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Fixes contact image display.

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The Acadian I.C.E. app is offered free of charge as a public service from Acadian Ambulance Service. The Acadian I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) app creates an emergency contact banner for your home screen or lock screen. If you have an emergency and are unable to communicate, or if your phone is lost, authorities will be able to contact your designated emergency contact -- even if your phone is locked!

Many people have an “ICE” contact listed in their contact list, but if your phone is locked, your list cannot be accessed. The Acadian I.C.E. app solves that problem by putting your emergency contact name and phone number on your home screen and/or lock screen.

The app also allows users to store info regarding current medications, medication allergies, and health conditions. This information, accessible only after the phone has been unlocked by the user or the emergency contact, can ensure medical personnel are informed of any special needs or conditions you may have.

Customer Reviews

  • An Ingenious App!

    by Humbaaba

    This is a simple app that allows you to superimpose an In Case of Emergency contact name and phone number on a photo. You can then set that photo as your lock screen. Great if like me you keep your phone locked. I hope I never have to rely on a first responder needing it but I am glad to be prepared! Great idea!

  • Awesome Safety

    by Softballfreak110

    Thank you for creating this app and making it free! Gave 4 stars only because directions to set to home screen weren't clear. Almost deleted it until I saw the new app picture in camera roll. Must go to settings tab and choose the new wallpaper. Add FAQ

  • App needs tweaking

    by Twohawks

    App does not show emergency contact person on lock screen. If you use a password on your phone to access it this app doesn't show who to contact without entering the code or password and then opening the app. If you list people as contact persons you cannot edit them or add more than two. If this is not fixed the app is no good for those who require passwords to open their phones. Some tweaking would make this a good app.

  • Needs more work

    by KamieJane

    Great idea for an app and I was able to set my lock screen photo just fine. But I accidentally chose the wrong 2nd contact, and there's no way to edit the 2nd one, only the first. I've tried everything. Please make editing contacts easier!!!

  • Review

    by Dereke6226

    Like the app. It is easy to use but it could use a few tweaks to make it better. Such as, you can list your medications but not the dosages. Any emergency responder would be able to see your meds but would only be guessing as to dosage which could be dangerous for the patient. Easy med error in an emergency.

  • Notes

    by Notes Section

    It would be helpful to have a "notes" section as none of my meds are listed on the app. Also, if 2 contacts are listed NO contacts show on the locked screen. GREAT APP!!!

  • no phone #

    by sugar doll

    this is a great app, but i cant put the phone number from the contact on my wallpaper since i updated my phone to the new ios6. please fix it thanks

  • Great idea; needs bug fixes!

    by Shandrews

    With the update, I can't even open the app. It just crashes over and over

  • Could be a life saver !!!

    by Dave5963

    Great idea.

  • Worked! Great idea.

    by Dartgirl13

    App has much room for impovement in terms of ease-of-use; but it worked for me. I was able to set my lock screen with a photo it generated with my I.c.e. Contact number.

  • Make sure you follow iPhone instructions.

    by Meg R.

    Worked great for me! It creates a photo with the information and then YOU have to set it as lock screen. Very simple. Just go to your picture, choose the created picture with the information stamped on it and then set it as your lock screen (click arrow at bottom left of photo, select wallpaper, select set lock screen).

  • not showing

    by sweetange003

    it's not showing up on the home screen - did I do something wrong

  • ICE app

    by Cajunmoon1

    I really like but the app is not showing up on my lock screen. Any suggestions from anyone would be nice as this is what makes it great!!!

  • Keeps crashing

    by AshleyCOTA

    The app crashes every time I go to set a picture showing the emergency contact on my lock screen... Please fix this

  • Acadian

    by P-Ten

    Very useful!

  • Love it!

    by CC11286379

    Great app!!!

  • Sweet

    by Jmaregalado

    Omg the best app to date... So glad now I can rest assure if something happens to my kids someone will b able to contact me...

  • Mom/ medical professional

    by Spoiled-Rotten

    I have been waiting for something like this to come about. No more "John Doe" no more worry that something will happen to my kids & EMT won't be able to contact me b/c of a locked phone. Works great & easy to follow. Also has a place for medications & conditions for the carrier. TWO THUMBS UP!!

  • Love it

    by Thayns

    My company have many great things to offer here's just one

  • Great litte app

    by nelgallan

    Takes a sec to figure out the steps needed after selecting a contact, but once done a great little app. Thanks!

  • Problem

    by Nola babies

    So what exactly did y'all fix with the most recent update? It still won't let me edit my secondary contact. Help! Please update with bug fixes.

  • Good idea but

    by jazzyJeff6

    The App keeps crashing each time I want to insert a contact as ICE. If the contact as multiple numbers looks like the app quits... Apple should come up with something like this..

  • Crashes immediately upon opening

    by DR Tishkoff

    As if crashing immediately wasn't bad enough, app also only lists the Acadian ambulance locations as emergency options and you can't have any other addresses...

  • Crashing!!!!

    by Csd shopper

    App was great When first loaded... will not even open! Crashes over and over.. They don't reply to request for help. Problem has been the same for months. :-(

  • You've got to be kidding

    by Nwbr

    WAFB is promoting this app on their news because Acadian Ambulance is a sponsor but it doesn't work???? Downloaded it, entered info but nothing shows on locked screen.

  • App is Crap.

    by Double Tap JNW

    Worked beautifully in the beginning but now app crashes on startup. Uninstalled and reinstalled worked okay for 2 days, now same thing again crash on start up. Please fix this app. I believe it needs to be updated to use with iOS 6.XXX.

  • Not working, please fix

    by Botannica

    So initially this app was fantastic, but now when I try to open it the whole thing shuts down. Please fix!

  • Now its crap....

    by Nanny Ashley

    The first time I had this app it worked great I was able to put the banner on my screen saver and now since I update my phone it won't even open! Please fix!

  • Needs work

    by PhilAMignon

    The App works fine. But all features have a way to edit the info except the "Locations" feature. It keeps giving me hospitals and emergency services facilities in other states. If you live in New York, giving me the name and directions to a hospital in Los Angeles or Texas doesn't do me any good. This App needs an update to this feature so that it allows you to edit it to your own location. So in NY, you get info pertaining to NY and neighboring facilities.

  • If it worked it'd be great

    by swnmw1999

    Well, after many unsuccessful attempts to figure out the initial setup finally got the thing to add my contact to lock screen. The directions in the app are terrible. Then the app crashes and will not reboot even after reset of iPhone. So I'm deleting the app and creating my own ICE in lock screen by editing a picture. Would be a great app to have if it worked right.

  • Crashing

    by Mrs.Burley

    Worked for about2 min then crashed and I could not pull it up again. Also the contact picture came up with (null) not their name or number or relationship.

  • Needs work

    by Amyreneem

    For some reason i had to type numbers in the section where it says relationship for it to show on screen.. And it should also let you save at least your name and date of birth so u can be identified quickly on the lock screen... Because until they reach a contact they will not know who u r... And if you have a password they cant get to ur ap!!!

  • Crash! Crash! Crash!

    by Gonsplode

    Crashes, was useless on 3GS, is useless on iPhone 5. More convenient to grab a photo editor & add ICE contact info to lock screen image...

  • A great idea

    by ChelsiePressburg

    It's a great idea! But for some reason I can't get it to set on my lock screen! I have selected a photo then the ap crashes then I go back and select the photo as my lock screen and it still doesn't set!! Am I doing something wrong?!

  • Good in Theory

    by KatieGomez

    This is a great idea but there's still work to be done. The app crashes when selecting a photo, and there's no editing your contact: you have to select "edit" and do it all over again. Good in theory, but not practice.

  • Crashes :(

    by Squirrel, please

    App crashes when selecting a contact photo. Good idea but poorly designed.

  • not very good

    by Cowboys cajun queen

    well it would be great if it wouldn't add conditons you didn't add, or after many times of trying to delete conditions, they won't delete!!! nice try but, needs more work. fix it and you may get better reviews and people won't download other apps.

  • Doesn't work

    by Ms. P Carter

    Doesn't pull phone number from address book. Just says null. When I try to go and try it again, the app closes. Please fix this! This would be very cool to have if I could actually use it!

  • So far doesnt work for me

    by Nickolas Pizzalato

    I tried to set my contact and does not pull the Number from the contact. It says (Null) well null will nto save my life. Fix your app people.

  • Street medic

    by AASI Medic

    Lots of steps to add. It would be great if the number automatically showed up on your lock pic instead of having to create a new pic every time. Too bad there's not a way for medics to access the app only when the phone is locked. But great idea!

  • Paramedic

    by Aerie53

    Great app, I would like to be able to add medications I take manually when they are not found on the list provided; same for medical conditions. It gets 5

  • Physio Control

    by Kristan Lambert

    Awesome app!

  • Great APP

    by BrittLatch

    Great app!

  • Very useful app

    by N8066Y

    Great app that puts emergency contact info right on your home screen. Nice features.

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