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Seller: EM Gladiators LLC

-Much more stable version, less crashes
-Improved Hints/Tutorials
-Less pop-up alerts and smoother graphics allowing for improved experience
-Added 2 awesome and challenging cases!
-Removed the requirement to check a rhythm to verify that the patient has a pulse. Now you just have to check a pulse to end/win the game
-New "Lite" version that is free so you can share it with your friends

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Welcome to the CPR Game! The CPR Game is a unique and fun cardiac arrest simulator for persons with advanced CPR training. It has been developed to help healthcare/medical students, residents, paramedics and nurses become more proficient in advanced CPR. It is designed for someone who has taken BLS, ACLS or ATLS. The game is great because you can learn and make mistakes that don’t harm real people! You can even play it during that boring basic science lecture! The CPR Game is based heavily on the 2010 ACLS guidelines, and should help you practice basic and advanced skills. Please note that CPR Game and EM Gladiators are not in any way associated with the American Heart Association.

The game takes place in the “CPR Room”, a state-of-the-art hospital resuscitation room. The user is presented with a case vignette of a patient that is critically ill, has lost a pulse and needs immediate resuscitation. You are responsible for managing chest compressions, getting IV access, assessing the rhythm strip, managing the airway and performing life saving interventions! There are approximately 20 realistic cases in the game.

Don’t be fooled by the silly graphics, CPR game is a very technical medical simulator. The technical details are very important to learn if you wish to be an expert in resuscitation. The CPR Game was designed by an emergency physician and is designed to be challenging, even to persons skilled in cardiac arrest scenarios. However, there are 3 levels in the game so you can start at an easy level and practice to be become an expert!

Please check out the reviews of the app! (Thank you iMedicalApps.com)

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks

    by PathMax

    Thank you.

  • Saving lives is hard

    by houseofgodzilla

    So for any physician who thinks they would do better than the paramedics or ER docs... This app is your wake up call.

  • Just what I've been looking for

    by Bellarn75


  • Great game but needs more cases

    by Dimaaaaaa

    3 cases? Needs at least 1 example of every rhythm type, more feedback. Also you should def lose points but makes no sense why pt won't revive if you don't rotate compressors perfectly on the minute in expert mode. Needs an update!

  • good app!

    by tippyturnout

    This is a good app to play around with. Hope they make Pediatric CPR game also!!

  • 2 thumbs up

    by Nyc chicken soup

    Nice reference tool.

  • Great game

    by tido2012

    Great game!! Definitely nice to be able to do the scenarios over and over again until you've basically memorized what to do for each particular type of case.

  • Resident approved

    by Shannon O

    I'm an emergency medicine resident and love this app! Great use of technology to bring simulation to your phone. Would love more cases and more game elements, but still fantastic as is.

  • Great, but....

    by NP Pod

    Great game. Love the simulations however it freezes every time I go to give a second drug. Getting very annoying. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM????

  • Icu nurse approved

    by Daacari

    8 thumbs up!!! I was surprised to see this app had the new acls algorithm CAB incorporated. Every new grad or experienced nurse should have this app for practice on code running. This is exactly what I was looking for!

  • Needs to be updated

    by Wow why do I need a nickname

    The bls portion is up to date but bretylium has been "unavailable" for a while now so it probably shouldn't be a critical step

  • Ok

    by Mvg3711

    Pretty cool, would be better if it had more cases

  • Best so far!

    by Tssource

    This is the best medic app I own for my iPhone. I hope you guys add more scenarios and more simulator games emphasizing emergent prehospital scenarios. Well done.

  • Good with potential

    by Keithdb2

    It's pretty decent. A little buggy. I'd like to see more sims that weren't pEA/asystole. I'd also like to see more options on tests and more variables that affect outcome. Some diuretics, ventilator with PEEP settings, vasoactives (pressors), EtCO2 and basic labs would be nice. Also, including a scenario or two regarding post ROSC care would be cool. As well as allowing simultaneous med pushes and a timeline which includes things like ET tube attempt times, IV start times with number of IVs, procedure times. Plus the adverse actions could be a little better. I flooded an obvious pulmonary edema pt with 5L fluid with no adverse action. And what the hell is Bertyllium still doing here? Overall it's good practice, but theres huge untapped potential that I hope they develop.

  • Great for any Emergency Medical Profession!!!

    by Joseph Goeddeke

    This game is great for any emergency medical profession. From ER Physicians to EMT-Basics. I wrote the makers and asked if a EMT and Paramedic game will be in development. They said they are in the phase of doing so. I feel its very realistic in you have a certain amount of time to check the ABCs, start compressions, and provide interventions for airways and such. You have to start a certain IV and check the patients cardiac rhythm. Its very cool for students to help memorize and get the process of initial emergency patient care down. Great work to the developers.

  • Good, but begging for improvements.

    by ebolthouse

    The game play is overall but there are some problems: • graphics could be better • occasional crashes (not too bad, but still annoying) • to go to the next case you press the random case button. Odd. Otherwise, good.

  • ER resident

    by M Akhter

    This game is awesome. It's like being in a sim center but from home. I feel so much more confident in resuscitations after practicing with this. This CPR game makes me randy!

  • Great

    by musicwatcher 24/7

    This is a very detailed app could you add sounds for things such as the shock or bvm or monitor, that would be great and could you add an instruction screen in game.

  • Fantastic!

    by CZZ03

    This is an excellent tool for those involved in medical care at any level (EMS, nursing staff, medical student, resident, attending physician.) It's as close to training in the simulation center that many emergency physicians in this country undergo during their residency without physically going. The critical actions on each case are well thought out and actually make resuscitations second nature in the real world. I can personally attest to this as being a senior resident at one of the busiest county hospitals in the southeast where we see multiple medical/trauma resuscitations per shift. The program is complicated, but after watching the tutorial and familiarizing yourself with button locations it becomes easier. This would be awesome on the ipad!!!!

  • Jumbled display

    by headphones40

    The display appears "jumbled" together. Icons in the game overlap each other. Any solutions?

  • DOA

    by EMT Baker

    Game is aweful. Freezes. Waste of $. 

  • Too many bugs! I am an ER nurse and think this is a great idea. It would be a great teaching aid.

    by Victoria Nugent

    I am using 2.0 and still can't get through one scenario before it locks up and stops working. Really wish it worked!

  • Great idea, but has bugs

    by chris giannelli

    Probably would've given it 4 stars, but it randomly shuts down all the time. Twice in a row now it shut down when I pressed 'drug history' (case 10 Bee Sting). Also occurs when i press 'restart', 'main'. Very frustrating. Will give 4 stars when this is resolved. I'd estimate it shuts down 90% of the sessions I've played. Also, would like to see options for checking lytes and treating based on values, instead of guessing whether K+ is low or not. Also checking BP would be helpful in gauging how much fluid to apply. And why not program it so that I can order multiple iv drugs at once? So I can deliver Albuterol, Epi, and fluid all at one time. When making future improvements, always remember, realism is KEY!

  • Great!!!

    by DOOKIE J

    This game is great. Have been waiting for something like this. It could use more drugs and b.p option. It is a very educational game,love it

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