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Finally, an app based on the bestselling review book of its kind, Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Exam, 5th Edition! With 1500 questions that reflect the latest NCLEX test plan, this new app features numerous alternate item question formats – including the new video and audio questions.

Don't make the mistake of assuming the quality of the questions is the same in all NCLEX exam products. This app includes the kind of trusted questions that consistently test the critical thinking skills necessary to pass today's NCLEX exam.

And if you find that 1500 questions aren’t enough practice for you, you can add more questions, 500 at a time, in the app itself with convenient in-app purchasing.

With this app, you can:
•Practice with 1500 questions, written by Linda Anne Silvestri, PhD, RN - the most trusted name in NCLEX examination review
•Take alternate item questions including: Multiple Response, Prioritizing, Figure Questions, Video, and Audio
•Create customized quizzes based on client needs or content areas – including the ability to select multiple topics and subtopics to practice the questions you need to study the most.
•Shuffle questions and select the number of questions for each quiz.
•Review the rationale, test taking strategy, and reference information for every question – in study mode after you answer each question, or at the end of your quiz.
•Purchase additional questions conveniently from within the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs Improvement

    by Serious music listener

    I've answered about 800 of the 1500 questions so far. They seem to be well-written and representative of what you'd see on the NCLEX exam. The rationals they provide after each question are immensely helpful. You can create your own test by selecting the content and the number of questions you'll answer, and then name that test so you can come back and work on it later. The major flaw I've found is when I connect my iPod touch to my computer to recharge it, the exam I'm currently working on is lost. Or if the iPod dies, the exam is lost. Apparently, the only way to archive an exam is to end and submit it for grading, which prevents you from going back and restarting where you left off. There's no workable save feature. It's extremely frustrating to answer 400 questions of a 500 question test, and then lose the exam when you recharge. This seems like a simple fix and a no-brainer.

  • Good app but needs some tweak

    by M&C1124

    I like how it gives you rationales for the answers. Please improve the app by allowing to save the progress and be able to pick up where you left off. As it is, I use this app on the go. There is an option to select the number if questions you want to answer but most of the time you end up seeing the same questions over and over.

  • Great app!

    by Plover67

    I would have given it five stars but the shuffle function doesn't work! So I found it best to test by content area-- either by heading or subheading so I'd do 50-100 questions at a time. This worked out great, and I covered all the bases.

  • Good but could use improvements

    by Majakat

    I like it, good rationales with all questions and a lot of questions. I would like to see the ability to test and retest omitting questions you have already done. Also the ability to choose to test from question 1-100 for example. And then later test from 101-200. As it is you can shuffle, but you may get the same questions again.

  • This is the best!

    by Karl Araneta

    I installed this in my iphone and answered as much question that i could but i think i only answer about 400+ in about 7days only. I did not use any nclex book. And guess what, i passed the nclex-rn. I graduated in 2008 in the Philippines and did not even practice nursing for 4years. All i can say is that, this is the best review material ever. With only $40 you can be and RN and start a better career! Thank Lynda!

  • Where is the SAVE button?

    by Altruistic48

    I tried to answer some questions but wasn't able to finish what I started and I was a bit upset because you cannot save the set of unanswered questions so that you can go back at it anytime you want and finish it.

  • The questions are very good, but the app needs work.

    by Steph Z.

    The app needs to be updated in order for the question pool selection button to be properly displayed and fully functional. I've had to restart the app in order to access more than 13 questions at a time, as well.

  • I like it but.....

    by anonymous08

    I like the application it has good questions good rationales but you end up seeing questions more than once. You should be able to generate questions from unused only to avoid seeing a question more than once. I also don't like that you can't go back to a quiz, you either finish it or start over. Some of the questions are from the Saunders review book too. Has good questions but it's missing a lot for what the price is.

  • Nursing student

    by Nursing student Rn

    I think this app is great and worth my money. Other reviews say you can't return to where you left off but you can. You can choose the number of questions and the categories. It's great!!! I can use it on my iPad and my iPod :-)

  • Worth every penny!

    by BNW80

    I love how you can pick how many questions you want to answer. I love that it keeps a running total of how many you have missed and answered correctly. You can look back at previous test to read the rationals. I only wish it had more questions.... I know you can buy more but really they should have been included.

  • Good test prep for now

    by Qtalways

    I currently use this app while in nursing school. I can do the questions anywhere anytime and not have my book on me. It's great. There are some things I dislike and this is why it doesn't get 5 stars yet. 1. You cannot save a quiz and go back if you get out of the app or it crashes. 2. The shuffle mode seems to not work that well. I get the same questions over and over at the beginning and get some new ones at the end. 3. It is very expensive. I purchased the Saunders comprehensive review and was very happy with that purchase! This app sometimes has questions repeated from the book. Overall it's been a helpful purchase so far while in nursing school. It's rationales have been helpful. I like that I have a study aid where ever I go. I can do the questions when I'm bored. There are other apps out there that aren't as expensive and those seem to be helpful too. I've been told to go with Saunders for NCLEX review.

  • Good questions but..

    by Lea McCommas

    I wish there was a way you could save the quiz your are taking and come back later and resume it. Now there is only exit and finish & if you don't complete all the questions in your quiz before you submit then your score doesn't reflect the percentage you got right out of the questions you actually answered.

  • Good but needs improvement

    by 3rd level nursing student

    I love the Saunders brand and really enjoy the questions and format. The only thing that needs improvement is the shuffle because I seem to always get the same questions when I take a quiz. Other then that it is a great app to practice with.

  • Annoying

    by Rpacio

    I find it annoying that it won't save your quiz if you back out or if the app crashes.

  • Saunders is the best!

    by Phailin

    I love this particular app, because it gives you strategies on how you should have read the question. It give references you can use to brush up on if you missed a particular question. It has great alternative style questions to help you truly prepare for what will be on the nclex examination. Now, the reason this app is not a five star for me, is because I know it could also make a few changes to make it the top nclex app out there. 1.I bought the expansion pack and it would be nice to combine all three question packs. 2. If there can be a question browse mode. 3. Big one for me, is a search bar to type in a topic, like diabetes and get all the questions that pertain to that, instead of clicking the endocrine topic and having to answer all questions to get my diabetes ones, etc.... 4. More of a question and overall quiz analysis on how you did. That way you can figure out what you are truly struggling on. Such as nursing process, difficulty, type of question, like a combination or better or mosby's and lippincott's nclex apps. 5. If you really want to blow the other apps away, like on you CDs, a 75 question analysis on your weaknesses and strengths to really help you focus your studies. I love Saunders in general and regard it as one of the top nclex sources out there and I know you ( Saunders) do to, so the question is how far are you willing to go to make sure you are and remain the best???

  • Not impressed

    by nikkitavy

    I know they are good reputable questions, but for $29.00 it should have an unanswered questions option. And it's very distracting to have to click open a new page to read the whole question. I'm looking into a refund based on these two options.

  • Warning do not buy if you have ios6!!!

    by n2tunz

    Paid $39 total for app and the extra questions. Worked fine until the update. Questions are the same as on the Saunders disk that comes with the book. By the way, the disk also has problems working with Mac, but works fine with Windows. It was replaced by tech support, but problem still remains.

  • Please update :(

    by I_c_a

    After updating, this app suddenly crashes :( developers, please do something immediately....this app started out really well and im hoping that an update comes out really soon

  • iOS 6 update!!!

    by beanp71

    This app is useless with iOS 6. Paid 30 bucks for app and 8 or so for more ques. After update to iOS 6 app doesn't work. Recommended be Els to reinstall, which I did, causing me to loose extra questions. Elsevier says that they are not responsible for their 3rd party apps after they are sold and that I should contact Apple!!' Ridiculous!!! That's like saying if I buy Coke at a supermarket, Coke no longer has any responsibility for their product! 800-692-9010 was the number I was provided for further questions. I'm so annoyed.

  • Please update

    by frustratednstudent

    It worked fine until the new IOS update was installed. Now it is useless. Please update the product. I would really like to use this product since I paid $30+ dollars for it.

  • Not happy.

    by Mal-eee-tuuuh

    I purchased a second pool of questions but the same exact questions are in the pool. I attempted to contact the developer and there is no way to do that. the questions also seemed pretty basic. Not sure if they really reflect nclex difficulty level.

  • Disappointed

    by Crasshhess

    The app would not be much of a disappointment if it actually work! Paid $30 for something that doesn't work. They have great questions but i could only get up to 50 questions unlike the 1500?s thats stated in the app detail. can't go back to create new question poll. Buy the book instead and save your money!!!

  • Do not buy

    by Anonymous patmichelle

    Do not buy. It keeps generating the same exact 13 questions. Doesn't allow me to change my content area.

  • Not impressed

    by Commathe

    Saunders is a great for studying for the NCLEX. This app is very convenient, but I keep seeing many of the same questions over and over again. This makes it both frustrating and impossible to accurately see how well I'm doing. I don't think I would buy this app again for that reason. If I was using it to study specific sections as you would in nursing school, I might find it more helpful.

  • $39 for the apps when its only $29...

    by Kapitan kamote123

    I thought that it is only $29 how come im being charge for $39. Now i dont know who to talk to. This is a rip off...

  • Not happy

    by RNMay2012

    I have had this app for 8 hours. Taken 4 quizzes totaling 150 questions and I've seen the same questions over and over! There is supposed to be a bank of 1500!!!! Pissed I spent $29.95.

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