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  • Publisher: Epocrates
  • Updated: Jul, 22 2010
  • Version: 13.12
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Seller: Epocrates

iOS 7 Compatibility

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Quickly calculate a patient’s body mass index (BMI), estimate risk of developing weight-related diseases, and determine appropriate treatment plans with the BMI Tool application. Access in-depth weight measurement calculators and tools with a variety of features:

- Calculate a patient's BMI using conventional US and metric units
- View a patient's target weight based on height
- Reference a patient's BMI class on an in-depth chart
- View appropriate treatment plans for obese patients, including diet, physical activity, behavior therapy, pharmacotherapy, and surgery
- Calculate a patient's basal metabolic rate (BMR) and total daily exercise expenditure (TDEE) using the Harris-Benedict equation

More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, rely on Epocrates to enable better patient care by delivering the right information, right when it’s needed. This clinical reference tool integrates into the core Epocrates application to allow you to serve your patients better at the point of care.


Please note that an Epocrates account is required to use this free application. Registration is free and takes just a minute to complete.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us at

Customer Reviews

  • Great BMI calc

    by Danis7

    Great app, includes helpful treatment plans and guidelines.

  • Easy to use

    by Montana NP

    This app is quick & easy in my daily clinical setting as a Women's Health NP. Highly recommend.

  • This app is a must have

    by GsdLucy

    I use this app every day. BMI is now a vital sign for every new patient.

  • everything you need in one place

    by ktttttt is cool

    guidelines, charts, tx, diet. awesome!!

  • FNP student

    by Cottonwood RN

    Great app.

  • BMI calc - great

    by PPRN02

    Love this app. Easy to use

  • Great tool for medical students

    by ELauren087

    I like using this app because it's easy to use and almost impossible to mess up. I love having one app for clinic when I need to calculate a BMI or check my treatment plan using the treatment algorithm before I present it to my attending. This app is fantastic because it has BMI, BMR, & TDEE calculators, as well as activity level conversion factors, treatment algorithms, and BMI charts ALL IN ONE DEDICATED APP. It also shows many of the equations if you need to see them, which is very helpful for medical school. I wish the height input for the BMI calculator would allow users to enter height in feet AND inches, rather than inches alone, or cm. That would be a more user friendly app in my opinion, and worthy of 5 stars.

  • BMI tool

    by VGAPro

    I am an Internist with a special interest in treating type 2 diabetes and this app is excellent to use while I counsel patients on duet and exercise to get to goal. Thanks...great app!

  • Great Tool

    by DMDTJM

    Great tool. I use it all the time both personally and professionally.

  • RN

    by Like icky

    Easy to use. Easy to understand. A must have for nurses

  • Excellent app

    by dralidashti

    I am a surgeon and I am using this app in my clinic for my patient especially the patient who need bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy. I found this app an excellent program to calculate the BMI for my patient and to classify them which group of obesity and from it I can advice & plan the treatment for my patients. Thank you

  • Excellent App.

    by Cyberchemist

    Previous edition was great too.Thanks for con't efforts to send us good products.Absolutely excellent , no other can compare at this time.

  • Excellent

    by Veromacaroni

    Use it everyday. Great quizzes.

  • M

    by Eremm

    Concise app. Easy to use.

  • BMI

    by onehotdj

    Precise as current and curate of comparative technology.

  • So easy and useful!

    by acaitlin

    Easy-to-use interface and excellent algorithms and further information! I might use this on a lot of patients!

  • Convenient and concise

    by 1776NJ

    Convenient format, easily accessible, useful "first contact" tool. Tracking med interactions and conditions on a devise you can have with you at all times comes in handy. What would make this a five star app would be the ability to maintain several profiles with the above information. This would eliminate the need to clear the device for each patient and maintain profile information without compromising HIPAA data. Of course I understand there may be technical obstacles to accommodating this, not my specialty. All said, well done.

  • AmyJ

    by Lady Black Swan

    I like this app, but it would be great if it would calculate peds as well.

  • BMI

    by Nancy_19??

    Good app, easy to use, but need percentages for pediatric patients.

  • Great tool

    by Jennk1975

    Very dynamic and helpful

  • Units of measurement are inconsistent

    by The Oddvark

    Why does it give you results in Kg/m when you're entering in pounds and inches for weight and height? Shouldn't the units stay consistent?

  • Additional height option needed

    by Twtexas

    This program should allow input of the height in feet and inches.

  • Not functioning

    by Oklahoma doc

    Terrible it has been trying to update for 2 months and has been unsuccessful. If i could remove it off my phone i would.

  • App needs to be retooled--inaccurate data

    by iphone user RJ

    This app generates inaccurate data results. It calculates my BMI 10 points higher than my actual BMI, assessed through weekly body impedance analysis at home and quarterly by my physician--those assessments are in accord. I recognize there are many BMI calculation methods, but the methodology used in this app really should be revisited and perhaps it needs a serious update.

  • Great update!

    by Uber NPR Junkie

    This looks and works great now. Thanks!

  • MD

    by Dcamwalker

    Crap. Does not cover children. Data is available. Shame on Epocrates.

  • Great after latest update

    by wave

    It works now that there's been an app update

  • BMI

    by Luis A Laurentin-Perez

    Awesome app. Works for me

  • MD

    by El Dr.

    Muy útil.

  • Glitch

    by r0nind

    Stuck at the disclaimer page

  • Disclaimer only app

    by ECLJR

    No tool. Just a disclaimer. Deleted and downloaded again. Turned phone off and on. iPhone 5 w latest update. Using something else.

  • Terrible update

    by Longabucket

    Where is the nice sliding bar that was in the prior version? It was very helpful. Big ad appears now. Now this app is the same as built in calculators in other programs, no reason to use this anymore.

  • Great app

    by tekhead420

    I think it works great

  • CRNA

    by CRNA2006

    I have downloaded this app for the third time and can't get passed the disclaimer page.

  • Very thorough

    by P3cube

    It has it all.

  • Excelente

    by Acostaraul

    Tremenda ayuda!!

  • Epocrates BMI tool

    by Roundoc

    Can't get past disclaimer page

  • App works great

    by Dr Jlo

    There is a small bug that is easily fixable. I got in touch with the very helpful folks at Epocrates. Here is how you fix it. (1) open BMI tool (it won't let you past sign in) and Force-quit BMI Tool (2) Put the device off the Internet grid (turn on Airplane mode + no WiFi) (3) Launch BMI Tool. It will ask for credentials. (4) Enable Internet (Turn off airplane mode and/or Enable Wifi) (5) Enter credentials (or click accept) , you are good to go.

  • Recent update is terrible

    by Airway4me

    Before installing the new BMI "update" there was a nice sliding bar that allowed quick data input of both height and weight. It USED to be very easy to increase & decrease height or weight to quickly see classification changes among BMI categories. The new update completely eliminates that convenient & effective teaching tool. I WANT BACK THE PRIOR VERSION !! And what's up with the new full page advertisement I have to close prior to even getting to the BMI app? Can I uninstall the update?


    by JTS sr

    Works quick and well and can help with care.

  • Bad

    by Last8

    Where did the old tool go. I can no longer set the ht and slide the weight to obtain a range of acceptable bmi measure. Hate it

  • Can't access

    by Liana3

    Got a new update today. Now I can't get past the disclaimer page.

  • Better before the latest update

    by waller212

    The new update is really a step back, as far as I'm concerned. The old version had a sliding bar, so you could quickly and easily see goals and show patients their BMIs and target weights.

  • Reliable

    by Nedaaaa

    Good patient clinical tool

  • Like the target weight feature on initial screen. Obesity class/CVD risk assessment are a bonus.

    by Rivardre

    Rebecca R.

  • It's ok

    by Markcns

    The old interface was better

  • Poor

    by Darthur35

    First it said I need an Internet connection to use this app (I'm on Wi-Fi). Then when I tried to log in it said my connection is too slow or it timed out (in 3 seconds?) Delete…

  • Doesn't Work!!

    by Plowr

    I have downloaded this app twice & it still doesn't work. It opens to the initial page but won't go anywhere after that. Does not open up the tool.

  • Great app!

    by 12123355332

    Use on a frequent basis.

  • Wish it worked

    by Andyisnow1

    I can't even get to the app because it won't accept my passwords. Seems like a great app but can't get to it, so it was a waste of time.

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