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Seller: Darren Marks

- New design
- Most audio tracks now have a sleep option

- Audio tracks now stop at the end of each track rather than running one into the other.

- Different video sceneries

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Easy Stop Smoking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to quit smoking!

Tried to quit smoking before and failed? Then this app is for you! You can download the app for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes!

The app has been created by award winning UK hypnotherapist Darren Marks and has already helped tens of thousands of people successfully quit smoking and received rave reviews worldwide.

Don’t worry if you’re new to hypnotherapy, we provide lots of tips and guide you along the way to a successful self-hypnosis experience.



- Easy Stop Smoking state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions
- Lifetime support on how to use the app
- bonus material tips to help you quit smoking

We have also included 3 other powerful hypnosis session by Darren Marks to help you:

1) Relax Completely
2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions
4) Be Successful & Achieve Your Goals

So download our Pro Easy Stop Smoking app now and start enjoying life as a non- smoker!

Don’t just take our word for it:

"I came out of hypnosis feeling only the most distant desire to have a cigarette. And the feeling continued through working days, visits to pubs and restaurants. I wasn't smoking and I didn't mind a bit.” Jane Feinmann, Award Winning Pro Medical Journalist.

"Unbelievable! After all the money I've spent trying to quit smoking, I can't believe it only cost me 5 bucks to actually do it! I haven't smoked since May 27th 2012 and I don't want to either...thank your so much for this app!!" Kirsten Maxwell

“100% Awesome…Ok I have tried every single quit smoking app…and without a doubt this pro app is the best out of the lot… I have never ever craved nor ever wanted a cigarette when I use this” - Allen Johnson

Hypnosis can't make you stop or quit smoking against your will but if you're determined to stop, this App will make it much easier and even a relaxing, empowering and enjoyable process!

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We’re passionate about helping people use self-hypnosis to quit smoking and your feedback is important to us. So please email us at info@hypnosisappstore.com with any questions of feedback.

Download Easy Stop Smoking now and enjoy life as a non smoker!

Customer Reviews

  • Wow

    by Bigj man

    25 years!! I was just fumbling around when I found the app. Was not even really ready to quit!! A couple sessions and bam!! Non smoker! There is still a little craving every now and then but not strong enough to make me want another! This app has 8 reviews! I am number 9. Do not be fooled by that! Buy it! It's 6 bucks!! Your a fool if you don't at least try it. I have tried it all!! Patches, electric cigs! If you really want to quit and have just a little desire to quit! This one will get cha done. I listen to it every night. Thanks Mark! You saved my life.

  • Brilliant

    by Kmfrancis

    This app truly helped to make a challenging task much easier. I have tried quitting before, but after buying this app I am a proud non-smoker

  • Simply amazing!

    by Damien Thomas

    Whoever thought that remote hypnotherapy would be the answer? I've used patches, gums, pills, quitting cold turkey, quitting slowly... which never worked. However, this did! I am now a non-smoker and will be forever. After 2 sessions, I started to have a higher self-esteem and felt very confident. After my third session, I didn't pick up another cigarette other than to throw them away. After about my fifth session, I stopped feeling the desire to smoke. I can now catch my breath and breathe easier. I take long walks with my dog and don't tire out. I can go anywhere without worrying how long it's going to be before I can sneak out to smoke or get that last puff in before walking in a building. I don't even think about smoking anymore. My family and friends are all so proud of me! As am I!

  • Excellent

    by Ann Mills

    This is a great way to quit. Hypnosis taps into your inner mind and tells you that you don't need to smoke. It worked for me, even killed the desire. It will work for you too. Tip: If using on iPhone, turn on airplane mode to not be disturbed.

  • I feel great!

    by h0td0gz

    I didn't quit after the first time I listened, but after 3 nights I did. I now have no desire to even want to smoke even around others that do!

  • Must have app...

    by be positive

    This powerful app will make you quit in less than * hours and do it for cheaper than a pack of cigs! These high quality recordings created by Darren Marks, are soothing and relaxing. They help you make the right decisions as well as how to be successful and achieve your goals. These are necessities when quitting such an addiction. I've had a really hard time quitting, even though I needed to for medical reasons. I used several methods, including other apps that claimed they could do it overnight. Nothing worked! But this one did! I listened to his hypnosis a few times before totally quitting, but I did quit and am getting healthier already! Thank you!

  • Highly Motivational

    by Musician 123

    This is a very useful, extremely motivational app. Mr. Marks offers a wide variety of information about why people smoke and why hynotherapy is a positive way to stop smoking. Mr. Marks talks about the smoker as having an inner-conflict with himself/herself. Some people want to stop, but cannot because of what they fear they may "lose." There is a also section that discusses focusing on the positive, not the negative. Make a choice to think about things that make you feel good.

  • Kicking the Habit for Good with an Alternative Approach

    by Writer R

    If you're considering this app, then you've probably tried several methods to try to kick the smoking habit. Personally, I believe that hypnosis and alternative methods to achieving any goal in life is a great choice, especially as traditional means often don't work for most of us. If you're serious about quitting, then this app is well worth the $5.99 investment. Think of how good it will feel once it really works!

  • An Alternative Method to Smoking Cessation

    by RRS Comm

    It's true that $5.99 seems like a lot for an app to some, but think about how much most spend on trying to quit smoking; given this, $5.99 is pocket change. Plus, the app is packed full of information, video clips and messages to not only assist directly with ceasing the smoking habit, but also educates you in the process. If used faithfully, this app has potential to really work for those committed to kicking the habit!

  • A powerful app to quit smoking, relax and achieve your goals

    by stephyboop

    If you’re really serious about quitting smoking, then this is THE app to get. The hypnosis recordings are very professional, the music is very soothing and relaxing, and best of all, the message is powerful and delivered efficiently. When you listen to the audio recordings made by British hypnotherapist Darren Marks, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in his office, getting personal advice from him. Highly recommended.

  • Soothing and effective

    by RobbyRedPort

    I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Marks’ soothing and comforting voice. It’s easy to relax and be hypnotized with his audio recordings. The app contained a lot more than I expected. Sure, it helps me quit smoking, but it also helps me relax, get rid of limiting beliefs, and it even explains how to create positive goals and achieve them. It contains so much information… It’s a great app!

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