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Test your knowledge of the fundamentals of clinical nursing with this exciting, new app!

As part of the Clinical Cases app series, the Fundamentals of Nursing app is perfect for use during exam preparation or as a study tool and provides an engaging approach to learning and revision.

The complete Clinical Cases Fundamentals of Nursing app features:

• 24 progressive case studies, with MCQs integrated throughout and rationales provided for all answers
• 150 flash cards testing the app user on key terms and definitions
• Word games (timed)
• Glossary

The initial download includes 2 case studies, flash cards, word puzzles and glossary.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the right case studies for you with the option to pick and choose from the remaining 22 Case Studies. The following options are available:

1. Complete Package – buy all 22 remaining Case Studies
2. Buy individual Case Studies
3. Buy bundles of 2 Case Studies at a time as follows:
•Acute Care 1 & 2
•Adolescent Mental Health & Mental Health 1& 2
•Bowel Elimination 1 & 2
•Community-based nursing care of the older person 1 & 2
•Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base balance 1 & 2
•Medication Therapy 1 & 2
•Oxygenation 1 & 2
•Pain management 1 & 2
•Skin integrity 1 & 2
•Urinary elimination 1 & 2
•Health assessment 1 & Vital signs 2

The Clinical Cases Fundamentals of Nursing app is an engaging and alternative way to learn at your own pace – wherever, whenever!

Customer Reviews

  • Teezer to make you buy more!

    by MadBanker12/18

    I purchased this app to get more NCLEX questions that focused on fundamentals of nursing, as I am in my first semester of nursing school. I liked how the case study was laid out and gave rationales for the correct answers. However, once I finished the first one, all the other studies were locked and had to be purchased for further access. $3.99 was a lot to pay for one case study! Disappointed..

  • Don't waste ur money

    by Bizito

    Don't waste ur money buying this app unless u planned to spend additional $24 to be able to assess the clinical part of the app with this u get a puzzle and some term definition.

  • Less complete than expected

    by Yakkr

    I purchased this thinking I would get many case studies. There is a cube you click on and are given the option of buying a level 1, level 2, or all case studies for each area. At an increasing price. Disappointed

  • Do NOT Get

    by سندس habiba

    It's a rip off!! No help & over priced!! For $ 3.99 you only get 2 categories !! & they pressure you to pay an additional $2.99 for each additional individual chapter!! Do NOT BUY!

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