Blood Pal - Glucose Tracker Medical App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Deltaworks
  • Updated: Jun, 25 2010
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 1.21 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Deltaworks Limited

-Stats module added
-PDF reports added
-Bug fixes

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Blood Pal simplifies glucose data logging. The software automatically saves glucose level, relationship to the meal, and time of measurement. You can then read all historical data in list view or chart view and email the data to your doctor.

Blood Pal also integrated with a pill tracker module which is an innovative tool to help you manage your pills and set schedules for taking any medications.

√ Glucose logging
√ Plots your glucose level on chart
√ Emails your glucose data to your doctor

√ Manages your pills and make schedules
√ In-App reminders for your schedules
√ Logs taken or ignored pills
√ Note for your pill log

√ Passcode protection
√ Supports both US and SI units

Customer Reviews

  • Like it!!

    by chanchal4u

    Like the app but in my opinion lacking couple simple features: people who are insulin dependents have no way of keeping track of their insulin dose or the type of insulin used. No reminders available for insulin dependents. Also the images should include the insulin pens. The notes section should be visible in more than one line. It is ridiculous that we have to scroll to read the notes. Also if we add a note for a particular blood glucose test - there should be some indication on the list view to tell that a particular test contains some typed up note within it.

  • Better than most but not totally accurate

    by ThePowerwriter

    First off, I emailed the developer over a week ago and so far have had no reply. So, I'm taking a star off. Support is sometimes 50% or more of a product or service. I like the fact this app will show you when your reading is high, low or normal. Trouble is, it's not always right. I had one reading that was spot on and it showed it as high. Also, it doesn't allow the user to set his/her own targets. Not everyone has the same target. Nor is everyone who uses it diabetic. I'm not. So my targets are not as high as a diabetic. I have a narrow margin for my numbers and they're quite different. Also, I'd like to see a way to import and export to and from other apps. I guess you can use the email cvs to export though. If you're willing to accept these limitations and issues, this is a decent app. But it's far from perfect and a backup app would be good to have.

  • Photocnm

    by Lisa Moss

    Great app for recording sugars.

  • Nice app

    by Navymomlub

    Needed a online logbook . Don't love the log but the graph is nice . Keeps me from having to carry more things in my purse. Reminder needs work. Does what it's supposed to.Not sorry I got it and wold recommend it.

  • Easy to use

    by Michael93442

    Very handy app, I especially like being able to export my results before each doctor appointment.

  • Simple to use

    by marosan

    Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Good program.

  • Blood Glucose App

    by Adrape 2

    An easy to use App for keeping track of glucose levels. Wish it had a way to divide the readings into weeks. Also a way to delete a reading if mistake made. It may but could not figure it out. Try it you will like this App, and it's is always with you when you need to review.

  • Great app

    by Shanklin

    The app tracks everything I need it to. I've not had any issues with it, works as it should b

  • Great App!

    by fsulli6

    Does exactly what I need. Like the way date and time are pre-entered in same iPhone way and choices along w note

  • Great App

    by JerrySinOhio

    This is just what I needed.

  • Very helpful

    by Bud 2011

    Keeps records accurately. Easy to use. Just show the results to doctor on visit.

  • Easy And Useful

    by LMoroni

    Love the ease of this app. Especially, like the charts and statistics to show my doctor. Very comprehensive

  • Easy

    by Riff12

    Really easy to use. Great reports. My doc loves the reports I send him. Note section is great if you go off diet you can indicate it to explain high bs.

  • Nice app

    by ASL4U

    Very simple -i trued several -this one will work the best i think -the only thing i wish for is a way to write notes about the specific blood glucose reading - it has a note field but its shared across the day and all entries -i need to take notes about what i ate or if i didnt -per reading... So i still have to track everything in two places

  • Juan

    by Ortomaz

    Good application. Easy to use. Needs more work in relation to upper and lower portions of graphs.

  • Great App

    by JD McCreary

    We love the ease & functionality of the app, which we provide to our doctor when requested. Recommended.

  • The app I keep coming back too!!!

    by Rollsroycekid

    This is the best app!! Have bought a lot of different ones but keep coming back to this one!!!

  • Great APP, but more to improve....

    by PierAAA

    I use it to track UA level, it works well. Wish list: 1, to track Uric Acid tests (technically, it's not difficult and you will tap in a new market) 2, to generate reports ( to send by emails to others or as archives, to share with others -good marketing for you too) 3, fix the bug: it crashes everytime I switch between weekly chart and monthly chart. 4, reminder is not working properly: not linked with built-in Reminder.

  • Blood glucose buddy's

    by Grape2Juice

    It saves me time in keeping my records. However, it would be helpful if I could delete* records should I happen to get more than one recorded on the same day. It is good for showing the doctor when some of my medicines change my level. If you do read this, please tell me how to add or delete information so I don't get a new "record" if I see something that needs changing in a day's entry.

  • Easy tracking tool

    by Name girl

    I like the ease of use, the ability to see trends and the ability to e-mail. This is what I was looking for to help document and manage my blood glucose.

  • Needs Help

    by Doncobra

    No updates in 3 years , cannot EDIT mistaken inputs , APP. SUPPORT DOES NOT EXIST !!!!

  • Piece of junk

    by Bobc20

    Customer support totally non existent. Don't waste your time. Try something else. I know I am

  • Very good app.

    by MomStCharles

    Really user friendly app. It makes tracking you blood sugar a simple task!

  • Bad app - not possible to change glucose level unit

    by Relja-BGD

    This is totally unacceptable for app you pay for!

  • Ok for Me

    by Angelten20000

    It's pretty simple- but the meds and levels should be done on one chart

  • Simple easy to use Apps

    by Al Gorythm

    The app is simple and intuitive to use. I like the way data is charted because it makes it easy to see trends.

  • Good app

    by bwrightmcse

    Basic design that works well. Three suggestions...I wish the notes field would clear after submissions and it would also be nice to be able to record weight for tracking. Finally replace the number spinner with the ability to enter glucose with touch pad entry. The spinner gets annoying when there are big changes in glucose levels.

  • Glucose

    by CBGranny

    Love this app. It has everything I was looking for and it is easy to use

  • Needs something more

    by Aardvark@calf

    Good app but could be helped with some improvements. There needs to be a way to enter the blood count without using the wheel, which takes too long. When a comment is written, it stays with every future blood count unless you remember to delete after recording the initial comment. It would be nice to be able to filter the results by time of day like "out of bed" and " after dinner.

  • Great app!!

    by cancersucks12

    Love that I can email the results to myself for appts. I also use the print out to send to my sons doctor, easy to use. My only recommendation is add a correction factor calculator and a place to record how much insulin used for correction factor or daily insulin.

  • Nice App :)

    by MissC.G.Rasta

    Plain and simple. Easy to use.

  • Glucose

    by Navyretired

    Easy to use, can bring to my doctor, like the way it goes weekly, etc. Make my work easier.

  • Wonderful App

    by lilyspad

    This is a nice simple app. It keeps me on track with my BG. I recommend the support staff update current standards of blood glucose as to what is high and low. Other than that I really enjoy this app.

  • Testing the Tester

    by SchmellyPootstank

    Keeping my readings too easy, charting my progress and patterns easy as well, having a heck of an issue emailing results. My doctor is still asking where are the readings I promised him, he thinks I not taking them. The email issue is my only problem with this App. Probably something soooooo simple, too.

  • Perfect

    by Gina682011

    My doctor loves this app.

  • Frustrated!!!

    by PJSugarbear

    Limited function, if dosage changes there is no way to edit or delete old listings. There is zero response from Help Desk to deal with issues. Program has low flexibility to change. Does not work outside of rigid paradigms.

  • New at this game.

    by Izzie2001

    Does just what I need it to do.

  • Very useful

    by BillInMass

    Easy to use. Does everything I need it to do.

  • Readings

    by Ginwah

    I like this app very much but there is no way to record readings below 50 or no readings other than writing a note. I find this app very helpful and will continue to use it. I have already recommended it to my friends. Thanks Ginny

  • Bloody good

    by Okabare

    Helpful, easy to email, history, charts are strange, but overall useful and easy.

  • Good app, but needs usability enhancements

    by Jen6566

    I like this app mainly because you can email reports to yourself or your doctor. The HTML reports are not very visually interesting and they get long if you're including notes because the column field is too small. I wish they would replace the spin dial with a number pad for fast glucose value entry. Also wish new log entries would not carry the note from the previous log. Time consuming to have to repeatedly delete noted every time before u can add a new note entry. Otherwise, app works pretty well.

  • Review

    by Rosali Rivera

    Very good tool for me.

  • Needs some tweaking

    by Ogrezz

    Pretty good App. Quirks are: Sometimes when selecting Today or Weekly,one gets bounced put of App; Needs better color coding and sugar range definition,

  • Blood Pal

    by Paul Orais

    Great Apps

  • JohnnyBgood

    by Johnee1963

    I used to write down my Sugar levels on a mini pocket book but after locating this awsome blood pal app on my IPhone it help me keep my readings clear to where my doctor could understand them and when he saw my application he WoW my app he said this was fancy... Bravo.

  • Blood Pal

    by Don from VAN

    Awesome and beyond!

  • Awesome

    by ok guy

    So easy to use, easy to understand, and colorful! It becomes a fun challenge to keep those numbers in the green! :)

  • dt

    by Rustndustamust

    Love this app-extremely easy to use-replaces hand writing booklet.

  • Like app

    by Ed7207

    Like app easy to use like charts

  • Great app.

    by harley reynolds

    Easy to use. No problems with icons. Easy to read. Charts make the app.

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