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The secret to keeping your stress under control is to understand the cause and your response to it.

Stress Check 2 turns your iPhone into a smart device that quantifies your physical and emotional stress level. Try it now.

We use the same proven technology from Instant Heart Rate to detect your heart pulse and objectively measure the effects of stress on your body. Describe your mood by selecting energy and positivity level. Select stressors to combine your subjective emotional stress into the overall result.

★ Quantify your level of stress using heart data
★ Mood selection using energy and positivity
★ Simple tracking of different stressors
★ Follow your progress over time
★ Advanced analysis of your data in Stress Lab
★ Poincare plot of your heart pulse - cool visualization now on the iPhone

New in Stress Check 2:
★ Self assessment of emotional stress
★ New faster algorithm for physiological stress
★ Poincare plot analysis of your heart pulse data

Everyone has experienced changes in heart rate before taking an exam, giving a public speech, or when exercising. Not only does your heart rate increase, but the intervals between consecutive heartbeats changes as well. By Poincare plot analysis of your pulse data, using your iPhone's built-in camera, we can estimate your level of physiological stress in less than a minute!

Stress Check 2 utilizes Azumio patented algorithm, based on Poincare plot analysis of your heart pulse, to determine physiological stress. Overall Stress level is derived by combining physiological stress data with emotional self-assessment of stress. Our algorithms follow recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (NASPE).

Let us know how you like the app! Visit us at:

Less stress, more life!

★★★★★ Azumio Team ★★★★★

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by nikoono2009

    Love heart plots and mood selection. Very cool.

  • Managing stress

    by Jandsome Gui

    Great app and I love the way it reminds me to check my levels.

  • Great App

    by Wolven13

    This app is perfect for those who want to track and manage stress levels. Very effective.

  • Good app

    by Bill Pizzino

    Nice to check mood helps keep blood pressure down

  • Excellent feature set and user interface

    by Jupp66

    I use the version 1 for about a year and already considered that a great application. With this 2nd version now, it is a much richer application and will keep you engaged to use it. The UI is clean and simple and the stress lab data are meaningful.

  • Cool App

    by AH3Sisters

    Not having a problem with the crashing. A great app to help me check my stress level.

  • Works fine

    by Griffin White

    I'm not having problems with crashing, but I do wish it told me my exact heart rate rather than a percentage.

  • ???

    by Greaaaat but

    Keeps crashing, few options

  • Useful for tracking stress levels!

    by TermieMT

    I think that its overall accuracy is pretty good, and there are some really good features. I would like it more if it would allow me to access the response even when the phone goes into lock screen; I lose the ability when it does that. One other feature that would be nice would be to able to make a note that corresponds with each reading - allowing a description of what is stressing you in more detail.

  • Nice APP

    by aphiodelta

    I should use it more often.

  • Very good

    by Slc pgh

    4 stars... Works well, fun to use, the results are interesting... I like it!

  • Fun app!

    by Lissa around the world

    I think this app is a lot of fun & find myself checking my levels daily.

  • Love it!!!

    by Fandomnerdgirl

    Love this app! Recommend to anyone who wants to keep track of their stress

  • Good info

    by Bjgnys

    Good program they could use more selections on stress in life. Other then that it gives a good overall assessment.

  • Pretty good

    by Domo2003

    Wish it had more features but pretty good

  • Great app

    by 2dum2no

    It may not be accurate, but it's still fun!

  • It's a great utility

    by Playbox3

    It's nice to be able to measure ur stress levels and get a stress lab that contains all the data accumulated. Ther are nice tips to remind u about many facts on stress which help tremendously

  • Frankie Pooh

    by Frankie boy 1

    Best stress app I've ever used. Love this app.

  • Great app

    by Spiritdakota

    This is an awesome way for me to stay in touch with daily stress level! Thank you!

  • Pretty cool

    by africajack

    Easy to manipulate and nice design/layout.

  • Crash!

    by Estherlim8

    I can't check anything! It crashes everytime!

  • Crashes everytime

    by Muke08

    Crashes everytime

  • Crashes!

    by MashaVolkova

    I would love to have this app of it actually worked! Can't get the rests because it crashes every time.

  • Pathetic App

    by Harshv

    It keeps crashing on phone, never gave me stress calculation. Asks me to keep d finger in cam, it scans and ask to input gender then age and two more screen with a few more details but it come to actually return results it crashes Just keep crashing

  • Very Good!

    by Life signs

    It is similar to encouraging heart health as it is to a pedometer at encouraging exercise!

  • Crashes on iPad

    by justop

    I've downloaded it on my iPad mini and every single time I tap "get the results" the app crashes. I know this app is not universal but at least it should be able to function even though the display is not optimized for iPads. Really wish to know how it is if it worked

  • Tiamat the Beloved

    by MleighCC

    It is interesting & it seems to help me realize where I'm @ so I can take steps to lower stress! Good job!

  • Crashes

    by IceCreamGamer

    App crashes before result every time.

  • Not working

    by Leighw111111

    Just got the app. Tried it twice and both times it switched off when I pressed 'get results'

  • So amazing.

    by tate1994

    The technology behind this is amazing!

  • Crash

    by Spoon town

    It crashes every time when I click the "get result" button.

  • Great app but....

    by Nickxx

    ... This should be an update to Stress Test 1. (That app incorporates into heart rate app and this one doesn't.) Otherwise it's a lot more detailed in charting your different stress triggers. If I didn't have to pay for this app I would give it 5 stars.

  • Awesome

    by GForce61

    An awesome tool!!!

  • Crashed on iPhone 5

    by mak97

    The app is so far so good but it crashed on me.

  • Great app!

    by Sniggs16

    Bio-feedback with subjective inputs! I love this app. Best stress management app I've ever used!

  • Stress check

    by dragonheart56

    This app with not let me share to Facebook, other than that its ok. Really not worth $1.99.

  • Great app!

    by Tao Chu

    Recommend this to anyone who wants to manage their stress level, love the new UI

  • Awesome app.

    by SwiftX

    Love the new features and design.

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