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From the creators of Fitness Buddy: the top weight-training and fitness application in the world

- Featured on ESPN and Details Magazine
- Selected by Gizmodo as one of the best iPhone apps ever.
- Highly rated by Lifehacker as the most comprehensive fitness database
- And praised by many other reputable publications.

Take charge and unleash the real you.

Working out has never been this easy and convenient at home or on the go. Simply press play and achieve the summer-ready body you have always wanted without leaving the comfort of your home. For the busy traveler, resume your fitness regimen at your hotel without skipping a beat.

Instant Fitness is the groundbreaking solution to bringing personal training into your home and hotel room. It has become the go-to application to working out without going to the gym and without equipment.

There’s no longer the need to devote your precious time to planning your workouts. Tell Instant Fitness which workout you want to do and it will lead you through our curated workouts with voice cues and step-by-step animations.


Tons of Unique Exercises
- Comprehensive exercises for bodyweight only, dumbbells and resistance bands
- Exercise photos, videos and animations (retina display resolution)
- Detailed exercise instructions and muscle categorizations
- Favorite your exercises

120+ Curated Workout Circuits
- Carefully tailored workouts that can be done at home
- Quick workouts that fits perfectly into your busy schedule
- Comprehensive workout database that caters to your fitness goals
- Winter sports workouts (ice hockey, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, speed skating)
- Cardiovascular sports workouts (cycling, running)
- Routines specific to you and your equipment (bodyweight only, dumbbell, resistance bands, etc.)

User-friendly Interface
- Automatic workout logging (no need to manually log your data ever again!)
- See your finished workouts in your timeline or calendar
- Find your favorite exercises with the search bar
Excellent Support
- Quick email responses
- Frequent updates

And many other features for you to enhance your fitness experience. You won’t be disappointed when you train hard with Instant Fitness.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app.

    by S. L. P

    The best app ever.

  • Comparison Shop!

    by RussAllen2

    Azumio makes a couple of pretty good fitness apps. Namely, Instant Fitness and Fitness Buddy. Fitness Buddy has a Weight Tracker that Instant Fitness lacks and could seriously use. Also, with Fitness Buddy, you can combine individual exercises into a personal workout and save it. All things considered, if you combined the functions of either one, which the other lacks, you would just about have a perfect fitness app. And, unless you do, neither one is particularly outstanding. They are simply "pretty good."

  • It's a good app

    by The hoast

    It's a good app for every part of the body and help me get my abs back because I got lazy.

  • AMAZING !!!!!!

    by Paris <3

    SENSATIONAL !! I getter hotter each time I use it !! :) I'd recommend it to ANYONE !! <3

  • Time together

    by Pupwolf

    Me and my mom use this app once a day and it is a awesome app

  • Five star

    by Pirate man 2203

    Great app, it's helped me to get better and more defined abs, arms and stronger legs. Thanks :)

  • Great!

    by Jp5213

    Love this app! Keep offering diversity of workouts! And a smoother video (with less delay) would be a needed improvement but other than that I love it!

  • Best work out app!!!

    by Tigerloverrr

    This app helped me gain muscle and look so much better than I ever did! I love it!!!

  • Amazing

    by Pat Gs's

    This app is awesome, great to use and can be used anywhere. I can motivaye myself by shareing to FB and save my workouts..

  • Great app for fitness

    by USC on the rise

    This app rocks! My whole family uses it on a regular basis.

  • Love it!

    by Mixee_g

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Love it!

    by Mattcapp

    Love this app! It has such a great variety of exercises! I've been using it religiously for the past 8 months and have gotten in terrific shape! I have two suggestions though that I think would this app 5 stars. First is is like to be able to customize your own routine. The preset workouts are great, but is like to change them up a bit, but keep the pace where the routine is counting reps and time for you. And second, I'd like to be able to play music at the same time. You can't run your iPod and this app simultaneously. Other than that, I highly recommend it!

  • It’s Okay

    by cahclt

    This app has some really cool things that I like, but there isn’t anything in my mind that makes it great, or even really good. To me, it’s just good. It might suit your purposes perfectly, and if so, you might rate it a 4 or a 5. Read the description carefully and decide for yourself. Here are some things you might want to keep your eye on. First, Azumio has a really cool timeline feature that all of its apps can contribute information to, if you choose that option. Unfortunately, Instant Fitness doesn’t actually display the timeline. It submits the information to the timeline, but it doesn’t actually display the information in the app. Azumio does have a very cool app called Argus that collects and displays all the timeline data from all their apps, along with some other features. That app is well worth the price and very cool, but I don’t think I should have to buy a separate app just to view all the items in my timeline. Second, they have a cool list of exercises without enough options for viewing just the right exercises. I realize that what they claim to be the primary motive for this app is the easy, pre-built exercise routines, but the screen that seems like the most natural place to start—the screen with all the big buttons, which is the screen they use most in the marketing for the app—doesn’t take you to the pre-built workouts but to the individual exercises. So, all in all, I think this is a good app and is probably worth the money. If you already own Azumio’s Fitness Buddy, you won’t get much extra with this app, and Fitness Buddy actually has a lot features Instant Fitness doesn’t have, so then it’s just a question of which features you really want to have.

  • Great app

    by Darien hubbard

    Best fitness I've ever owned

  • I like

    by Coolkid2876

    I learned alot of new workouts so I like it alot

  • Awesome!

    by emp02

    Great when don't have time to go to the Gym. Lots of cool workout.

  • Great

    by El niño Mohamed

    I like this app

  • Greatness

    by BKSdancer

    This app is amazing!!!! It's actually works!!!

  • Great app, got myself a six pack!

    by Alex Tra

    I just dieted a bit , followed some of the ab workouts for about a month and I got a six pack. Also started using for my arms and seeing great progress. I think it is definitely worth the money!

  • Love the app

    by Ms6339

    The way the workouts are executed great but it would be better if you could make your own workout by picking the exercises and the app generating a workout with just those exercises. Still a great app though.

  • Annoying

    by sallys ipod

    Gay gay and gayer

  • Not as good as Fitness Buddy

    by rsnumber2

    I purchased this due to integration with Argus. Compared to Fitness Buddy, this is quite lacking. You cannot listen to audio outside of the app, much fewer workouts, and no custom workouts. I would be happier with Fitness Buddy if it were better integrated with Argus. I am sorry I purchased Instant Fitness.

  • No options

    by Edicius Lucious

    Can't choose your own exercises and you can't long your reps easily

  • Easy to follow

    by Michaelandjoann

    Works for me.

  • Fit girl

    by Headedtothetop

    I love it!!! I have my own personal trainer right at the tip of my fingers!!

  • Great app but...

    by Joet076

    I would love to see a section in sports hero for mixed martial arts(mma). This app is a must buy if your always on the go.

  • Not a "full featured" app

    by immortalsilver

    You can only log workout routines that are predestined. Has exercise library but you cannot use to log individual exercises. You cannot create your own (exercise or routine). I bought this app because the developer's Argus app boasts that it integrates info from this app and Fitness Buddy (though in reality, Argus does not yet import workout details from Fitness Buddy). As a result, this is a good stand alone app as long as you don't mind getting an ad to try Fitness Buddy when you tap the Gym button to try to add exercises it deems exclusive to gym (such as using an elliptical). As far as functionality, this is just a freeware version of Fitness Buddy that costs money. Buy Fitness Buddy if you're trying to pick between the two. If you just love the simple design of Instant Fitness, I wouldn't spend money on it until it adds all of the features it implies to have!

  • Lovin' fitness again!!

    by Music M.D.

    Great app to have whether your at home or on the go. Only wish you had the ability to add complete workouts to your favorites.

  • Voice Trainer is Horrible

    by carlover101

    Exercises are great and I like that basic equipment is included (but optional). However, I absolutely hate the voice trainer during a workout. Please give some options to change this! I really don't like how he counts for you. What if someone goes at a faster or slower pace? I don't like how much time is unnecessarily spent by the voice trainer before an exercise. I hate how he says "Just oneee settttt". That is so repetitive before an exercise. When i workout, I have adrenaline flowing, I want to get to business, stop wasting my time. I'm also a bit shaky, so I would like bigger buttons. I would prefer a very simple voice instruction at the start of each exercise (similar to Sworkit), and then no counting.

  • Awesome!


    I love this app! Very simple to use. It's like having a trainer at home (I use the bodyweight workouts only). I probably won't get ripped with these routines, but I've seen more definition. They're simple enough to keep me motivated and I can vary them to keep from getting burned out. Highly recommended for those who can't afford a gym membership, or don't know what to do at the gym if they can't afford a trainer.

  • Great app

    by Sblair2020

    Taught me a host of new workouts. The abs are benefiting from the $2.99 i spent.

  • App

    by Fire-medic Reynolds

    Get tired of apps every five minutes rate me or look at my other apps associated with this one. If I use it ill use it don't remind me this app is still on your phone.

  • Fitness buddy

    by Improved Grader

    Not too bad. One problem is the constant push to buy the upgrade, and the difficulty removing the alert for it, even after you buy the upgraded version.

  • My Workputs at home with no equipment

    by Cheryl's iPhone 5

    Great app. Demonstrates how to exercise all the parts of the body with machines, ropes, dumbbells. You can workout at the gym or at home even in water. If you're a beginner or a mature body builder, this app is for you. It's your personal trainer. Enjoy the benefit.

  • Great variety of workouts

    by Turtle of war

    Awesome app five stars

  • Convenient

    by Polyconic

    Great list of exercises

  • Exercise app

    by derf renlim

    Great app,can do the exercises away from home as well.

  • Wow

    by hkgdfggh

    I love this app. It has everything you need to get in shape and stay in shape. The best part is that where ever I go; I will never miss out on my workout.

  • Great user experience

    by Luisao1009

    One of the best app i ever buyed. Tons of workouts and really effective.

  • Easy to use

    by Trump Wannabe

    Perfect app for home or away. Offers short to more involved workouts.

  • Pretty Good!

    by escapeny53

    Like this app....anything I can do at home works for me!

  • Super app

    by TNWil


  • Love it!

    by Kjsangel

    This app is a life saver! I love the tutorials and the workouts are phenomenal. I love the catchy names too!! Great motivator! Thanks!

  • Love it!

    by Boss Ogle

    It's a great app with some great workouts! I don't ever feel like leaving the house to go to the gym so I just use this app!

  • Awesome Exercise App!!!!

    by Masumura

    Wow, just simply awesome!!! Able to review hundreds of exercises AND pin point what do you exactly want by customize workout(s).

  • Review

    by douglas cousins

    Great app


    by sarah.e.g.lewis

    Love the workouts, effective, short and simple.

  • Amazing

    by Shotokan guy

    This app is wonder full I give it five stars it really helps I really se the difference

  • Great

    by Jdjeidmfbspa

    It has a great combination of workouts and when done right the intensity is kept up real high

  • Very good workout app

    by Stoneman77

    I like the variety and having the structured workouts. One thing that annoys me, though, is the uneven counting. When I work out, timing and rhythm is very important, and there's a very noticeable delay at 6.

  • Fitness

    by Pimp of the world

    Nice app

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