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Languages: English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: EM Gladiators LLC

-New Emergency Medicine 5 Module with 10 new cases!
-Content and other bug fixes
-New purchase screen so it is easier to view and purchase modules

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Resuscitation! is the award-winning virtual patient simulator that makes learning medicine addictive! Resuscitation! gives you a case presentation of a patient who is ill, and you play the role of a health care provider. You are in control and can take a history, perform a physical exam, form a differential diagnosis and administer therapy to treat the patient’s underlying problem. You can place the patient on a monitor, start IV’s, perform procedures, administer medications, obtain radiology studies, EKGs, and a lot more.

Resuscitation! is a very technical medical simulator and is designed mainly for health students and professionals who are interested in learning patient care. It is used by medical schools and residencies across the Unites States and has won multiple innovation awards. Resuscitation! has been played over 1.2 million times.

Resuscitation! may be too advanced for you if you have no medical or clinical experience. There are free cases; if you enjoy the free cases, there are many cases that you can purchase.

Topics include emergency medicine, EMS/Paramedic, emergency neurology, gynecology clinic, labor and delivery and pediatrics for UK and Europe users! Your support is appreciated and will allow us to continue making fun and educational cases.

-2013 Harvard Graduate School of Education EduScramble Winner
-2013 and 2014 IMSH Serious Games Runner-up Emerging Company

Customer Reviews

  • Great way to learn EM for students and interns

    by D1B2

    The "learn by doing" approach in this app has helped me retain what I have learned. One tweak needs to be made though - the EKGs keep appearing sideways. If you rotate the iPad, the EKG rotates as well, keeping the EKG sideways. Keep up the great work!

  • Awesome

    by Makaela Okert

    As a medic student this is a fun game and defiantly worth the try.

  • WHEN..?

    by samhebert

    When will there be more cases? I'm starving for more!

  • Fantastic!

    by Me_gustas_tu

    Really helpful and addicting app. All ED staff should have this!

  • Excellent app for nursing/med students

    by Mmata0924

    I'm trying to gear up for my critical care clinical rotation and this is a great review and resource! I'm sort of addicted! Makes learning fun!

  • Resus!

    by shaun sanucci

    Totally the best! Please Please Please come out with more cases! Need a United States ER Pediatric Module! This is the best way to learn! Well worth the money! Also add more ER Modules!!!!

  • Resuscitation! Is awesome.

    by NurseJamie58

    Very accurate!

  • This Is one of the best medical apps

    by PathMax

    Try it and if you don't like it, write how it could be better.

  • Excellent app, worth every penny! Not just for practice but an excellent teaching tool as well.

    by sgisigh

    Great app!

  • Good, needs work

    by Izz03

    Great program, comprehensive and well explained. The additional cases are good, but it could use a purchase all cases option.

  • Best!

    by SheldonHolmes

    This is so cool app! Please keep it developing, It is worth every dollar!

  • Resuscitation

    by Starhtay


  • Review

    by TEMT 46

    This is a good game it get's me thinking as an EMT. But one thing I would like to see is a more EMS oriented game for both EMT Basics and Paramedics.

  • Really fun

    by DChipster

    I've always been super interested in medical stuff but too squeamish to actually go into the field. This game satisfies my nerdy medical curiosity and play Doctor. More modules please!

  • Great App!

    by houseofgodzilla

    Awesome way to test yourself and learn regardless of whether you are ms1 or an experienced attending. Buy the app, buy the additional cases, and love it.

  • Mark

    by NY paramedic

    I really enjoy is game. It is rather routine on most of the paramedic scenarios but still presents some additional challenges and diagnosis. I hope that whoever produces the app continues to evolve the pre hospital care and takes suggestions to heart. I have several ideas that would make this app even better and would love to share them.

  • my favorite "game"

    by Chantelle O

    Challenging yet rewarding. Case discussions are wonderful for gaining insight. Needs more Paramedic modules. Feel this app is more interactive and superior to Prognosis, though both developers are responsive to feedback. Would like to see real-time intervention outcomes that are time-sensitive in future updates.

  • Getting Better everyday

    by Mercmedic

    The author of this app is very responsive to suggestions, corrections of found discrepancies and bug fixes are immediately fixed when brought to his attention. The more user interaction with the author will only improve this app to someday it will be more of a simulator for patient care than just a game to make you use your brain. I give it a solid 4 stars as there is still room for improvement and they are doing it daily! Frequent updates! Well worth the money for any upgrades. There is something for everybody from the New paramedic to "brain surgeons"! Once they got it figured out from player feedback it became very good. Needs more Paramedic scenarios.

  • Cool Game

    by Sashiko85

    This game makes your brain hit the textbooks!!! Love it!


    by EmsSpaceBuddy

    I love the ems feature! Please make many more scenarios. More trauma would be nice too.

  • I love it

    by Lolo19131

    I am a RN. And a FNP-student... This app is very educational, I feel like I am learning a lot... Keep up the good work....

  • Awesome App!

    by Taylor Terlizzese

    This app works great! I am a medical student and it is not only really fun, but it is also very educational.

  • Keep up the good work!

    by 7471747

    Hey guys love the game! Please update! You have a good thing going and I look forward to more content!

  • This. Is. Awesome!

    by Oxen Child

    Since med school broke me + I can no longer read + focus for 10 sec at a time, interactive learnin' is clutch. Info here is complete (so far). Enough pressure plus pretty colors to keep me focused. Woot!

  • Resuscitation

    by BenPurvis83

    I have been an EMT-B For 12 years. Just after high school I worked in the local ER as an ER-Tech. Since I have worked from prehospital care to long term critical care ( as a Medical Assistant- don't have that cert.). I started with the ER MD scenarios. Recently, I purchased the Paramedic part. I love this app. Play it more than an my other study or game apps. Keep adding scenarios. Expand paramedic, to include RSI, make the scenarios a little more challenging... Definately have something going with this.

  • Love it!

    by Momofevie

    Love the paramedic update. Well done!

  • Fun and educational at the same time

    by voyager6223

    Love it. Sometimes humbling, although always fun. The more we know the better off our patients are.

  • Great learning tool

    by Pinky9099

    You choose the labs, meds, treatments, and diagnosis. Many different scenarios and patient types. Highly recommend!

  • Wow this is incredible

    by fortylove40

    Such an awesome and pretty accurate game to practice your knowledge with

  • Addicting

    by Hmc051992

    This is the BEST game out there. I am an RN and I love it. Very fun and educational.

  • Superb!

    by Go Indy colts!!!!!!!!

    Excellent review and preparatory tool for ER clinicians!!

  • Fun and informative

    by Memo636

    Fun way to practice assessment and critical thinking skills! Great explanations and case reviews to help learning. Just tried the new paramedic mode, which was fun too.

  • Great tool for keeping sharp

    by qualityhardware

    I'm a paramedic and use this app constantly. I have all of the modules and don't limit myself to just the paramedic cases. This app has helped me perform higher quality assessments in the field and enhanced my communications skills with the ER MDs and RNs when I transfer patient care. Hats off to the developers!

  • Love it!

    by JHB Newbie

    I am EMS and love that module but am learning a lot on the physician modules too.

  • great

    by Facebemine

    I found this agreat way to study for the emergency feild!

  • Fun & Challenging

    by Medical-Student

    Finally, a game created by & for medical professionals. Incredibly fun & challenging game with a great variety of cases. Detailed case summary is accurate & vey high yield. Highly recommended.

  • Awesome!

    by Exhausted medic student

    I'm currently in paramedic school and I love this app! It really helps with the development in critical thinking. I would really like to see more EMS scenarios. Thanks for the great app!

  • Lp

    by Sparklergirl31

    Love it. I'm a RN thinking on advancing my career. This app is great learning tool and fun at the same time.

  • Awesome

    by Me1223


  • Not only instructive but also fun!

    by JuDoctor

    I just got the new emergency module

  • Resuscitation

    by 927Hawk5015

    This app is awesome. I am currently in school to be an EMT and going through the paramedic case is definitely helping specially with the meds. Everyone should try this app.

  • Amazing game!!!!

    by Ctreeves

    It is helping me a lot!!!!!

  • Cases get better and better

    by SmuttyCubby

    This is excellent prep for ACLS cert/renewal.

  • 5 stars!!

    by Pchamp21

    Awesome game. I'm an EMT right now in my later stage of medic school so the new prehospital cases are a little easy but still really fun. The in hospital cases were well beyond my scope of knowledge but they definitely teach you a lot. Would recommend this for anyone nd everyone in the medical/healthcare field regardless of your experience/training. Such a fun game. So happy that they added the new cases also. The people who made this really know what they were doing. Very well put together. Can't wait for more cases to come out :)

  • Best app!

    by Silver1800

    I am an ER resident. I love this application. The new updates are excellent. I wish there were more applications like this. Even with the easier cases it has helped me be more complete in my orders in the real ER. I have noticed improvement in practice. I will purchase and look forward to all future cases. Could use more pediatrics...the little ones scare me.

  • Supplemental course tool

    by An brown

    I use this app as additional material in many ACLS and other courses. The ability to meet the need for information from the vast audience of healthcare providers is essential for an instructor.

  • Very pleased new Paramedic

    by Bigbaldguy

    I used this app to help me study for both the psychomotor and computer based test for Paramedic. I used the full version as the EMS version wasn't out at that point. I believe it helped me although probably was a good deal more information than I really required. I can't wait to try the paramedic module.

  • More EMS stuff please!!!!!!

    by JeepinGoody

    More EMS stuff please!!!!!!

  • Wonderful for EDRNs also

    by Mucho Muerto

    Learn a little more why. Invaluable.

  • Awesome Game!!!!

    by FireMedic2010

    I absolutely love this game! I love it even more that you added the EMS version. I've been a medic for 3 years and I love playing this to keep my thinking and skills sharp! I just wish I had this app in medic school. Keep the EMS updates coming!!!

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