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Anesthesia-A Comprehensive Review for iPhone® and iPad

Download of this app includes 10 free questions to review. You can choose to buy the complete set of questions for $89.99.

This invaluable study tool for certification and recertification is a superb way to ensure mastery of all the key knowledge in anesthesiology. Nearly 1,000 completely updated review questions in mobile format—vetted by Mayo residents—cover the most recent information on all anesthesia subspecialties.

•This mobile review app presents 997 thoroughly revised questions for the most current and comprehensive review of board material, covering the latest discoveries and techniques in physics, biochemistry, and anesthesia equipment, along with the newest drugs and drug categories.
•Complies with the new ABA format so you have an accurate representation of the new question style and can prepare effectively.
•Includes discussions after each question, along with references to major anesthesia texts so its easy to find more information on any subject.
•Test you knowledge of anesthesia through the most comprehensive coverage of basic sciences and clinical practice for an effective review.

Other great features:
Questions with rationales.
Handy app features include answer tracking, note taking, voice annotating, highlighting, and reference links.
Quickly find topics of interest with full text search, as well as an indexing of terms to quickly jump to your topic of interest.
Zoom in on images and figures, view them in portrait or landscape mode, and mark as favorites the images and figures you need to reference again. On the iPad®, there also is enhanced figure viewing with double-sized (2x) screen capacity.
Study on the go; no connectivity is needed to instantly access
Anesthesia-A Comprehensive Review questions and answers once they are purchased.

Customer Reviews

  • Prepare

    by edbatt

    Relevant to exams & daily practice; succinct, with great references for expanded reading.

  • Great!

    by The Tiger1234

    An invaluable resource for studying Anesthesia. Recommend for all residents/trainees.

  • Nice

    by Nicebookgh


  • Great app

    by Defenistration

    Easy to use

  • Awesome app

    by Anesthesia is the bomb

    Can do these questions while waiting in between cases, chilling at the beach, or whenever you want. Very convenient to have on your phone. You can see the explanations right away without having to flip through the pages. Definitely recommend this app

  • Review

    by Djruss01

    Great study aid, would give five stars if I could access on multiple devic

  • Must have

    by TAnestco

    This is a must have application to keep up knowledge and prepare for board exam.

  • Good review. But not-boards-standard

    by bostondoc

    The questions cover most anesthetic issues and is a good review to brush up on basic knowledge. However the quality of questions is not at board level.

  • Excellent

    by AnesthDoct

    Challenging questions with good explanations. Wealth of knowledge. Easy to use as well.

  • Good app

    by Lakrsfan4lyf

    Nice app but makes you rebuy it on a different IOS device

  • Helpful for MOCA

    by suzoma

    Thanks for making a user-friendly question bank.

  • Excellent!

    by Drchrissy

    Thanks for making this wonderful qbook available for easy use In OR!

  • Great!

    by Chithe05

    Very convenient!!

  • Love this!

    by Bradley Wisler

    Easy, thorough, just what I need.

  • Less effort

    by Bryan Chan

    I have the paperback version and it is very time consuming to review a question, flip to the answer section for the explanation. Much less effort and able to cover more material efficiently

  • Great review questions!

    by Chimay1203

    Good stuff

  • Excellent

    by SBA

    Great review!

  • Good resource

    by Hoyajess

    Easy to use, well worth the investment. I already owned the paper copy but the app version is much more conducive to on-the-go studying. Highly recommended.

  • Worth it

    by Last Minute Study-er

    I already own the paper version, but because of the app's ease-of- use I recommend buying the app version. I go through many more questions; the answer explanation pops up right after you answer the question, which is so convenient! No flipping back and forth. Worth buying even if you already have the book.

  • Great review source!!

    by Daddy2

    Easy to use. Great review.

  • .

    by winter200909


  • good question content, lacking explanations

    by Jimbob383

    In terms of the user friendliness, this app is fine. Where this program is lacking is in the question explanations. If you are looking for UWorld quality explanations, this is not going to be up to snuff. While it does provide good references, it would be nice if they had deeper explanations of both the answers and the foils (wrong choices). If my residency program didn't reimburse me for this money, I would be very disappointed. also, the references are outdated (example: Barash references are from edition 5...we are now on edition 7).

  • Excellent

    by Blueness

    Q bank style questions with instant feedback. Far superior to paper copy. I recommend updating/adding questions periodically.


    by DST8Psi99

    This app is beautifully designed and is better than the book (no flipping back and forth to see the answer)! Unfortunately, it's references are to older versions of the major books (Miller, Stoelting's, etc.) but that isn't a big problem. It's nice that you can highlight also. Worth the money-- just wish I had purchased this INSTEAD of the book!

  • Out of date

    by Ants12

    This is just an electronic version of the old hall question book in QBank style format. It needs an update though as about 30% of the questions are outdated.

  • Good but...

    by Oumed

    Great questions, but no syncing between devices. Had to repurchase this app even though I own the book. Reported an issue with the highlight function not working properly about 1 year ago, and it still has yet to be fixed. I will say that their customer service was fast to respond that they were aware of the issue. Needs the references updated since the sources it directs you to are usually the previous edition of the book and thus hard to look up for more information.

  • Great

    by Dr4KU

    I learn by repetitive questions and reviewing reasoning to the answers and the distractors within the questions. Get it NOW!

  • Hall

    by Cram Master

    Extremely well designed app with for the most part relevant questions. My only complaint is that about 1 of 6 questions is out of date and no longer material that is tested on boards.

  • Recommended

    by vinzbehbel

    Worth buying to review while studying for AKT and ITE. Must have!!!!

  • Good review

    by Obi Eme

    Good review, wish they allowed for syncing between devices and also gave you a breakdown of your performance by topic when you finish a section.

  • Great app

    by Bjs261

    Great app. The only reason I'm giving it 4/5 stars is that syncing between devices is not supported (I.e. iPad & iPhone).

  • Very helpful app

    by linuxgrl666

    Like others, I had bought the Hall book and never found the time to sit down and do questions. i really hesitated to spend the money again on this app, but it has been well worth the money. It allows you to do questions during those spare moments throughout the day that would otherwise be wasted time.

  • Good app (even if you update device)

    by mglass222

    "I sold my iPad for a new one and cannot restore the book. Wants me to buy it again. Absolutely rediculous." - I must retract this as it is wrong. Actually you can restore the in-app purchase and use it on multiple devices. I found out by going to apple store, deleting my credit card, and clicking on the "buy book for $89.99" as an in app purchase. A box popped up and said that I had already bought it and let me download it for free again. Thank God. The I sent the app-store help people multiple emails and they were not helpful at all, and send out automated replies that were useless to me. I was forced to do the credit card deletion trick to figure it out.

  • Excellent review book

    by Skorbe

    I'm using it to study for ITE and AKT. We'll see how it goes

  • Great study resource

    by Newsman810

    Great app. It provides an easier to use format than even the book, at a better price. Enter your answer, find out immediately if it is right or wrong, and read the explanation before moving on. It also keeps a tally of how many correct and incorrect responses you've had

  • Anes res

    by Ca-3

    Excellent format! Easy to use! Great for quick studying in OR or when only have a few mins. Questions well written but most importantly answers are very useful. Only suggestion would be to add more of why some answers are incorrect in addition to why an answer is correct.

  • You should know something before buying this book

    by Pragyan Mishra, MD

    This book is a good book for ITE preparation. But, I recently came across a problem. I upgraded my IPAD and then unable to reinstall the book in the new IPAD. I called apple and I was told to contact Elsevier and they in turn told me that its under iTunes control. After multiple calls back and forth , iTunes representative told me that this is an one time download only. If you loose or upgrade your i-device, you basically have re-purchase your book which I think is not fair for the reader. Because, when you buy a book, you expect it to be with you till you need it .

  • Thanks Akatulatos

    by Procastinatoman

    Thanks for the tip. I was taken aback from the "buy" message when I decided to use it in another iOS device. Thanks for the tip. I was worried about risk paying for it twice! This app, as well as the book, are great as a review tools for the ABA certification and recertification. I used the 2nd ed book for my first certification exam and it was the best investment I ever made.

  • Great App

    by Rajeshvari (Raju) Patel

    Even better format than the book with all the same great content

  • Better than the book

    by Anesthesia scott

    This is a very useful app for preparing for boards. You get to see the correct answer explained for each question right away, and can even make notes about the question if you want. So much better than thumbing through pages of the book.

  • Excellent and convenient

    by Akatalutos

    One might hope that purchasing the hardcopy of the book for $80 or so would entitle one to free access to the app. Unfortunately this is not the case. Coughing up another $90 for the app itself was difficult to swallow initially, but I have no regrets. It is a much more convenient way to review questions due to its portability, and much more engaging due to the automatic feedback that liberates one from having to flip back to the answers after each question. One quirk that hopefully will be fixed by the next update is that to answer a question, you have to hit "answer" at the bottom of the screen and then choose your answer from the row of A-E that appears. Really, Elsevier? The app is otherwise sleek and user friendly. One caveat: you can use this for free across multiple devices. Just hit "buy book" when you want to install it on your second device, and don't be dissuaded by the warning that you be charged $90. If you use the SAME iTunes account as your original purchase, it will be free.

  • Excellent! Worth the money!

    by Sameer Soliman

    This app makes learning on the go very easy and provides excellent explanations.

  • Great App

    by Dr. Jerm

    The hall questions are somewhat esoteric at times but the app is great. It makes reading easy.

  • Great anesthesia review app

    by Bauies

    iPad version of a great book. A few questions need updating on topics like acls, and a few have duplicate answers so if you pick the wrong one you get marked incorrect on the statistics.

  • Great

    by Pwu909

    Easy to use and much faster to study than the book, hard copy and electronic copy.

  • Valuable resource

    by Gaspasser53

    Easier than using the book. Worth the investment. Excellent tool for board prep.

  • Excellent

    by Floyd2

    Great interface for a great resource.


    by MegColli

    Excellent! Great mcq practice. Worth every penny!!!

  • Excellent Review

    by AmnesiaLisa

    Went up 10 points on my ITE this year using this qbank. Worth it.

  • Wonderful!!

    by comfortcurls

    I have the actual book but it is much easier to have electronic access so I bought the app. Easy to review in between cases.

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