HESI Q&A for the NCLEX-RN Exam Medical App Review (iOS, $24.99)


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Don’t trust the imposters! This is the only app created by the same team responsible for the
HESI™ series of nursing exams.
From the online site that accompanies the highly successful HESI Comprehensive Review for the
NCLEX-RN® Examination, these 600 challenging, critical-thinking style practice questions can be
used to create customized quizzes based on six different content areas, so you can practice the
questions you need to study most.
No internet access is required, so you can study for your nursing exams, HESI exams, or the NCLEXRN
Exam – wherever you are, on the go.
With the HESI Q&A for the NCLEX-RN Exam, you can:
Practice with 600 challenging, critical-thinking style practice questions, written by the same
team responsible for the HESI series of nursing exams.
Create customized quizzes based on six different content areas: Medical-Surgical Nursing,
Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Fundamentals, Maternity, and Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
Select multiple topics when creating a quiz to practice the questions you need to study the
Take a comprehensive exam, patterned after the categories on the NCLEX-RN exam.
Review the rationale for every question, when in “study mode,” after you answer each
Shuffle questions and select the number of questions for each quiz.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app. Needs more questions

    by red99

    I suppose I could go with either 3 or 4 stars. On the one hand it is an excellent app that is also compatible with the iPad. I also love the instant feedback. It also helped me ace my hesi exit exam. I scored - 97 percentile. On the other hand they REALLY need more questions. I mostly used this app and the ATI app to study for the nclex. (They are both about the same price. ). I admit they were a bit expensive but I passed with the minimum questions so I guess they worked! :-)

  • Good app, just too few ques

    by Jaseliga

    Good app with Hesi style questions. But would love more questions in each category for the price. Saunders offers 1500 questions overall. Meanwhile this only offers 50 questions in each category :( only benefit is there hesi style questions.

  • Liked it!

    by Kai'ulani

    I downloaded this to help me study for our psych hesi! I was disappointed in only receiving 50 questions on this section, but I downloaded a couple more apps to help test my knowledge. I ended up getting a 970 on the actually hesi, so I'm pretty satisfied about the results. I don't think it's worth $25 because there aren't enough questions for each section!

  • Needs more questions

    by Streetfighter pro

    I was happy to receive this app, but was disappointed once I opened it. There were too few questions in the app. I paid $25 for a low quality app. Please add at least 100 questions in each category!

  • Doesn't help with real hesi

    by Nikkilpppp

    Waste of money just got out if the exam and did not help at all

  • Not worth it

    by Indoc cone

    Just got out of my hesi and this app did not help at all TOTAL waste of money

  • Cost why toooo much

    by Hkhhv

    Only 75 questions for each section, thats all you Getafe for about $30!!! There are better apps a lot moré questions and for free!

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