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Languages: English

Seller: Darren Marks

- New design

- Most audio tracks now include a sleep option

- Audios now stop at the end of each track instead of running one into the other.

- Different video sceneries

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*** Winner of 2013 Best Fitness App at The Best Mobile App Awards! ***


Tired of trying to lose weight and failing? Then try the Easy Weight Loss App to achieve your weight loss goals fast and with ease and confidence!
The app has been created by award winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has already helped tens of thousands of people successfully lose weight and received rave reviews worldwide.
Don’t worry if you’re new to hypnotherapy, with this app you’ll get lots of great tips that effortlessly guides you towards a successfully losing weight!
-Easy Weight Loss state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions
-Lifetime support that will help manage your experience with the app
-Supporting material to help you lose weight fast!
We have also included 3 FREE BONUS hypnosis sessions by Darren Marks to help you along the way:
1) Relax Completely
2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions
4) Be Successful & Achieve Your Goals

Download Easy Weight Loss now, be motivated, begin to lose weight and feel back in control today!

But don’t just take our word for it:

“Darren knows how to help you lose weight! No more quick fad diets, just sensible eating for me!” – Zest Magazine Review.

“Works great, worth every penny…I've been using the easy weight loss app for many months now and have lost almost 55lbs now. Nothing is a magic solution, but this makes the hard work seem easy.” Busymomof2

“Tried calorie counting and various diet plans but with limited success losing weight. My diet coach recommended this hypnotherapy app and it’s now become part of my regular routine, helping me manage a sensible diet and avoid all those pesky snacks! Mrs D. Johnson, Admin assistant, USA

“The Ultimate in Self Help… The high quality recordings entertain, relax, entrance and help get results rapidly today!” Yoga Magazine.
We’re passionate about helping people use hypnosis to lose weight and maintaining a sensible diet. So your feedback is important to us. So please email us at info@hypnosisappstore.com with any questions, feedback or weight loss tips.
Download Easy Weight Loss and start losing weight today!

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by E. Van Meter

    See my review for Darren Mark's "Total Confidence & Success" for more detail, but I can easily recommend giving these a try. This one has simple tips, but I found myself thinking about them consistently in the days after doing this session. No earth-shattering revelations, just an easy way to get healthy messages into your brain to start to change your relationship with food if you're not eating as well as you could.

  • Absolutely wonderful!

    by Stuart Gardner

    Worth far more than the meager price, this magnificent app lives up to and goes beyond every claim it makes. This is the real deal, so don't hesitate! I loved it the second I opened it, and I loved it even more when I discovered that I was benefiting with instant results.

  • Excellent value!

    by Paige Paigey

    Best of the best. Very well done! Don't miss this superb app. Nice options, well done AND its absolutely affective. Its the only weight loss hypnosis app you need. After months of use I am still a huge fan of this one.

  • Good works.

    by John Nicastro

    App good works!

  • Great app!

    by Capobianco Socola

    Great, great app.

  • So far so good!

    by Michael Celeste

    Listened to it, then hubby ate BBQ chips right next to me soon after and chips are difficult for me to resist but I didn't care as much. I was fine. I will listen everyday if this keeps working. I would like a 7 day a week program to listen to for weight loss -- something different everyday!

  • Recommend it!

    by Over the Fence

    First off - Don't be put off by any technical issues. It was easy to contact Darren by email and address my issue. I found that it worked perfectly on my iPhone 4, but needed some assistance with my iPod 3. Also, look through the screen shots to see what is free and what costs more - there is nothing hidden if you take the time to look. Included with the app are video clips that explain the process if you are new to hypnosis. Darren comes across as a caring individual who offers his services to make a difference in people's lives. His voice and the dialogue are smooth and relaxing. I am 3 weeks into a gym program to improve my overall fitness. I have a plan in place to be accountable for what I eat, as well as keeping more active. I believe the hypnosis has been a strong tool in my overall program. I listen to it most nights before going to sleep (and sometimes fall asleep before the end). It has made me more conscious about my hunger and helps me slow down and be more present when eating. When I reach for something to snack on, I can stop myself if I don't really need to eat then. I am also less resistant to regular exercise. My health goals are being met and I am grateful that I found this app!

  • AMAZING!!!

    by The perfect redhead

    There are some good hypnosis apps & there are some bad ones--- This one is the best I've tried I have always had trouble going to sleep - didn't know what to expect HECK your asleep before you ever listen to the whole thing!! I wake up a while after not knowing when I fell asleep with my cell phone lying on me!!! Even when I first turn it on - not thinking I'm going to sleep ---- WHAM --- I'm out before I even know it !! He's great - would recommend this app to everyone!!:)

  • Great App!!!!

    by TeeMee

    His voice is amazing!!!

  • Wowzers!

    by Jazzieeeeee

    So like I never believed I could be hypnotized until I tried this app last night and was being snapped out of what I thought was sleep. And then I thought it wasn't working on me and like I wasn't concentrating enough and BAM! I was waking up. I just hope that it does what it says it will do, I've only done the intros.

  • Great!

    by Catphinman

    Thank You Darren!!! I have tried so many pills and exercise plans.. But my cravings never went away, until now! I love this app!! I didn't have to spend lots of money and I am not only relaxed, but living healthier! It's simply a miracle, I have a British guy in my head, and I love it!

  • Amazing - and not just for weight loss

    by fendstat

    I used the Release Limiting Beliefs after our dog died suddenly. I went from being a complete basket case to coping quite well. I still remember everything, but that session helps you distance yourself from the emotion surrounding a life event. After only a single session, I was loads better. I don't think it would have worked so quickly if I hadn't already been used to these hypnosis sessions - and shown that I'm very hypnotizable. I am able to concentrate well and block things out, which are good indicators that it will work. I go under at least 80% of the time. I was very happy to find these apps. This way I get to do hypnosis whenever I want and on my own (without a hypnotherapist present). I highly, highly recommend this series of apps. Do watch out, though: there's a lot of overlap within the Darren Marks apps. Make sure the sessions you don't yet have are worth the money to you. I have three of these apps and to me they are pure gold.

  • Weight loss

    by Ihatenicknamestheyallaretaken!

    By far the best hypnosis app !!! I love it. I love erick brown. Thank you

  • THIS is the answer!

    by TarzannaJanna

    I have been using this app daily for the past two weeks and have noticed considerable improvement in my eating choices, my desire to exercise and to persevere with my fitness goals. Darren's visualization has turned the image I wanted for myself into a living reality. In 2 weeks, I have lost 5 stubborn pounds and 2 inches off my waist. It doesn't feel like a battle anymore. For the first time, I KNOW that I can do it!

  • Amazing App - Really Works!

    by mybookroom

    It never could have happened without Easy Weight Loss, but I've now lost an amazing 60lbs! I'm feeling fitter and healthier than I have in years. I've also found Darrens other apps especially the confidence and relaxation ones a great support. Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

  • Love the no wake up option

    by FatticusRIP

    Would be great if it was available for more sessions

  • Needs Sleep Option!

    by Bufflum

    I really think this is one of the best apps out there for weight loss, HOWEVER I really wish it had the option to fall asleep at the end of a session. I feel so relaxed and am about to drift off, and WHAM, the volume goes sky-high and the next recording plays. Check out the other hypnosis apps and make s similar interface and this will be THE best one out there!

  • This Works!

    by Mingaming

    I've been using the app for almost a month not and I'm very excited with the results I'm experiencing. I'm finding it easy to make lifestyle changes which have helped me to not only loose weight, but to become healthier. I have asthma, so any extra weight is a detriment to me. After loosing 10 pounds I'm feeling better than I have in two years. I can't wait to see how I'll feel once I reach my goal. I find the audio very relaxing and soothing. The app also includes other tracks which are great as well. Thanks Darren, and keep up the good work! Kindest Regards, Karen W.

  • Excellent ap...

    by Mal-eee-tuuuh

    I purchased this to help with weight loss but it does provide more... Usually when u buy an ap it will just meet what it says it will do.., this is more than just hypnosis for weight loss . It also has other tracks . I loved the total relaxation one. Use it before bed and you will sleep like a baby.... Which is needed if you want weight loss. The only thing I wish the ap had was an option to sleep after completing a track.

  • Wish for update

    by Minilili

    I'm trying this app but wish it had the option to go to sleep after the session. I prefer to listen before bed and find this app wakes me when done. I know I would find it much more useful if it allowed me to choose to sleep when completed. Please consider an update to fix this.

  • Not what I expected

    by DoniDolce

    Great aid to help me get to sleep, but haven't lost any weight or seen a natural change in eating or exercise habits.

  • Won't download

    by Tiffany43810

    I tried everything but this won't download onto my iPhone. Very disappointed.

  • Didn't work for me..

    by Anm87

    I don't think these reviews are legit. I bought this and used it for a straight week every evening and could not tell one single difference. I'm new to hypnosis, but the anxiety free hypnosis was free and I could really feel a difference the first time... This weight loss hypnosis however, I cannot feel any change.

  • ?

    by Rabbitt88

    Bought it, can't get it to download onto my iPhone.


    by Pamarjo

    I have a disability and bought this app in case it might help me loose weight I have gained from medication side effects and a physically restricted lifestyle. It did help me in a very positive way - especially late in the day and evening when my primary medication tends to make me feel ravenous. But what really surprises me is the side effect of the Easy Weight Loss app, itself. In about a week I also noticed a big improvement in how I feel about my limitations overall, and a boost in my energy level. And I only listen to the hypnosis sessions as I am falling asleep.

  • Love

    by Keesha135

    I love your apps, but could you make "in-app" purchases so we can buy one recording and not 1467 copies of the same thing? That would be fantastic, I know you make a lot more money with what you sell it for now, but more purchases = rise in popularity, meaning more cash... Am I making any sense??well please do it!!

  • Love it!

    by CeCe52

    I am more energetic, happy and content. Food is not my main focus. I would listen to it just for the relaxation and mood pump and with the added weight loss support a phenomenal bargin!

  • Easy Weight Loss

    by CG on 7/14/10

    Lost 10 pounds in one month listening to Darren Marks each night. No other changes in lifestyle. Hypnosis App really works

  • Worth It!

    by RoJ0304

    I don't know how this app worked, but I immediately noticed a difference in my level of relaxation, the meal choices I was making, portion control, and ultimately the way my clothes were fitting. I have been recommending this to all my friends!

  • Great App to Help with Losing Weight

    by RS 11

    I know some pay a lot of money to lose weight with various programs and diet plans, so I was excited to see an app that only costs $5.99 to aid in helping peeps lose weight! Hypnotherapy can be very powerful if used regularly, and with this app, you can use it at anytime, anywhere because the files are downloaded to your phone, which means an Internet connection is not required to use the app after the files have been downloaded. Very cool and highly recommended!

  • Never hurts to try something new!

    by Violin Lady

    Darren Marks has written another successful application!! This app is packed with useful research and offers information on how our subconscious works. In the weight-loss section, Mr. Marks instructs us to eat slowly and take time to enjoy and savor each bite. This app can be used over and over again by people of all ages.

  • A Good Motivational Audio App..!

    by HoustonJudge

    I really like the Weight Loss concepts which is discussed in this application. The key here is to not eat when depressed or to fill a void in your life. This is a very good application to help you relax and really concentrate on your weight problems. It seems to give you more motivation on solving your weight problems. I'm not really that over weight but need to lose around 10 lbs. After listening to this application, I'm planning to start on tomorrow with my weight loss program because I can now say that I have more confidence that I can stick with it this time. I don't know what it is about listening to this audio versus watching some video on TV about losing weight but this seems to just be more of a motivator for me at least. The exercise audios had the same effect on me. I was the one that exercise for about a week and after the pains from sore muscles start, I normally tell myself that I will take a few days off to let my muscles heal and I end never going back. I'm now convinced that after listening to this audio that I will continue my exercise on a regular basis. However, I do recommend that you continue to listen to some of the segments from time to time to keep you on track and motivated.

  • Keep an Open Mind and Try Something New to Lose Weight!

    by RRS Comm

    I'm a big fan of alternative medicine and hypnotic conditioning in achieving health and success in any avenue of life, so with that being said, I found this app, at a minimum, very interesting. And though some may cringe at the cost of this app, most trying to lose weight will try anything new because past methods haven't worked for them, so in the end, is $5.99 really that much (compared to the $$$ invested in other weight-loss programs) if there's even a possibility that it works? This app is definitely worth a shot and is packed full of information and video sessions that would cost much more if you would actually go to a hypnosis session in person, so in reality, it's a steal! Give it a shot. You have nothing to lose (well, $5.99 isn't much) with the exception of the extra weight you want to release from your body!

  • Wow! This app delivers!

    by stephyboop

    I was truly impressed with this app. Sure, the price tag seemed a little high at first, but British hypnotherapist Darren Marks provides SO MUCH information and SO MANY audio files, it’s well worth it. The app also contains video FAQs if you want to learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, but you’ll love the “hypno audio” section. This section contains a series of short introduction recordings that are both informative and comforting and 4 main audio recordings: one to relax, one to deal with your limiting beliefs, one for losing weight and one to motivate you to exercise. It’s everything you need to lose weight and more!

  • This weight loss app is truly amazing

    by ACKirkpatrick

    I couldn’t have asked for a better app. It contains lots of useful information, and many powerful hypnosis recordings that made me realize a few important things and taught my subconscious that I can and will succeed with my weight loss goal. The app goes above and beyond what you expect of it. It contains detailed instructions, a very powerful relaxation hypnosis recording, a great weight loss recording and a recording to get rid of any mental block you may have.

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