Concise Medical Dictionary by Dr. Joseph Segen Medical App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: DMBC
  • Updated: May, 04 2010
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 2.26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Roger Lichfield

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About Concise Medical Dictionary:
This compendium features more than 20,000 current medical terms, many of which are generally not included in ordinary medical dictionaries or only briefly and inadequately defined. Focusing on the real-world language of practice, and including coverage of basic science, the Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine provides readable, comprehensible definitions of terminology, jargon, acronyms, neologisms, and casual speech heard in today's practice.

About Dr. Joseph Segen:
A pathologist with a passion for informatics and an indefatigable collector of stray nuggets and arcane factlets, Dr Segen has produced another cornucopia of medical infobites cast in his trademark staccato style. His latest dictionary defines not only formal terminology but also jargon, neologisms, casual speech, and brand names pertaining to both the basic sciences and clinical medicine, with special attention to current topics in molecular biology, public health, medical education, legal medicine, alternative medicine, and professional practice issues.

App Features:
-Search By Word or Partial Word
-Search By Meaning or Definition
-Find Twitter "Tweets" of the Word

Customer Reviews

  • Don't even bother.

    by Musikera

    Don't waste your money, doesn't even have basic terminologies. I'd demand a refund if it were possible.

  • Dictionary??? No way!!!

    by Craftycrisy

    Don't waste your money! Doesn't recognize simple medical jargon on test results. Would like refund.

  • Buyer beware

    by Cant use my own name

    I dont like it at all. it is not user friendly and I would like to return it for my money back.

  • Concise medical dictionary

    by Michidoc

    Runs very poorly on my iTouch. Terms I would expect to find are not present. When the program redirects from term A to term B, there is no hypertext link and term B must be typed in its entirety. Often the program redirects to a term which it then cannot find.

  • Concise Medical Dictionary by Dr. Joseph Segen

    by Cali-DO

    This app was difficult bec it would cover up the word you were trying to type into the search field, and change it to something you were not wanting to type. But the whole time the letters were covered up so you did not know it had changed until too late! Very frustrating. I would also put in a word to search and it would not find it, but then later when scrolling through something else I would find the word! So the search is not very good. Not worth the money.

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