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A drug formulary reference customized specifically for your department (or school). Allows for quick, intuitive access to detailed drug information. Drugs are accessible when offline, making this the perfect tool when you're on a call and speed is critical.

Currently supported departments:
-State of South Carolina (66 drugs)
-KCK MICT School (63 drugs)
-JCCC MICT School (38 drugs)
-LDCFM (27 drugs)
-Saginaw Valley (25 drugs)
-New Brunswick (9 drugs)

- Customize drugs and categories to show only what you want visible
- Updates automatically to keep you in sync with your department's formulary
- Offline access to drug information once you download the formulary
- Pinch and zoom for easy viewing of detailed drug information

If your department is not currently supported, and you are interested in working with us to add it, please inquire via email:

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Hugh JH

    Love the offline drug access. Very quick and easy to get to what I'm looking for.

  • Fantastic

    by MICT Mike

    Very impressive app! The negative reviews on this app are obviously from people who didn't read (or understand) the description. Once you have your departments formulary added you'll never want to go on a call without it.

  • Custom paramedic formulary

    by Jcnarnes

    Worst app I have every bought, do not buy this app unless you are from 1 of the 6 departments it shows on the list, I want a refund

  • This app is bad!!

    by Sdavis82

    Wow, sub par app with very few drugs. If you plan to use as a study guide do not get. No customer support is available for refunding the 9.99 I spent thinking this app would have Atleast half of the drugs for paramedic school. Do not buy

  • America1st

    by America1st

    This app has very few drugs with information. There are much better apps available if comprehensive information on a large amount of meds is what you're looking for. This app only lists 27 items! It also offers but does not allow you to select your location. What's up with that. It's too bad because this looked like a good app. Even though I got the app for free, I'm deleting it.

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