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Do you or someone you know have trouble focusing, remembering things, and completing tasks? Is there a child in your life that has more difficulty than others staying on track? If this sounds familiar, it could be ADHD.

World-renowned ADHD expert Dr. Edward M. Hallowell brings you his easy to use application to help you determine if you or someone you know has ADHD.

This application is specifically targeted to those individuals without prior ADHD experience or diagnosis; it is not a comprehensive ADHD management system.

Dr. Hallowell will help you learn about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with two self-assessment quizzes. One quiz is statistically significant and one is aimed at allowing the user to get a better feel for ADHD and is not considered diagnostic. Quizzes are appropriate for adults and children.

If you need an introduction to ADHD, then this app is for you!

So if your inability to concentrate is causing stress in your life; if your child has trouble completing tasks in school, score yourself with the two quizzes offered in this application. Only a qualified physician can diagnose you with ADHD, but the questions contained here may help you decide whether your issues are the result of normal life stress or a real medical condition.

Great for teachers and school counselors, too!


* App based on the best selling book “Driven to Distraction," by Dr. Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey
* Self-assessment quizzes, two for adults and one for children
* Information about ADHD: background, next steps, and resources, all from ADHD expert Dr. Hallowell
* An ADHD news and information feed with regular updates from Dr. Hallowell

Dr. Hallowell is a child and adult psychiatrist. He taught at Harvard Medical School for 11 years and retired in 2004 to devote his professional attention to his clinical practice, lectures, and writing. He has authored 18 books on ADHD and other psychological and social topics. As a leader in the field of ADHD, Dr. Hallowell developed the ADHD iPhone app as a tool in identifying and providing recommendations for ADHD.

Customer Reviews

  • Good pre diagnosis tool

    by Kyle Tanner

    I wish the doctor would give some sort of a likelihood that you could have based of the test

  • Great app

    by Bull and Lion

    Worked well with preliminary diagnosis to get my wife help. Even better response when they fixed app-closing bug immediately after I reported it!

  • Convenient, practical and straightforward

    by Chad Salinas

    Great information for families and parents. Very informative as my children just started school. Simple, quick assessment for individuals just learning about the facets of ADHD. Resource section also helpful in the next steps section. Chad Salinas

  • ADHD Quiz review

    by Wayne Bennett

    This application had many more questions than I had seen before in the standard ADHD assessment questionaires. The questions were descriptive, specific and easier to relate to than I had previously seen. I felt that the long quiz was accurate because of the variety, breadth and depth of the questions.

  • Great Teachers' Aid

    by dancingfish

    I'm a 5th grade teacher in New York. This app has helped me understand and appreciate the more "active" students in my class. I would recommend this app to other teachers.

  • Really helped me better understand ADHD

    by reviewer ron

    My pediatrician recommended this app. I'm glad I got it. I learned a lot about ADHD - took the quizzes myself and also for my two boys. An understanding of ADHD will definitely help us in school this year. I really recommend the app for parents.

  • ADHD Quiz

    by Shebashe

    Yes, get this! Thank you Dr. Hallowell! This quiz has allowed me to really pin point the ADHD diagnosis for my son. My son's pediatrician recommended that I check this quiz out and I am so grateful for the insight. This was just what the doctor ordered literally. I then took the long quiz myself and was shocked to see I scored 80%. I am already trying some of the tips. Also, the positive aspects of ADD and ADHD were refreshing to learn about. It made me feel less abnormal and more special. I love this app and will recommend it to my friends.

  • A good conversation starter for those unfamiliar with ADHD

    by ph not v

    This app provides two tests, a short and a long version, that provide preliminary indication of whether it is worth discussing ADHD with a health professional. If you're just learning about ADHD, this app does provide some good introductory information and good resources for further learning. If you've already pretty familiar with ADHD, and in particular if you're already familiar with Dr Hallowell and his philosophy on the condition, this app may not cover much new ground.

  • A better life for $2.99

    by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA

    I've often said that ADHD is at its worst before it's diagnosed; once you know what you're dealing with, life gets much easier. This app provides two screening tests to help users decide whether it's worth exploring a diagnosis of ADHD further. It then provides some information about what ADHD is and its treatment options. It won't tell you everything you need to know about ADHD (not that it claims to), but it's a great start. Sometimes profound changes begin with small steps and getting diagnosed with ADHD is often one of those situations. If you've suspected that you or someone you know has ADHD, this app can help clarify that question. Worst case scenario: you find out that ADHD is not very likely and you can cross it off your list. Best case scenario: you find out that ADHD is quite likely and you take the next step of seeing a healthcare professional for an official diagnosis--like I said, once you know what you're dealing with, life gets much easier. This could be the best $2.99 that you ever spend. --Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA Author of "More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD", "Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians", and "Understand Your Brain, Get More Done: The ADHD Executive Functions Workbook" (Fall, 2011).

  • Great ADHD preliminary diagnosis tool and resources

    by kbob88

    This is a great preliminary ADHD diagnosis tool, with lots of extra ADHD resources and news. It won't replace a doctor's diagnosis, but can be used for preliminary screening, and to determine if a doctor's opinion is necessary. It consists of long and short questionnaires. The short questionnaire is statistically valid for screening for ADHD. Especially helpful for medical and educational professionals who need to screen others for ADHD. There are also good sets of ADHD resources and links, as well as up-to-date ADHD news and information. The app is well-designed and executed; appears to be bug-free.

  • Overall, good and helpful

    by therobbiedshow

    I like that the short test is statistically valid, but 1) I wish I could save my results and 2) I wish the long version would tell you more about what's gong on in my particular brain with regard to ADD.

  • A very helpful app!

    by SFBayMom

    My son's teacher recommended this app for my family and I am so glad she did. We found it simple and straightforward, very useful for several members of my family, all in one application. I plan to tell other parents in our school about this new application. Thanks Dr. Hallowell!

  • Very useful App!

    by saalboy

    It is an honor to be the first to write a review of Dr. Hallowell's new app. This is a real winner. As an iPhone/iPad lover I have seen a lot of apps and this one is here to stay. I am also a Child Psychiatrist (in California) who treats ADHD and I have already begun recommending this one to my patients. Thanks!

  • A waste!

    by thendrix

    I would rate this 0 stars if I could. Very disappointed that after taking the "quiz" I was given a generic response with no real tips or information. Seems to me that this is a really deceptive way to put a few bucks in someone's pocket, $1.99 at a time. Don't waste your time or money like I did.

  • This app is very misleading. Waste of time and money!

    by nw golfer

    I felt this app was going to provide a detailed assessment or diagnosis as to whether i had ADHD. It didn't even come close. it ran me through 125 questions (some irrelevant ones) and then at the end it basically says: "The more yes answers you answered, the more likely your are to have ADHD. I wish I could be more specific here, however this quiz Is based on my clinical experience and has not been validated." WHAT????? Then why the hell did you charge me $2 to download this useless, waste-of-time app???? He doesn't even give you breakdowns based on your scores (ie, unlikely,likely, most likely, etc). It's truly useless. don't download this.

  • Paid for NOTHING

    by OklaOT

    This app does not work! A waste of time & money. When I select either the long or short quiz it closes the app.

  • A Disappointment.

    by Hanna Gorman

    For those of us who are relatively conversant in ADHD topics and have read Dr. Hallowell's many books, this is nothing more than a short rehash of his books and an advertisement for those books and his other work. So, why is it not free, Dr. Hallowell? If you take the adult test, the comments at the end say "the more 'yes' answers you give, the more likely you have ADHD." This is helpful?!! Likely those who download this app already suspect or know they or a loved one have ADHD. Again, if we're going to pay for an app, there should be a little more bang for the buck. Yet, conveniently, there ARE some good resources listed in the app (but also in the books). For those who know NOTHING about ADHD, this may be a good value. For those with any knowledge of ADHD, it's not worth it -- even as part of your library. Really, this was a disappointment.

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