Medical Spanish: Healthcare Phrasebook with Audio Medical App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Batoul Apps
  • Updated: Jan, 13 2009
  • Version: 3.0
  • Size: 26.53 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Batoul Apps

Updated for iOS 7 with enhanced support for the iPhone 5 and with a brand new layout for the iPad.

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#1 selling Medical Spanish phrasebook is now better than ever with audio, search, conjugation, bookmarking, unsurpassed functionality, and new sections requested by users like you!

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Written by physicians, and designed by an iPhone and Mac software engineer, this eloquent and thorough phrasebook is like having a personal interpreter on call 24/7 in your pocket for a price less than a burrito. The goal of this app is not only to assist you in obtaining a full SOAP note with "yes or no" questions, but to help you become more independent and confident using your Spanish.

You will feel great as well knowing profits from your purchase are reinvested into local free health clinics and to medical relief efforts in Haiti. Ensuring nothing but the highest quality translations, professional interpreters have triple reviewed the content for accuracy and fluency, and the audio was recorded in a Mac studio.


Medical Spanish has over 6,000 well categorized entries, all which can be found in search and bookmarked. Sections include:

Subjective [Questions]
* Medical & Surgical Hx
* Family & Social Hx
* OPQRST for Pain
* Lymph/Endocrine
* Integument
* CV
* Heme
* Resp
* GI
* GU
* Repro
* Musculoskeletal
* Psych
* Mental Status

Objective [Instructions]
* Full Head to Toe Exam
* Dental
* Ocular
* Obstetric
* Osteopathic
* Chiropractic

Assessment and Plan [Instructions]
* Radiology
* Phlebotomy
* Nursing
* Prescribing
* Links to Informative Patient Handouts

Basic Spanish:
* Common Expressions
* Directions
* Medicinal Plants
* Vocabulary
* Conjugation
* Much More!

What have our users said?

* “Incredible app. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Amazingly comprehensive. I’m a prediatric neurologist with a fairly specialized vocabulary, but was able to find almost everything I needed. It even reads the phrases to you !!!! [...] I feel so much better equipped to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients.”

*“This app is extremely convenient and easy to use. The organization of everything works perfectly, letting me carry out an entire patient exam without being distracting. I found myself using this app everyday… I would highly recommend this to anyone who interacts with Spanish speaking patients [...]. Great job!”

*“I… learned quite a bit of Spanish within a few days. Only thing better would be having an actual Spanish translator following you around all day.”

*“Medical Spanish App adds audio in latest update, and we're definitely smitten“

Medical Spanish includes an easily searchable glossary of thousands of translations from the 2005 edition of the English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related Terms, a publication of the California-Mexico Health Initiative and the Office of Binational Border Health, California Dept of Health Services. Please note, due to space limitations, the glossary is the only section in the app w/o audio.

Email us with your questions, suggestions, and feedback to

Customer Reviews

  • Good app, mostly good update

    by MsCatalysis

    I really like this app for quick reference! The new update finally updates the screen size for the iPhone 5 and makes everything retina-sharp. It's a great update for the iPhone. Unfortunately, on my new iPad Air the app pauses for about 10 seconds on the red speech bubble screen and then crashes.

  • Very Helpful.

    by P.StrickEms

    This app is great. It has just about all the question I would need to ask a patient. Now all I need is an app that will translate the patients response from Spanish to English. :)

  • Excellent psychiatric content

    by TheyCallMeTaj

    I am a psychiatrist and this is the best content I have seen for psychiatric Spanish including apps and books. This app includes a separate section for the mental status exam in addition to the psychiatric section which is pretty extensive. It also has a section on directions on how to take medications. Most medical Spanish apps or book's psychiatry section is pretty basic; mostly intended for the use by a primary care provider but I found this content specific and thorough enough for a psychiatrist needs. Only problem I have is I don't know enough Spanish yet to be able to understand a patient's response to a question lol. I mostly use the app to try to follow along with the interpreter during the interview or help my Spanish translators that may not be familiar with some psychiatric terms/vocabulary. But I'm learning! It would be helpful if it included a dictionary or verb conjugator so when you click on a word you could learn. So unfortunately this app is definitely not for a beginner.

  • Great app

    by Guitane

    This app is excellent. The audio is really good, you can set a list for studying and it is comprehensive. I have several medical Spanish apps and this is the best.

  • Great app!!!! I love it

    by ED Director, MD

    This is the most commonly used medical app I have. I give this app 5 stars for its ease of use, its breadth, and well organized sections allowing me the ability to obtain any phrase in seconds.

  • No audio solution!

    by dwaterfield

    Just have to turn on the switch on the side for the alerts (image of a bell)

  • Great app

    by 0126r

    Cool app! It's so awesome!

  • No sound

    by lackinginsupport

    Audio is not working, and I can't seem to find a support area. When you click on their "provided support link" it takes you to their website, but then does not offer you any support! Maybe it's b/c I have an iphone 4S? I don't know. Be wary if interested in purchasing this app.

  • Great app for most medical dept

    by ajkusc

    Love this app. It does it's job and great audio. Fits most medical personnel

  • excellent

    by mr100percent

    I've used this app in the field, and found it very useful and well-put-together.

  • Translator not teacher

    by whyldlife

    Large selection of phrases, but is more likely to be useful as a translator sub rather than a teaching aid. Speech is too fast for me to use as a self teaching aid which was the original intent.

  • Great app

    by Msgdstff

    I am a nurse,work in labor and delivery,90% of our patients speak spanish,this app has saved my butt many days during admission and the labor process.There are many different areas broken down which can be starred specifically in the area you need.No regrets here.

  • major bug

    by tpmess

    just bought this app and the audio does not work for my ipad1. Unless you know how to pronounce spanish as written in spanish this app is totally useless. If the developer emails back with a fix I will write a new review, otherwise I would not recommend this app for ipad users. they have provided a fix and now the audio works, so i have updated my rating

  • Fantastic

    by RT - DownInTexas

    I just downloaded the app and I think that it is fantastic. I work in Radiology and the phrases they provide are exact and accurate, ones that I use everyday. I can not wait to get to work and try it out. The only drawback is that I wish I could slow down the speakers speech rate - it seems so fast to me. I am sure with time, I will be able instruct and understand my patients better.

  • All you need

    by Soliguy

    Have you ever got stuck trying to give a patient an instruction how to take a medication? Been there and the interpreter is already off the phone. Just take out your iPhone and use medical Spanish to convey your message in seconds in audio. Simply the best. Highly recommended.

  • great app!

    by Justin Dahlke

    Definitely worth the money, I use this app all the time. Love the audio!

  • Great for professionals who are rusty or don't know any Spanish.

    by sshaddad

    I haven't used this app in the field yet but by just playing around with it I'm really impressed. The playback of phrases have clear diction that allow anyone to understand and repeat. The organization of categories and the types of questions are perfect. I even had my phone on airplane mode and everything worked perfectly! I am not fluent in Spanish and this will definitely be in my toolbox. Thank you so much.

  • Excellent app - No wifi needed!

    by taebo74

    I really like Medical Spanish for its user-friendly layout (even easy for a computer dope for me), but the Audio makes it so much better. The voice is really clear and enunciates well, so nothing sounds mumbled. Bookmarks are good too, so I can get to a phrase quickly. The app works perfectly without wifi!

  • Extremely easy to use!

    by iceng

    This app is extremely convenient and easy to use. The organization of everything works perfectly, letting me carry out an entire patient exam without being distracting. I found myself using this app everyday, especially to quickly look up a word or command that I just can't remember. I would highly recommend this to anyone who interacts with Spanish speaking patients, it has all the medical terminology I need. Great job!

  • Outstanding

    by Howard9999

    I am not a medical professional, but I am a Spanish speaker who cares about helping medical professionals choose good learning materials that will help them become more advanced speakers and better professionals. First of all, the recording quality of the audio itself is excellent and the pronunciation will help professionals develop good pronunciation habits. Secondly, the organization of material is intuitive and not overwhelming. The level of usage and grammar is appropriate for patient communications, without being intimidating to the dedicated intermediate level student of Spanish. I found a few minor flaws in the translations of words that have several meanings or definitions. More review by native speakers would be helpful. For example, translating "the form" in the context of a medical intake is probably about "la solicitud" and not the physique or physical condition of the patient. Except for a few such minor flaws, that the developers can identify and fix, this program is on the right track and will be a great review and learning resource for English speaking medical professionals.

  • Very Limited Application

    by Mricha1111

    Should have read the reviews. Was looking for something that would help in the pre-op, anesthesia, and post-op areas. Very limited application. Definitely NOT worth $5.99.

  • No Audio

    by Illegal Obama

    Just purchased this APP and re-downloaded it but no matter what I do there is no audio!!! Extremely disappointed. Not sure who to contact to fix the problem. Would not recommend this App to anyone.

  • Medical Spanish

    by n3fyt

    The app has partial audio and is miss leading as advertised. It has very little related to dental care which is the reason for my purchase. Not worth the price.

  • Not worth your money!

    by Jamie - Powers

    Argh, cant believe I just wasted my money. This is not user friendly, I cannot get the audio to load, do I need wifi to use this???? No bueno :(

  • Fabulous app!

    by salamz04

    I work in a clinic that's 90% Hispanic - and this has been really helpful in obtaining both the history and physical. My classmates and I've been looking forever for something like this. Worth every penny of it!

  • Great Application

    by PGY3

    Medical Spanish has been very useful. It is very user-friendly, detailed, and well made. In short it is a good buy.

  • Very Well Made Product

    by SamTheTeaMan

    It is one of the best product I found on this market. It is very comprehensive and easy to use. Pronunciation is perfect. I would highly recommend this product to any health care provider or user.

  • MUCH easier to fulfill hispanic patients needs

    by Iuaukhil

    This app is very easy to use and makes my interaction with hispanic patients much easier!! It is very useful and priceless. I highly recommend this to anyone who may not have the time to perfect their spanish but still interacts with spanish speaking patients. Well done!

  • Thanks!

    by neo0389

    Tons of phrases and love the audio. This app is a great! Thanks!

  • Great!!

    by kmt948

    Just what I was looking for! Great app!

  • Perfect

    by souf211

    Love this app, it has been extremely useful.

  • Excellent

    by Abb2000

    Very good tool for Spanish learning..

  • Student

    by Bananas2589

    Easy to use and really helpful on the floors. Thanks for a great app.

  • Wow!!!

    by Estudiante

    I am a fluent in Spanish and currenty taking my certification to become a certified interpreter. I got to say this app is the BEST I seen. The books I spent $70 dollars on don't even compare to this. I love the search tool bcz it matches to words spelled close to what you wrote. I love it!!! And the other great feature is that no wi-fi is required.....I would suggest to add more technical terminalogy like diseases.

  • Very high quality app

    by clinicDoc124

    After evaluating all my choices for an app to help me speak to my Spanish speaking patients I found this one to easily be the best. I am extremely satisfied with this app and can tell you it is definitely worth the money! Plus it works perfectly on my iPad!

  • Outstanding

    by STXGregor

    As someone very familiar with Spanish, but very rusty, this app will be indispensable. Even includes medical exams and the phrases we need to use during them. I will be doing some rotations along the border this summer and this app will ensures that I will be keeping my iPad by my side constantly. Great app!

  • Wow!

    by reidbloomfield

    This app is absolutely amazing. I work at a hospital with a lot of Hispanics and this app helps out a lot. It is one of the most comprehensive apps I've seen. You'll be amazed by how much vocabulary is here. Lastly, thank you so much for making it available on iPad!!

  • A great product gets better, thank you!

    by joemeyer

    I am a Hospitalist in a community that has a large Spanish speaking population. Of the iPhone Medical Spanish Apps this is my favorite. The organization is very good. It has a very large number of phrases with both written and spoken (audio) translations.

  • Great program

    by Whakmeh

    This is a very nice program for anyone needing to brush up on their medical Spanish. Audio pronounciations are helpful. High yield, neatly organized by organ systems. Would recommend highly.

  • Great!!

    by UMMSDoc

    Great app, very helpful and simple to use! Keep up the good work!

  • Este app es muy Caliente!

    by 1221cool

    I don't speak Spanish, so as a medical resident, this app has been indispensable for rounding. Using it on a daily basis, I can get the meat and potatoes from my patients in the clinic, the ER, and the wards. The app does have a gazillion things or phrases one would need, and they're all organized nicely. Overall excellent, very user friendly, w/ sweet audio for correct pronunciation (which helps people like me) - even my attendings were impressed. Muchas gracias for making my life easy, and my hospital's interpreters' lives easy tambien

  • review

    by meep0

    This application is very easy to use, and informative. Amazing!

  • It's alright

    by Osczo

    If you are looking to get a good rudimentary grasp of Spanish medical terminology, then this will suffice. Can't really say that it offers more than that. Wish I hadn't spent the full 6.99 for it, though.

  • Rn in an ER setting

    by venessagourd

    I have used this app so many times and everytime it works awesome!!! I have utilized it with multiple doctors to assist with their assessments n h&p's n i think I have help sell about 15 installs of this app! We all seem to love it!!! Extremely helpful n triage and basic physical assessment of the acutely I'll patient!!! Love the ability to bookmark the phrases I use most!

  • Very useful,

    by Abdelhak.Elouafi

    This app is the cat's a*s! Despite my very basic Spanish, I've rescued my attendings nearly daily when we needed to ask important questions on rounds in the hospital, saving our interpreters and patients a lot of time. audio is articulate and clear, making this app the best 7 bucks I've spent. as far as improvements, although there's a great list of verbs, I would like to see a section on conjugation. otherwise, it's thorough for any healthcare provider.

  • Glossary

    by Escy

    Don't know if it's just mine, but the glossary is messed up. It's alphabetically incorrect. Other than that it looks awsome, I'm training to be an interpreter and this will be a huge help.

  • Cool

    by Mo00x

    Good for detal offices too!

  • Great great ap!!

    by Birose

    Very well designed. New audio features are wonderful

  • Great app!

    by BronchDoc

    This is a great app! I would like to request to have an option section were you can put in additional translations that you feel are essential in your practice.

  • Medical Spanish App of my dreams!

    by PedNeuro

    Incredible app. I can't recommend it highly enough. Amazingly comprehensive. I'm a pediatric neurologist with a fairly specialized vocabulary, but was able to find almost everything I needed. It even reads the phrases to you !!!! ( tap the phrase and a little drawer opens that let's you add it to favorites or have it read outloud). It's well organized with a decent search engine. I feel so much better equipped to communicate with my Spanish speaking patients.

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