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From the creators of the wildly successful bill tracking app, Bill Pal, comes a major breakthrough in calorie, exercise and weight tracking.

Nutrition Genius FREE has the BIGGEST in-app food database with over 75,000 unique items, 540+ Restaurant Menus, and 7,000+ common grocery items.

PLUS 160+ exercise items with low, normal, and high intensity intervals.

★Beautiful UI interface as if built by Apple themselves
★One glance view with Calendar Glance
★Track your calories and food score
★Custom Edit food calories/score if you have even more accurate values
★75,000+ unique food items
★540+ Restaurant Menus (BIGGEST in the app store)
★160+ Exercises Categorized by type with low, normal, high intensity intervals
★Largest in-app database items, no internet connection required unlike many others
★Custom select kg/lb or cm/inch for units
★Calculates your suggested daily calorie intake based upon your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) when you provide age, gender, height, current weight and job type.
★Calculates day until your reach your goal weight based upon the chosen weight loss plan.
★Track your weight with multiple weighings/day support

Nutrition Genius FREE is the ONLY nutritional app with a beautiful CALENDAR VIEW where you can get a quick and easy glance of your progress all from one screen! Say NO to those confusing lists.

Nutrition Genius FREE will make sure that you're on top of your daily food intake, exercise and weight tracking and help you reach your goals of being healthier.

The screenshots speak for themselves. We know you'll be happy after purchasing Nutrition Genius. If you have any suggestions/comments plea

Customer Reviews

  • What works, works well, what doesn't work is the problem

    by Kathy Summers

    I like this App for a lot of reasons, especially the exercise/calorie function. I like the way it keeps up with what calories you have eaten and how much you have expended. What I don't like is the fact that if you enter a food by mistake there is no way to delete it. The food list is awkward, difficult to find the one you need. Looking for mango yogurt smoothie would require that you try yogurt or mango or smoothie. Don't know how it appears in the list. This function needs work

  • Skinny Person Wannabe

    by emankcinsitaken

    So far so good, but the food listings are somewhat vague unless you are the sort of person who likes to micro-manage their daily nutrients. If that's the case, pencil and paper will suffice. As of now I'm following the Mediterranean Food Guide Pyramid paradigm, augmented with hops, barley, and malt.

  • Great app

    by GG quilter

    This app is great! I use it every day for food weight & exercise It's complete records Thanks

  • Really love this

    by Myyearbook adict

    This is an amazing app, uses most of my day but enter what you eat&excercise and it tells you how many calories your allowed per day and how long it will take you to get to your goal really motivates me to get up and exercise!

  • What

    by pgun3

    Since the application website does not have a customer support I will ask here: what do you get w/the paid application that you don't get w/the free? Is it worth the $1.99 to buy it??

  • Consultant

    by Tagfrommn

    Horrible user interface. Deleted the app after one day, and several attempts to learn how it works. Non intuitive!

  • Crashes

    by Robyn26

    Every single time I try to personalize my profile to my height, weight, age etc... It crashes. It's totally useless if you can't personalize it to your body.

  • Don't get, crashes

    by Roadgecko352

    I really liked it at first but now it is full of problems, hangs on screens, and crashes every time I use it.

  • Love it till it stops working

    by Eccentricproductions

    Love this app, but whether my phone us up to date or not, the app always stops loading properly after just under a month of use. I'm a fitness instructor and have recommended this app to clients...but I'm very frustrated with having to delete and redownload. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Very disappointing

    by Vrater

    You get what you pay for. Calorie Counter Pro, at $2.99, has far more food items and users can add to the list. Everything I ate yesterday was already in its database. Not so with this nutrition genius, where by lunch I'd already had to fake guesses. Also, the snack items get tangled up in the ad banner so you can't update the bottom one. Also missing an overall fiber count and other nutrition. This has a good shell and looks nice but missing more features than it has. I'm very happy with my purchase of the other App and have deleted this one.

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