Brain Imaging Case Review Medical App Review (iOS, $19.99)


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Seller: Elsevier Inc.

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Brain Imaging Case Review for iPhone and iPad

Brain Imaging Case Review makes it easy to challenge your knowledge of a full range of diagnoses in brain imaging. With over 600 images, figure legends describing each finding, the ability to test how well you know each diagnosis, and the option to turn figure labels on and off, the Brain Imaging Case Review app is a perfect companion to the Brain Imaging Case Review and!
•At-a-glance review and self-testing of brain imaging cases
•Correct and incorrect answer assessment
•Ability to view images as unknown cases
•Turn figure labels on or off
•Turn figure legends on or off
•DDx question for most cases
The iPhone and iPad Editions provide the following features:
•Full HD Illustrations
•Scrollable Thumbnails of all Illustrations
•Shuffle feature, to view cases out of order
•Pinch and Zoom Figures
•Bookmark cases
•Add Notes to cases
•Index to Notes

Customer Reviews

  • Not like the book! Missing critical content !

    by HWJablome

    Warning, this app is not nearly as useful as the Book version. The image quality and user interface is very good but the text content is completely lacking. It is little more than a lot of images with diagnoses. The extensive comments included in the book series have been completly left out of the app! Also the Quiz format is frustrating since the clinical information needed to get the correct answers has also been left out. Other answers have minimal brief explanations that don't seem to make much sense. For example, one case merely states that a cerebellar tumor can't be a PNET because they occur in the ventricle and not the cerebellum. (Huh?...what is that supposed to mean? I hope my residents don't memorize that). It seems like Elsevier just borrowed the images and answers from the book without including the most valuable text content. With all due respect to the authors, I got the impression there was no peer review process involved here. It's a shame because the programmers did a great job with the GUI, and the authors of the "original book" version did a great job. Elsevier just didn't put it all together in this App. For 19.99 I feel I was really ripped off. This app has the potential to be 5 stars if they update it with the missing information, but as is stands it doesn't desereve the minimum of 1 that the Apple rating system requires I give it. If you're studying for the Neuro CAQ or boards do not buy it !!!!. Get the real book version. If you want digital format buy the real book, Kindle edition. Come on Elsevier....lets fix this !!!

  • Please do not buy

    by Aortizdoc

    This app is quite expensive if you compare it to the brain cases of radiopedia which by the way, was free when it came out, and has tons of information in the answer for each case.


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