by BaDad967

    After this last update I am unable to loggin due to a "Network Error". This seems to be an issue on other smart phone versions as well. Too bad, it WAS a great app.

  • Needs iOS 7 Update

    by Kenwaite

    I could not do my job without this app. The content is outstanding but an update is needed to fit the iOS 7 look. Medscape has already released an update; I expect more from Epocrates since I pay for their premium content.

  • Still broken!

    by RefurbRoxors

    Completely broken running on iOS 7 even with last epocrates update. Can't look up any drugs. Used to be awesome. Now useless. Please fix!!!!

  • Essential app !!

    by Mydoc1

    I've been using Epocrates since it was first released and wonder how anyone ever managed without it. Particularly in primary care, where there are just so many possible types of diseases requiring medical treatment, this app helps me choose the right drug, check compatibility with the patient's multiple other meds, and sometimes even try to figure out which labs to order in a perplexing case.

  • Fast and reliable

    by Iluvemmawatson

    I found Epocrates to be a very useful reference for medication doses, drug side effects and drug interactions. The data is reliable and updated, so it is also useful to counsel patient. iPhone version is most useful in clinic and hospital settings. I would give Epocrates "5 stars", if it would,have more detail information on the potential teratogenic effects. I also found the literature alerts to be most educational.

  • EMT

    by pxegrl

    I love the Epocrates App. It has all the features I could need for my job as well as personal use. Thank you, Epocrates !!

  • It's so good

    by FdShVn

    I wish they link it to Micromedex.

  • Great

    by rgm3

    Reliable information. Beautifully organized, fast to use. I couldn't be without it in my practice.

  • Easiest

    by 54fight10

    Of all the apps I have to check drug interactions, abx of choice for certain diseases, tablet id, etc. Epocrates is always the one I go to first. It's quick and easy, which is usually what I require when I'm answering questions. Thanks Apocrates!

  • Epocrates

    by skypug

    Love this app. Wish it was more in depth on lab section.

  • Great ap

    by Luckystrike21

    I use it everyday. Highly recommended.

  • Love this app

    by MedStu0815

    Everything under one roof... So to speak...

  • Forget it

    by Loves GSD's

    Can't review if it won't download. Previous version OK, but this one is stuck on try and try again, with no luck.

  • Best App

    by Turk59

    This is a very easy APP to use has all the information that you need. And they keep it updated of the latest medical info. Also very easy to use if you know your way around a PDR! I've noticed that a lot of my Doctors have it on there phones and blackberries also. Buy it worth every cent!!!

  • NP

    by Nam D!

    Effective app for my work environment.

  • Great App!!

    by Jfgy

    Very useful application!! I use it almost everyday!! Helps me a lot in my work!

  • Great

    by Begood4goodnesssake

    I have this app for 5 years. I absolutely love it.

  • Very good, but still can improve.

    by Ares Ian

    I use Epocrates for its medication programs. Their drug interaction application is good. And what is really helpful is how so easy it is to figure a pediatric dose. However, what is still frustrating is how they have medications listed that one can look up only to find that particular brand of drug was discontinued in the US. At this point, one has to go back and put in the generic name and start all over in terms of trying to get the prescribing medication that they wanted in the first place off the brand medication that was discontinued. To make the application better, there would be an automatic referral when one looks up a discontinued brand medication to the generic one.

  • Reliable,

    by Thyfarmer

    reliable up-to-date and easy to use! Love it!


    by docsandy

    WOW, what happened ? The most useful, helpful and powerful tool I have no longer works after the "upgrade."

  • Great primary care app!

    by Grasshopper91

    Thorough with great coverage of multi tx indications. I use multiple times every office day.

  • Very easy

    by DrKay56

    Very easy to use

  • Epocrates, hand tool

    by keVip

    This is it. Perfect hand tool for residents, attending, medical students. One of few app that is worth to buy it.

  • Very useful

    by Playa7779234

    Awesome app! Have been using it for the past few years, no issues so far. Essential for every doctor!

  • Epocrates

    by Donna Baby!

    Great app!! Use it every day!!

  • Great App of the practioner

    by Killerz992

    Great program to have available in a traditional practice. We all deal occasionally with medications we don't typically prescribe. Great reference guide, Ive been using for years.

  • Epocrates update

    by TerriLD

    I have used Epocrates from the days of Palm Pilots and have always found it to be a great program, up-to-date, and easy to use. The new iPad ap is great, it gets me the Med info I need, and the Interaction Checker has loads of facts, which most of my patients insist on knowing about, not just hearing " you can't take these two meds together." I also like the Notifications that come every day and are of the latest info. I love this ap!

  • A winner

    by Foxy007007

    It keeps on getting better with update.

  • Epocrates

    by Yobull

    Love it!

  • EMT

    by Romney for president

    Excellent app. Works we'll on iPhone 5S. Highly recommend.

  • Excellent

    by bellenberg

    My favorite medical app. Easy to use & updated frequently! Wish it worked with my EMR!

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